Off Topic: Taking A Stand Against Hate

Today, I am dedicating this space to protesting the many downright dangerous, and malice policies that Donald Trump has enacted over the last few days.

I can not stand by while, he is destroying our environment, takes away the right of women to choose, and bans people from entering the US.

This blog was created because I want to foster financial independence for women who otherwise would depend on their husbands for financial support. It is based on standing up, being fiercely independent from those who may have the power to oppress you. This is dangerous and fosters an environment of potential abuse. I am speaking from personal experience.

Donald Trump is suppressing the rights of human beings who deserve to be treated fairly. Not all terrorists are foreigners or Muslim. He is feeding into the fear of undereducated people, feeding into those who already have the seed of superiority within them.

In my eyes, Donald Trump did not win this election. More people – legally – voted against him, then for him, and this gives me hope. More people are standing up, uniting, demonstrating and making their voices heard. I proudly join their ranks.

If it costs me followers, then I bid those farewell. Our missions did not align anyway.

Over the next few days, I will be speaking up more. Not just on this platform but also on my other blogs, and all over social media.

I am not going to be silent.

I am a part of the resistance.

Fiercely Independent Blessings


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