Passive Income Opportunities: Are Zazzle Stamps Legal?

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As I have stated before in a previous post, Zazzle is a great place for additional passive income opportunities, through their variety of merchandise available to affiliate marketers, as well as designers who want to share their art with the  world. But are the unique, personalized Zazzle stamps legal to use, or are they worthless as actual postage stamps?

Don't Go Bacon My Heart - Funny postage stamp

Zazzle postage stamps are indeed legal.

In order to design postage stamps for Zazzle, the designs go through an additional verifying and approval step via the US Postal service, who has the right to disallow any designs that they do not find  appropriate for their collection. Once approved, which usually happens within 2 to 3 business days, the stamp designs are perfectly legal to sell and use just as regular standard postage stamps



Customized and personalized Zazzle postage stamps are wonderful for many occasions, and therefore are a great addition to any of the following affiliate marketing niches:

– Weddings
– Baby showers, Birth announcements
– Party and celebration niche
– Mother’s Day, Father’s Day
– Fourth of July
– Christmas
– Halloween
– Thanksgiving
– Valentine’s Day

Monogram Wedding Postage Stamps|Custom
Personalized Zazzle Stamps – Monogram Wedding Announcement with Date

You can also find surprisingly unique stamps in other categories, such as

– Yoga
– positive thinking
– birds
– pets
– flowers
– vintage designs

and much more.


Be Thankful Whimsical Script | Thanksgiving Stamp
Be Thankful Whimsical Script | Thanksgiving Stamp

Utilize the power of the upcoming holiday season, throughout which most “snail mail” is sent, and market these unique, personalized and unique postage stamps, or get some for yourself!

Fiercely Independent Blessings!


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