Is USA Survey Jobs A Scam? - A Thorough Review

If you are like me, and dive around websites that offer data entry jobs or related, either work from home or locally, you may have come across some listings like this one on career builder.

Is USA Survey Jobs A Scam?

It does specify survey in the description, so there was no misdirection here, but once I clicked on the listing, I was given the impression that the job was through USASurveyJobs. Once I tried to apply, however, I have redirected toward Opinion Outpost, which is another questionable survey site, that advertises the ability to make money via surveys. USASurveyJobs was nowhere to be seen or heard from again.

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So I did some digging to find the company

USASurveyJobs is actually a non-secured website that shares information about other survey sites so you can sign up for them. So far that does sound legit, right?

Not so fast.

Because what USASurveyJobs is not telling you is, is that the only way to make actual real money from these survey sites (and that goes for most survey sites) is, to get people signed up to those sites.

You see, USASurveyJobs makes money of the referral to those sites, which in itself is not a bad thing. However, it is not clear that they make money like this, unless you click on the individual posts, which have a small disclaimer at the end of the post, stating that they may have been paid for there opinion. Nowhere in the listing mentioned above – that redirected me from CareerBuilder to Opinion Outpost was any affiliation mentioned.

This practice is at best questionable, and unethical.

The sad part is, that Survey sites on their own, are not a scam. They are by far not a good way to make more than pennies, unless you want to do something similar (with hopefully more disclosure) than USASurvey did, and direct people toward those sites, however, they are legit. Also, survey sites like Opinion Outpost and Fusion Cash, often share surveys with you to complete, that after entering some information, you are told you no longer qualify. This, of course, it a big waste of your time, but again, there is nothing fishy about the entire process, it is simply an inefficient way to make any money.

The best way to make money online

What you should do instead

If you are only looking to make a few dollars here and there – which is what I hope you have in mind, if you are looking at survey sites, then join web testing sites instead. I am not affiliated with any of them, however, I have made as much as 400 Dollars within a month, just simply participating in those tests, in my spare time. If you are willing to do live tests (meaning, testing a website, while being on camera with a representative of the company that the website belongs to), you can make even more. These moderated tests pay anywhere from 30 to 60 Dollars, and the most time I have ever spent on a test has been 1 hour.

You can read more about my experience with Website testing here.


In my opinion, itself is not a scam, however, they have questionable practices that makes me not trust them. Survey jobs, in general, do not make you more than a few dollars every few weeks (the most I have ever made was 40 Dollars over a three month period), so they are pretty much a waste of time. Join a legit company like UserTesting to make some extra cash, that actually adds up to something.

However, if you are looking for an actual way to make start a more consistent income than you should learn more about Affiliate Marketing.

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You can check out this free starter course, that will talk you through finding a niche, and setting up your own website to get you started. Completely free.

However, if you do sign up for the premium membership (no obligation), I will get a small commission if you use any link to that platform on this site. In return, you will have access to me, and I will personally assist you on your journey to becoming an affiliate marketer. This offer only applies to those signing up via the links on this site, and if you are a premium member


What are your experiences with survey sites? Have you ever actually made any money from them? If so, how long did it take you to do so? Leave your comment below!



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  1. Yeah, you’re right about what you say about survey sites. Like who in their right
    mind is going to just give away a ton of money to random strangers on the internet for doing nothing. Just the whole
    concept of survey sites as an actual source of substantial income is weak in my opinion.

    1. Author

      I think people are desperate and need money now, which leads to them falling for a lot of things, like survey sites. I hope that we can teach them to move toward more practical and reality-based income potentials like affiliate marketing, and even website testing. After all, one has to look at it like that – only when we give value to a company, are we actually going to get paid for what we do. Therefore you are right, why would they hand people money for answering these silly type questions in the first place? Blessings! 

  2. I loved your article on USA Survey Jobs website. It was a necessary and good read. In my past experience it has always cone across as a little flakey. As a consumer when you are looking for a job or the means to earn money your putting trust in these business as legit. But I have found put the hard way if its sounds too good to be true it probably is. 

    i have tried inbox, swagbucks, other survey sites but you really never make more than $10 and the threshold is usually higher to get paid so you just end up working for free anyhow. And then major spam coming to your email. I think its very misleading. 

    The only legit company I have found value spending any time for has been wealthy affiliate. It takes a lot of hard committed work. From the varied results in the community its worth the work!

    Thank you for the article, its was an awesome read!


    1. Author

      Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is the one company I have never had a problem with, however, it is not a quick way to make money, but rather a business model that needs to be built over time. I think that is what gets most people discouraged – they want and in a lot of cases need money now. At least with sites like Usertesting there are no scams involved.

      Thanks for stopping by! 


  3. I tried a few surveys before, and like you, never made more than 50 bucks. I did get up to 150 with Panda, but they never paid me. Suffice it to say, I steer clear of surveys.

    I am familiar with USASurveyJobs. Their links feel like clickbait to me.

    And I absolutely hate taking the time to fill out all those *profile* surveys only to find there are none I *qualify* for or the ones I do are penny payers.

    Thanks for this review and take care.
    Gwendolyn J

    1. Author

      Hi Gwendolyn, thank you for stopping by. I also have heard similar stories from Panda a few years back – are they even still around? I hope that people will stop wasting their time with these sites, and move on – there are better ways to make money online, for sure. Blessings! 

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