5 Tips To Get Started On Zazzle

5 Tips To Get Started On Zazzle

What is Zazzle And How Can I Profit From It?

Zazzle is a product on demand website, that allows artists, designers, and photographers to upload their creations and place them upon different types of products, ranging from household goods to clothing, as well as stamps, invitations, mugs and more. Consumers can then place an order with Zazzle to receive a product with your design, upon which the designer receives a commission, while Zazzle is responsible for the creation of the product, shipping, and if necessary returns. It is an often overlooked, but potentially profitable passive income opportunity, that I explore on this blog in greater detail from time to time.

How Do I Get Started?

In order to get started making money with Zazzle, you will need to do a few things. I am here to guide you through
the first steps of setting up your inventory, and get noticed


1. Create your all-in-one account.
That is right, Zazzle is an all-in-one setup, where you can sign up as a designer, and are automatically signed
up as an affiliate, so you can start making money from the beginning via both avenues.
2. Set up a store
Zazzle is divided into individual stores. You will have to decide upon which type of store you want to create. I suggest
for you to stick with a small niche, considering that you can open as many stores as you would like for free. So in order to  create and keep a more targeted audience, you should narrow each store down to certain themes or niches.

on Zazzle

3. Create a website
Setting up a website is not as hard as it might seem at first. I write about how to create a website right here to help you with this process.
4. Create a large inventory.
Having a large selection of inventory sets you up for success, and updating it regularly makes your customer come
back often. Unless you have a store geared toward a season, you should take advantages of the different times of the year to create appropriate items.
5. Use social media.
Building and utilizing social media is an important part of creating online success, that does not change with being
a part of the Zazzle website. You have to drive traffic toward your stores in order to make sales.

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