Is Joining High Performance Monthly by Brendon Burchard Worth It? A Review

Disclaimer: I am not an affiliate with Brendon Burchard or any of his companies. I am simply reviewing a product that I have purchased myself – after purchasing his book (you can read a short review on High-Performance Habits by clicking THIS LINK), and I have a quite strong opinion about it, so I wanted to share it with you.

Who is Brendon Burchard?

Brendon Burchard calls himself a High-Performance Coach, who has been a prolific and acclaimed Author, speaker, Youtube content provider, and Life Coach, with endorsements from as well as many high-level athletes, CEO’s, and other very successful professionals. I originally learned about him via Youtube. Let me share with you here an example of the many impactful videos that are out there by this man – including this interview with Tom Bilyeu (co-founder of Quest Bars and Nutrition):


What Does High-performance Monthly Promise To Teach You?

  • A monthly live session of High-Performance Monthly, with an opportunity for Q and A
  • access to free tickets to one of his shows (minus a registration fee)
  • a 4-hour leadership training
  • 3 more hours of training and 2 new hours every month
  • a year long access to his private community

The premise of the program is similar but more in-depth to his book High-Performance Habits – to teach you to unleash habits that will increase your productivity, focus, health, and overall life. It is designed (or so it promises), for you to finally achieve those dreams, and unlock your potential.

This Is What You Actually Get

  • it starts with the usual upsell – which in itself we are all already used to, and pretty much something every marketer  and blogger does now, so that is nothing new, and only slightly annoying
  • access to a surprising amount of videos that are hard to watch through within the first month (which is the month that you have to pay only one dollar for – after that, it costs 50 Dollars per month) – all of the highest quality and with an incredible amount of useful information
  • an alert to remind you of the monthly webinar, with the opportunity to ask questions
  • a high-quality webinar, that is structured well.
  • one free group coaching call – this part of the program I have not tried out yet, as I have not found the time for the 2-hour session – yes, I was told to put about two hours aside for this. I am looking forward to trying it out and updating you.

Why it may be beneficial to a small business owner or affiliate marketer

Producing a lot of “stuff” – whatever your stuff is – in a short amount of time, and doing so consistently takes skills, good habits, and willpower. It is hard not to get overwhelmed and to be in a position where you don’t know where to turn to next. That can lead to procrastination. Brendan’s courses promise to turn that overwhelm and uncertainty into action steps and workable strategies no matter if you are an affiliate marketer like I am (or want to become one), or have any other business venture or large goal that you are trying to achieve. It is flexible, but workable, in its approach and not presented with a lot of fluff, so Brendan does not waste your time with the unnecessary. After all, we are all already limited on time, who wants to waist it on chit-chat during a webinar and lessons?

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Let Me Walk You Through The Program:

When you first join the program you will receive an intro video that kind of gives you an overview of what to expect. After that, you have access to your content library, which includes a few more instructional videos, that are short, as well as access to all of the previous live webinars, which range from the topics of upgrading your confidence to brainhealth, and how to make the new habits you are learning stick for  good.

These webinars are not short videos, most of them are a little bit longer than 30 minutes, and some have multiple parts or a part of series, so you will not run out of stuff to learn for a while. I have been a member for just about a month now, and have not scratched the surface yet, but I am looking forward to learning more.

My thoughts on the program

A lot of programs out there, promise you all kinds of content, and then deliver only that which you can already find for free on the internet. Not with Brendan. He actually managed to create a lot of thought-provoking and innovating learning materials that truly can lead you to a higher level.

I have implemented some of the tips that he says will work, and so far, they actually have. I have increased my focus and productivity, thanks to some of his tips, and as I mentioned above, I have not worked myself through all that this program has to offer. 

That said, don’t expect this to be a content that you can watch, and then not do anything about. This is not for people who are not willing to take action, and work hard on themselves.



  • Loads of content for the price
  • high quality videos with content that is not available for free on the internet
  • a dashboard is easy to navigate, and videos are easy to access
  • opportunity to participate in q and a on a monthly basis live
  • a replay of all webinars is available to watch at your convenience



it cost 50 Dollars a month – even though I think it is worth it, it does make me crinqe a little. But not enough to cancel it.


Any alternative programs that may be cheaper or are comparible?

I have not found a program that compares to it, at this level. I however suggest that you should read the book High Performance Habits first, and get familiar with his style via the many online videos he is producing consistenly. Those videos available on Youtube do not include the content you can find in the program, which is nice.

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For Whom This Is Useful

anyone who wants to produce more, and be more successful in life – but is tired of the self-help stuff that does not work


For whom this is not useful:

anyone who is just starting out with an online business. Stick with something like Wealthy Affiliate University, until you are comfortable with working online, before you begin on working through performance and habits. You need a good foundation first. Wealthy Affiliate can give you that – Brendan Burchard’s High Performance Monthly Program can take you then to the next level – when you are ready.



This program is worth every penny of its price. If you are willing to work hard, but just don’t quite know how to give it your best – whatever it is that you want to be the best at – then this program is incredibly useful.




  • 4.5 out of 5 Stars
  • (I am taking off the half point for making me cringe at the monthly price)




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