Smart Goal Setting Strategies - 7 Tips

Smart goal setting is essential – like in a journey, you need to know the name of your destination,  in order to arrive at the proper place. This can be an overwhelming task, yet with the help of some effective goal setting techniques, which are easy to follow, you will have a greater understanding of what it is, that you  truly desire, and how to get there.

Here are 10 goal setting strategies to point you toward the live of your dreams:

1.Write your goals down. Use a dedicated journal or a folder on your computer, but make sure that you do not just think about your dreams, and rather write them down, where you can visually revisit them often as a part of your routine.

2.Use brainstorming techniques.Brainstorming – allowing your ideas to flow upon a piece of paper, or computer screen can open up a flood of ideas, whether you are brainstorming within categories of your life, or just allowing whatever comes to your mind to flow. This is  a very useful technique, especially if you are stuck, and have conflicting ideas, or negative self-talk that keeps you from creating a goal list.

3.Ask yourself with whom and when you feel at your most comfortable. Examining those situations can give you clues on where your passion lies.

4.Imagine you were so rich, money would not be your obstacle, how would you spend your time? This mental exercise  might seem silly at first, and you might think that you would only look at the material, but if you truly spent some time with this question, you will see what you want to do.

5.Make sure your long term goals are challenging and large enough. While short term goals should start with something you would consider achievable, your long term goals should be large. If they are so large that they scare you, you are probably on to something.

6.For every goal you write out, create a list of why’s. The reasons behind your goals are the ones that will carry you through the times when work gets hard, and you need some extra motivation, so be very clear about why you want something. If you do not have a compelling reason to want something, get it off your goal list

7.Include goals that can benefit others. There is a deep feeling of fulfillment in achieving goals that can help others or make another’s dream come true. May it be, to buy your parents the house they never could afford, or your help your siblings through college, whatever it is, as long as it brings value to others, include them on your list
A word of caution – make sure that you do not make the goals you create to help others more important than those
who benefit you. Goal setting is not about other people, it is mainly about your own personal growth and achievement. Once you achieved success, it is a lot easier to help others, then when you are from a position of scarcity.

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Fiercely Independent Blessings!


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  1. Hi Claudia,
    Wow, this is a great list of goal setting strategies. Having a reason or reasons behind your goal ensures that you are focused on what you want to accomplish in the long term. I will need to try the exercise asking why.
    Thanks for sharing this and keep up the good work!

    1. absolutely do, this exercise made all of the difference for me, and I still go back to it, when I am stuck on a new project or create a new goal – blessings, and thank you so much for commenting!

  2. Hi Claudia

    Your 7 tips are so on point – especially the last 4.

    I’ve been studying the art of pursuing your dreams and now have the privilege of having a career centred around what I am passionate about.

    Money often leads us astray. Our dreams are often self-centred. And often, we set realistic dreams that are not big enough.

    In your article, I like how you address each of these incredibly important elements of setting smart goals.

    Great read.


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