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One way to express yourself creatively and create income is to sell your artistic creations online. I am sure you have heard of the success stories involving Etsy, where creative men and women have turned their hobbies into full-time incomes. But Etsy is only one of the many platforms you can use to sell your art and creations.
Product On Demand/ Print on Demand Sites

Product on Demand sites allow you to upload your original art, and place it upon objects, such as tote bags, mugs, pillows,and other everyday items. They are a wonderful way to gain attention, create an audience and present your art in ways that might not have been previously been able to even imagine. These product on demand sites make art relatable, and easily accessible to the consumer, giving you a direct line to them.

getimage (1)With no upfront cost, but time, these sites also allow you get started right away. After each sale, you will receive a
percentage, which in some cases you set, and the product on demand site handles the rest – manufacturing, shipping, and when necessary, returns.

Some Product on Demand Sites Are

Fine Arts America
Society 8
Cafe Press



Each of these sites has different policies, store set ups, and ways to promote the individual art. My personal experience with them made me gravitate toward Zazzle and RedBubble, both of which have given me significant selling success.  Because of that, I will be focusing most of my tutorials on this site, on these two Product on Demand sites.

Handmade By Amazon
If you are interested in selling your original pieces and are looking for an alternative to Etsy, you should check out
HandMade By Amazon, where you can sell your art, similar to the Etsy platform, with the difference of having the much larger Amazon audience as your customer base. The other difference between Etsy and HandMade is that this section of Amazon does not allow any manufacturer sales – therefore, you are not competing with cheap Chinese knock-offs, and trinkets, which have taken partially the former platform over.


Ebay is still the old standby, and while not the most effective way of selling your art, it is an option that should
not be dismissed completely. Easy to sign up, small seller fees, and name-recognition brings you in front of a large
potential audience.

Creating Your Own Shop

Shopify makes it easy for you to create your own storefront, yet is a limiting platform for website creation.  Creating your own fluid and detailed website (which you should do no matter which ways you choose to sell your art), is a must for any artist, and brings you directly in contact with the customer and therefore in total control. But reaching an audience is a lot harder, then with the backing of larger product on demand sites, or the other options I mentioned.


The best way to sell your art online is to combine strategies – to not limit yourself to one of these options, but rather
by creating a community around your art, and being available via as many venues as possible.
Having your own responsive website, with comprehensive and flexible themes via hosts like SiteRubix is the best way to get started, and bring more attention toward your art.

Selling your creative expression online is an essential and potentially profitable part of creating a passive online income.

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