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Turning Setbacks Into Progress – Moving Toward Creating A Brighter Financial Future

Over the last few days, the powers that are – also known as our internet provider – have been working on our neighbourhood’s internet, which left me with spotty connection throughout the day, at best, at times with none at all. I could have spent ┬áthe day frustratingly pouting at the ever-growing list of actions that I needed to attend…

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How To Stay Creatively Inspired

  When you decide to work as a creative entrepreneur, staying creative is incredibly important. Producing content, such as blog posts or articles, designing your own products, styling your website and many other daily activities demand that we stay focused on the creative side of our businesses. But where do you find inspiration from, and how do you cultivate this…

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Guerrilla Marketing To Heal The World – A Optimistic Book Review

Title: Guerrilla Marketing To Heal The World Author: Shel Horowitz Publisher: Morgan James Publishing Rating: 5/5 stars High ethical standards, while creating abundance for yourself and your family is a dance that marketers, bloggers, companies and other entrepreneurs often dance – hoping that both will flow in harmony, through every move and every connection. Guerilla Marketing To Heal The World…

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