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Need to get more done then you have time? While this seems to be a constant state for anyone who wants to make money online, there are ways to make our lives a little easier. Streamlining some of your daily activities can make a marvellous difference in your productivity, and help you maybe even have a little bit a life left? Wouldn’t that be nice?

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Here are 5 Blogging Productivity Tips That Will Assist You In Getting More Things Done

  1. Use automation tools. Whether you use Hootsuite, Tailwind or Buffer (my personal favorite), all three of these will allow you to maximise your ability to have a consistent social media presence without being a slave to the computer. I chose the professional version of Buffer because it allows me to also schedule pins for Pinterest, the free version only allows you to use Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and Goggle +, and you are limited to 10 scheduled posts, while the professional version gives you the freedom to choose 100 posts ahead of time.
  2. Find out about promo days in Facebook groups. There are tons of facebook groups that allow you to post your blog posts, twitter posts, and pins – on specific days. Blogging support groups and marketing groups are easy to find on facebook, just make sure that you are clear about their rules when it comes to posting. Some have daily threads, others weekly. Note these days in your editorial calendar
  3. Create an editorial calendar. Seriously, that is one of the most important strategies that will keep you producing content at a higher rate, and with a much more coherent theme, then if you just post randomly throughout the week. You can create different themes for a specific day – for example, I have a weekly series on my wellness blog Avalon-Media.org, where I post a gratitude list and weekly recap every Friday. Knowing what to post saves you time, and you can research in bulk, considering that some of your content will relate to each other – at least I hope it does.
  4. Be open to guest posting. Having someone else write relevant content on your blog is a great way to connect with other bloggers and grow your audience, but it is also a great way to fill blank space in your editorial calendar. Just make sure that the guest blogger knows exactly what you are expecting, so it is a good idea to have a pre-set guidelines for guest posting. I write more extensively about that subject here.
  5. Get a Virtual Assistant. While that might seem like a million miles away from being affordable for some new bloggers, it is actually cheaper than you might think. You can outsource specific tasks on Fiverr, or hire a part time Virtual Assistant from a reputable company, who lives in a country outside of the US. I use Virtual Staff Finder, which hires exclusively from the Philippines, and I have always been very happy about their service.

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Question: What are your favorite ways to be a more prolific blogger and content creator?

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