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If you love to write, are a web designer, or a great at marketing and have an eye for detail, there are plenty of opportunities to do some freelance work from home. But just as there are many legit opportunities, there are also plenty of scams. Today, I want to focus on one freelance work from home platform I have had the most positive experiences with –

Freelancer is an Australian based company, that has been in business since 2004, and serves as a marketplace both for entrepreneurs looking for content writers, as well as for freelancers looking for work. It is a highly regarded large
outsourcing marketplace that serves nearly 8 million registered and verified users. Work offered range from data entry, marketing, writing, as well as web and software development.

What I like about the program:
1. It is an established platform with a large amount of investors, and has a legitimate management and leadership team I can trust.
2. It has a wide variety of freelance opportunities, not being limited to article writing, I can utilize all of my skills on one platform
3. It is an easy to use platform that is user-friendly, both for the freelancer and for hiring freelancers (I have used both sides now, and have never had any problems with either getting work or hiring someone to work for me – unlike Fiverr)
4. There are multiple payment options available (paying and receiving), so you are not stuck using paypal.


What I do not like about the program
1. In order to get more offers, Freelancer does require you to upgrade. While you can make money with the free account, it is easier with a premium account. Still, the prices of each account level are not substantial, considering the potential of money you can make, so upgrading was worth it for me.

My conclusion:

Freelancer is a user-friendly place that gives new freelancers the opportunity to build their platform and opportunity until they established enough customers to no longer be relying on marketing platforms like this one. That to me is the ultimate goal here – to make enough money and to create enough of a customer base to become a self-sufficient freelancer. Use Freelancer to build your brand, reputation and experience, while earning money, and you are on your way to independent success.


Claudia aka Miss Fiercely Independent



  1. That’s interesting! I’ll have a look at this company then! Thanks a lot for sharing!

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