Internet Marketing – Scam Alert: Affiliate Marketing Mastery

Internet Scam Alert!

Every once in a while, I am sorry to inform you that I run across a program for marketers and online entrepreneurs,
that is a scam. Whenever I find a program like that, I think, that it is my duty to inform you, because I truly
do not want you to waste your hard earned cash on something you will regret purchasing later.

Today, the program I am talking about is Stefan James’, program” Affiliate Marketing Mastery”.

While, I am convinced, from what I have seen, that the lessons themselves are informative and thorough, they are not  by far – or even close to – worth the amount of money that he is asking for.

Let me break the price down for you:

For the 50 lessons, you are supposed to be paying 1997 Dollars, which, like he announced a few days ago, will only last for this price for a short period of time, after which he will charge 2997 Dollars. That is at full price 60 Dollars a course, some of which are very basic. 

This, by the way, is a cheap marketing trick, that does not serve anyone but the marketer’s pocket book. Creating a sense of scarcity is an old trick, that some marketers use on unexpected customers – I think it is even worse when it is used on fellow marketers, as it undermines their intelligence.

That is a lot of money for a course that contains nothing more than a program I am currently using for less than 50 Dollars a month, which also includes the hosting of my four websites (more coming, all free and included), unlimited email,  24 hour support, free keyword search tools, and so much more. – I have written about Wealthy Affiliate already, you can make up your own mind about the quality of the program, after reading my review here.

Sure, Stefan offers a multitude of free videos on his youtube channel on a regular basis, but they are all basics,
if you want more, you have to pay – a lot apparently. And the other day, he posted a rant on Youtube, complaining that people complained about his price.

Internet Marketing Scam Alert!

I would like to show you the video, but as of today, while I am looking through his videos, it seems to be removed – pretty convenient, don’t you think?

As I wrote him in response, not everyone has that much money laying around.  Almost two thousand dollars is a big chunk of money to waste on something anyone can have much cheaper.

While I have supported Stefan’s Kindle program in the past – Kindle Money Mastery – you can read my blog post about that program via the highlighted link above, which is another course of his, and which I have taken, liked and am an affiliate of, I will not support this new program in any way.





Don’t waste your money on an overpriced product.

Fiercely Independent Blessings


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  1. I think Claudia that those “gurus” charge high price because they target high-end clients.
    Be that from partner affiliate marketers or other JVs, and they sell it well with webinars and other launch tactics.
    But in the open market I don’t think they have the slightest of chance and to be honest, they really don’t care about the average Joe.

  2. This is the reason why the, “Average Joe” has a hard journey ahead. As stated by Ibrahim, the high priced ticket items out there are not even made in consideration of us little guys, and then everything or everyone that you try to review in order to find someone of integrity or just ethical, is bashed by others trying to promote themselves or something else.
    Sadly, All of these 6-7 figure guru’s that talk about helping or giving back the blessings bestowed upon them, never realize that helping others that can afford their high priced, high rated programs, coaching etc, are obviously doing well for themselves already and at a high capacity, yet always feel that they deserve more. Also the potential is high that a few little guys out there that deserve a shot could possibly crush this thing with half the help from a real coach with true heart felt dedication to giving back to the real needs of real hard working people with no entitlement issues.
    As for me, I pray that I could find that coach that would mentor me and let me put the same hard work that I put forth everyday to provide for family needs, and instill that energy and effort into their program and allow me to pay them with the wealth I create, and I would faithfully promote their cause full heartedly! I mean, who wouldn’t?

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