Is Zazzle Legit? An Insider Review

Is Zazzle Legit-

Over the last few months, talking and writing about my experiences on and with Zazzle, people often asked me “Is Zazzle truly a legit company?” The short answer is yes, but there are so many aspects to this site, that I have decided to answer this question in a bit more detail.

Zazzle is a legitimate, trustworthy site in three ways:

1. Zazzle is a legitimate company to purchase high-quality products designed by individual artists and designers.
2. Zazzle is a legitimate place to make a  passive income as a designer, artist, and photographer.
3. Zazzle is a legitimate source of affiliate income for creative marketers, who like to think outside the box

Allow me to dive deeper into each point:

Zazzle is a legitimate company to get high-quality products designed by individual artists and designers.

 Zazzle offers a wide variety of high-quality products, such as T-Shirts, mugs, birthday cards, wedding invitations, cell phone cases and many more. These items are designed by individual artists who upload their creative projects to fit specifically the items you purchase. Zazzle – in return – sends these designs to manufacturers who then produce these items to order for you.

Here is a video from Zazzle showcasing how one of their products is created for you after you place an order.

I personally purchase my journals, binders, and some unique gifts there, and have never been disappointed with the
quality or customer service the Zazzle team provides.

Zazzle Wedding Invitations
                     Zazzle Wedding Invitations and more!

Zazzle is a legitimate place to make a passive income as a designer, artist, and photographer.

If you are a designer, artist or photographer, Zazzle gives you the opportunity to upload your creative projects onto their site, and fitting it onto the individual items they have for sale or for your personal purchase. The process is completely free for the creator. Zazzle makes their money by collecting a base price, and you are allowed to choose
how much (in percentige), you want to have as a commission.

A example would be the following: A mug might be 9.99 US Dollars – you choose to have a commission of 15 % per sale – which is 1.49 US Dollars – and the consumer would have to pay 11.48 US Dollars per mug. Zazzle will then send hold your 1.49 US Dollars for you, until the purchase cleared, and until you reached the commission payment threshold of 50 Dollars. Commission Payments are received via Paypal.

You can set this procentige as high as you please, of course the quality of your creation and the prices of your competitors will determine if and how much you will sell (among factors such as marketing, of course).

Zazzle Custom Design Travel Cups
                      Zazzle Custom Design Travel Cups

I have been selling my digital designs, and creative pieces with Zazzle for over three years now. It is an easy to use
and profitable interface, allowing you to set up your own niche stores, categories, and descriptions. I will be writing
more on how to maximise your profit as designers, and how to choose the best categories in subsequental articles. Over the last 7 months, I have been helping multiple designers in setting up their own profitable stores.
Is it an easy way to make money? No. Like every income stream on the internet, it takes work and dedication, but if you are willing to put in the time, and are willing to learn, you can make decent and regular money.

Zazzle is a legitimate source of affiliate income for creative marketers, who like to think outside the box. 

Another way to profit from Zazzle is via affiliate marketing. With the same sign up process as if you would become a designer for the platform, this marketing possibility is completely free. Once you signed up, you will receive a unique affiliate link, which in return can then be used to promote each individual item located on the store, including your own designs!

Zazzle Custom Outdoor Pillows
                                                                                                               Zazzle Custom Outdoor Pillows

This is the coolest part about Zazzle affiliate program – you can earn affiliate commission and your own design commission for a sale! practically that would mean, instead of making 1.49 off your mug, if it has been purchased through your affiliate or referral link you would be getting an additional 15 %, so 2.98 in total per sale!. That might not sound like much, but if you are a great marketer, you can take advantage of consumable paper products, or seasonal sales, and increase your income quite drastically with some smart strategies.
I have referred both my own designs, as well as other peoples designs, and made money, simply by promoting these products on various social media platforms, and my own websites.

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As you can see, Zazzle is completely legit, both as a platform of purchasing items for yourself and loved ones, as well
as using it as a money making opportunity. If you like creative expression, unique designs and are looking for something a little different, Zazzle should not be overlooked.

Fiercely Independent Blessings!


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