Lessons In Mastery – Are You Willing To Fail?

Lessons In Mastery - Are You Willing To Fail?


If you want to learn the lessons of mastery, the needed skills to bring forth the success that you have always dreamed of, you need to be willing to fail.

Failure is inevitable if you are taking risks, and in order to succeed in life, you are going to have to take risks. But
how we approach failure, and our attitude toward the knowing of that failure has to happen to create success, makes
all of the difference between if we are able to finally reach our goals, or fall short.

Tim Ferriss even goes as far as to suggest to practice the worst case scenario, in order to let go of the fear of what
can happen when life takes an unexpected turn, and your goals are temporary not met. His thought is, if you see that
you can survive through those times we consider our failures, then you are more likely to be willing to take the risks.

I find that to be true to a point – we do not need to actually experience our worst case scenario in order to be willing to embrace failure. All we have to do is to look at failure differently.

Failures hold within them gifts, the gifts of learning, the gift of knowing what does not work, the gift of hitting the
reset button and allowing yourself to adjust your path (not your goal! Only the approach)

Approaching failure with a sense of gratitude ensures that those moments can propel you toward new heights, rather than leaving us stuck due to fear. A gratitude attitude directed toward failure mobilizes you, enables you.



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