Make Money Writing Kindle Books - 5 Reasons You Should Start Now


Kindle publishing is a valuable and profitable passive income stream that should not be dismissed easily. Consumers are always looking for new high-quality books to read fast. You can still make money writing kindle books, even if it seems there are already an exhausted amount of eBooks that have been written. Many of them are of less than  desirable quality. So if have a great idea, and you have thought about writing an eBook, now is a great time to dive into this passive income strategy.

Here are five reasons why you should start writing today:

1. You can use your kindle book to promote your blog/website.
Include additional information about yourself, as well as links to additional resources about the subject matter in your book, and you will be able to drive people to your website or blog.

Make Money Writing Kindle Books - 5 Reasons You Should Start Now


2. You can use your kindle book to grow your email list.
Your subscriber and email list is a very valuable aspect of your business , so growing it should be one of your priorities. By offering freebies for those who sign up after reading your book, you can give your readers an incentive to become a part of your list. Now you can  sell them future books, affiliate information, and other products and services you might offer.

3. Amazon makes it easy.
Amazon Kindle Publishing platform is easy to use, making it possible for anyone to upload their book and placing it on their website within minutes. I will be writing more about the uploading process in an upcoming article this week so stay tuned for that

Make Money Writing Kindle Books - 5 Reasons You Should Start Now4. Kindle Publishing is a process you can easily outsource
Even if you are writing your own eBooks, and not all eBook authors do that, you can hire a Virtual Assistant to upload your books, and set up all of the details for you. This is time, you can spend writing your next book, or marketing the ones you have already written. If you are looking for a reliable Virtual Assistant, check out Virtual Staff Finder, it is the company I use and trust for all of my virtual assistant needs.

5. Shorter books do well
You do not have to write the next 500-page saga in order to make money via Kindle Publishing. Actually, shorter books and series do much better on this platform, as the attention span of people has declined over the last few years. A shorter eBook also takes less time to write. You can actually write your book in as little as one week or less. Check out my article on how to write an eBook in 24 hours for more information. 

There is no better time, then right now to start writing your eBook. A short, information filled book priced correctly,
(I recommend 2.99 USD), can become a profitable source of passive income for you. There is no reason to delay.



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  1. Wow! You’ve inspired me to write a Kindle book! Sometimes when my posts are more than 1500 words, i think “man, this could be a book” and it could! Also, thanks for the tip on virtual Staff!

    1. Author

      you are very welcome, Jackie – just think of writing an eBook like writing a series of those articles, that tends to take away the fear of writing an extensive project. Your website is awesome, and there is a ton of info you could turn into a great book, I am sure of that! Blessings!

  2. Hey Claudia, I’ve always wanted to write. Just never really knew where to start or how to get published any of it. This would probably be the fastest and easiest way for me to get started with out a doubt. Have you heard of Tucker Max? He is a writer that quit law school at I do believe Harvard to make a successful living writing about his hilarious life. I figured why can’t I do that thanks for the quality article cant wait to get started!

    1. Author

      Actually I have not heard of him – I will google him for sure! Looking forward to seeing your published work – I have a feeling your passion for 3D printing would make an awesome subject!

  3. I had an eReader before and I loved it but after it broke down, my own fault, I started to use my Android Tablet but I do not like reading from a tablet. The Kindle is an option but never thought about creating ebooks, thanks for this as it looks like a good opportunity.

    1. Author

      it is – I currently have one book published, and am about to publish my next book in August. It’s truly worth it – blessings!

  4. I never thought of using Kindle to drive traffic to my site. Your article was a real eye opener. Great tips. Thanks Claudia

  5. I loved this article and saved the page too. Good work Claudia. I’ve been thinking of writing a Kindle book for a while, and I think this is what I needed to convince me. The idea of using a series of articles another comment suggested is what I like.

    Have you done that before? I’m sure I’d have to edit the articles a bit right? Do you have a post on doing so?

    1. Author

      Yes, I have used the program I mention in my linked article to write my book “Mixing Spices”, and I am currently working on a couple more books to be released this year, using the same concept. Give it a try, and I hope you will stop by and leave me a link with your finished book, I would love to read it, when it is done!

  6. Great idea CLaudia, love this post. Can’t agree with you more: ebooks are the future and Kindle provides an absolutely excellent platform for their sale.

  7. I’ve thought about doing something like this for a while, and this very well is the motivation I need to write! Thanks for the tips!

  8. Wow! This article is an eye-opener. I’ve never thought of this. Thanks for the great tips, Claudia! Really appreciate it.

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