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So you want to make money online.

Part time or full time, passive income or selling crafts and designs, all of these
goals have a few things in common. They need a foundation upon which to build your success from.

This foundation is built in three parts:
1. The Objective
know exactly what you to achieve. What are your ultimate goals? Do you want to create enough independent income to be able to stand on your own two feet financially, or are your dreams bigger, the house on the beach,
replacing the income of a job you hate or enabling your spouse to retire, or work from home with you. Whatever your goals are, become clear of them. On this blog, I will feature articles and information that makes goal setting easier.

2. Tools
You need to have some tools that you can build upon. In the online world, that is a blog or website. And considering that you are looking to build abundance, a simple or “blogger” blog will not be sufficient. Considering that most websites which are currently online are websites, you will need to create on and find a place to host it.
If you have no idea what I mean by hosting, stay tuned – I have some more free tools in a moment. For those who know that they are looking for a hosting site but are looking for a comprehensive and responsive host, I want to direct you to Siterubix, a website hosting platform that offers both free and premium options (you are currently on an example of a site hosted on SiteRubix), with the best tech support you can possibly imagine – trust me on this, I am bugging them constantly for the little things, yet they are always helpful – no matter how big or small the issue is.

3. Know-how

 Even if you are new to blogging, or promoting your own creations, you have to create content. If you are a creative person with a love for writing, this is the perfect time to allow your creativity to flow freely. For the rest of us, there are plenty tutorials and assistance on content creation, and marketing available on a teaching site, I am a member of: WealthyAffiliate. (You can read my review on this platform here) Do not let the name fool you. This is not just a platform for those who want to make money with affiliate marketing, but it teaches a tremendous amount of tools to those who are interested in running a successful blog, and that knowledge is easily transferable to other subjects, like learning how to promote and sell your own items online. And did I mention that it is free? Just like Siterubix, it has a  free membership and a premium option which  contains a massive amount of information to get you and your site up and running, and most importantly
profitable. But there are even more videos and tutorials available for those who want to become a premium member.
I highly recommend to start with the free membership and begin your journey of learning all of the steps to get started.

I Love ZazzleFor Artists And Designers
If you are an artist and designer, interested on placing your art on products, stay tuned for my upcoming series Zazzle 101,  where I will teach you the basics about the option of placing your art on products via a product on demand site named  Zazzle. These range from posters to postcards, mugs to pillows. You can even create your own line of business cards!
Interested? Stay tuned for the upcoming Zazzle 101 series, an e-book about Making Money On Zazzle, and more!

Question: What are your favorite online tools for learning, making money or being productive? Share them with our community, so we can all learn from each other!



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