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There are crucial differences between how to make money with drop shipping on Amazon versus on eBay. While eBay is essentially a wholesaler, Amazon is a retailer. How you approach each of them make a large difference on how to conduct business with them.

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1. Amazon is geared toward a wide customer base. Unlike on eBay, you can charge a higher price, but you need to keep in mind that Amazon’s fees are much larger than on eBay.

2. Amazon does not give you the flexibility of creating your own product description. That limits your freedom on how to highlight your product tremendously. The upside of that is, that you do have less work.

3. Because Amazon charges a cut of each sale, it is wise to use this platform for high-profit, high-volume items only.



4. Amazon is not a good option if you are looking for immediate cash flow. Unlike eBay, which transfers each sales amount immediately into yourPayPall account, Amazon holds your money for two weeks in an escrow account to cover potential returns and refunds.

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5. Mass market items, such as vitamins, nutritional supplements and clothing are a perfect fit for Amazon, while products that need more explanation and are not geared toward a large market section are better suited toward platforms like eBay.

work less work from homeBoth Amazon and eBay are great places to utilize for drop shipping and other sales strategies. As with all passive income ventures, I highly suggest that before committing to a particular product, service or platform, that you study  your competition.

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