Marketing 101: Know Your Target Audience

Marketing 101- Know Your Target AudienceToday, I was reminded how important it is to know your target audience if you want to make money online, no matter which passive or active income stream you decide to use.

You see I was given a book to review – targeted according to the packaging and title to Teenagers, but it completely missed its intended target audience.

Let me elaborate
O.M. G Official Money Guide For Teenagers  is obviously marketed toward teenagers, and parents who want to prepare their teenagers for a successful life. That is exactly what drew me to the book – a mighty and worthy goal for any parent, and a promise of this being an easy and not so painful presentation for the teenager.

What it delivered instead was a book written for an upper elementary, or lower middle school student, way below the level and intelligence of the targeted teenager. In that age-group, any down-talk or belittling their intelligence is  a much larger offense than it would be when talking to any other age group. After all these young people are not children anymore and want to be treated as such, even when presented with lessons, such as learning how to handle finances.

And that is exactly the sin this book committed. Childish in both content and delivery, it is not effective in getting the
attention of the audience that so desperately need this information.

How can you learn from this example?

If you are targeting with your efforts a specific demographic – and I highly suggest that you do narrow your target audience down in order to be effective at your online endeavors – you will have to learn about their rules, their quirks, their interest and their language. Never, and that is a golden rule, underestimate the intelligence of your attended audience. Nothing will turn them off faster than that. And you will lose them permanently.

Action steps:
1. Define your target audience. who purchases your product? What are their interests?
2. Find out what their problems are. In order to connect with your attended audience, you need to know their worries, their obstacles and their concerns.
3. Create solutions for these problems. You can do that by offering your own products, affiliate products, create information material, and write good content that makes their lives easier.
4. Keep a ratio of 50 percent offers and 50 percent non-selling content.

If you follow these steps you are more likely to connect with your intended audience, which in return means more repeat followers and long time relationships.

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  1. Very well written, Claudia. I’ve been “reworking” some things to narrow down my audience for my blog the last couple of months. I’ll be keeping these steps in mind.- I pinned them. Thanks for linking up with Thankful Thursdays.

    1. Author

      thank you, Lori, glad you found this info useful. Also I am glad to see you on my new site over here – always nice to see familiar and friendly faces, blessings!

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