Quick Guide To Writing Non-Fiction Books For Amazon to Complement Your Blog

Writing a non-fiction book to complement your blog or website gives you the opportunity to utilize the power of Amazon and Kindle Publishing while working with your existing passive income streams. Writing a book, however, is a seemingly daunting task, that leaves many of us overwhelmed. The truth is, writing an eBook for Kindle is a possible, even if you are not the most experienced writer.

Before starting on writing your book, I want you to ask yourself what your purpose for writing the book is. Your purpose can be one of the following:

– create affiliate income
– drive traffic to your blog
– establish yourself as an authority
– make money by selling your books
– get more sales for your products and/or services

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Once you established your reason for writing the book, begin with the following steps:

1. Make a list of your main blog topics. For example, one of my blogs has the following  main topics: nutrition, fitness, herbs, and  positive thinking. (your websites should never have more than 5 major topics, otherwise, make a separate niche site  3 to 4 major topics are ideal)
2. Search for popular books in the subject matter on Amazon. A book is selling and making money if it’s paid Kindle rank is 100,000 or below.
3. Now that you know what sells in your niche, create a list of similar subjects you can write about. 
4. Write two books for each subject you choose. One book to either give away as a freebie on your resource page (if you don’t have a resource page yet, read this training about creating evergreen resources), or for free on Amazon, and the other to list on Amazon for a price.

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5. Keep your books short – 30 to 40-page books and books around 15000 words sell the best for self-published non-fiction titles.
6. Price your book competitively. Best price to list your book for is .99 to 2.99.
7. Add your book to Kindle Unlimited. You can get more people to read your books if they can borrow it for free. You still get paid on your books, as long as they are reading more than 10 % of your book, so make sure that you write to impress from the beginning.
8. Include links to your blog, website, subscription list, resources pages, or whatever else you are currently trying to  promote. This is where your reason for writing the book comes in, which I asked you to determine in the beginning. What links and additional resources you add to your book depends very much on your focus. For example, if you are trying to get more book sales, include the links to your other book titles at the end of your book. If you are trying to get more subscribers to your list, offer a password protected resource pages for those who read your book (make sure that you do not give that link till the end of the book, see my note about Kindle Unlimited – you can promise or hint about your offers further in the beginning of the book.)

Writing books can help your blog and website in a variety of ways. Take advantage of the need of constant new books that the convenience of electronic readers has created, by writing your own.

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  1. Hi there 🙂 You have broken the process down really well, I would like to add that sometimes you can do great competitions or discount offers with your e-books! People love free stuff!

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