How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing - Without Having A Website

Welcome to my article!

Before we should dive into the how of making money with affiliate marketing without having a website, we should first discuss if this is even possible

The short answer is a cautious yes.

My long answer is that, if you want to make money from this type of online income, it is best done in conjunction with a blog or website to maximize your efforts. That said, it can be done on its own. However, you will able to utilize more avenues of potential passive income streams if you combine your strategies. But, that does not mean that you can not get started with these other options before moving onto blogging, or website content creation!

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Why Should You Bother With Affiliate Marketing In The First Place?

Making money with affiliate marketing is still one of the most cost-efficient, and potentially profitable ways to gain an online income, even if everyone seems to be doing it. As more and more people purchase their everyday items almost exclusively online and therefore using links to bring them toward the products that they are looking for, the more they need someone to point them into the right direction.  You are just making the process of finding these items easier for them – and hopefully bringing them some related value along the way.


How YOU Can Make Money With Affiliate Marketing Without A Website:


Youtube Affiliate Marketing

One of the most popular ways to create an online income and make money with affiliate marketing is Youtube. Even if you do not have a website, you can bring high quality and informative content to your viewers, AND use affiliate marketing as one of the many income options (the other two that come to mind are Youtube ad revenue, and Sponsorship – but we are not going to talk about those today).

Many YouTubers (if not most of them, at this point), have affiliate links in their video description, that will link you to various affiliate marketing partners, from Amazon to Creative Live, ranging in various niches from beauty products to garden equipment.

Here you can see an example of a Youtuber utilizing an Amazon link.

This is from a very popular organization Youtuber I follow – her name is Megan, and her channel name is Love Meg



However, I have to caution anyone that wants to make money this way, that you will ALWAYS include a disclaimer. Fellow Wealthy Affiliate members, who have not listened to the warnings by other members, have had their Youtube channels suspended, due to not disclosing these links as affiliate links.

Here is an example of a well-done disclosure. As you can see, it does not have to be anything special, or wordy, just a simple statement suffices.

In order to keep your work at a minimum, I highly recommend that you create a template for yourself, that includes disclosure, as well as your links to your website and potential social media channels, which you can then copy into the description field of all of your videos.

Keep in mind, that just like with any blogging or website content, that the more helpful your videos are, to your particular audience, the more likely you will be finding subscribers, which in turn will bring in more people to click on your links. Also, Youtube tends to favor less spammy and more value-based content in its algorithm, even if that value is pure entertainment.

Again, I would combine each video with a blog post, to maximize your profit, or at least a one-page landing page, that can give some extra information and another opportunity for a sale.


Pinterest Affiliate Marketing


If your niche is very visual, Pinterest is an awesome social media marketing platform for your affiliate links. With some of the most affiliate friendly rules, you can post direct affiliate links from Amazon, and other platforms such as Zazzle ( a print on demand company – you can read more about making money with Zazzle in this article), but again, there are rules to follow. Zazzle even has a direct button on each individual item, that you can use to direct post a product, with your affiliate link embedded on their platform – this is what it looks like

Just like with any other platform, spamming is frowned upon, therefore you should always make sure that you have a mix of value-based content, and promotional content to avoid getting flagged, or even have your account suspended ( a lesson I learned the hard way)

Also, you need to keep the disclosure rule in mind – never post an affiliate link without some type of notice, preferably in the form of a hashtag such as #afflink, that is easy to see in the description of the pin. 

Affiliate marketing with Pinterest only works, however, if you are creating a business account, which is free and easy to do. Follow this free training video for the details on how to do just that


Instagram Affiliate Marketing


While just as visual as Pinterest, Instagram is a little bit more restricted when it comes to affiliate marketing, due to the fact that it is not possible to post clickable links within the description of your images. But, with some tricks, you can get around this little problem rather easily. Here are some options


  1. Use easy to spell pretty links in the description instead of direct links. It is a lot easier for someone to type those into the search bar, than some of the “weird” Amazon direct link combinations, and therefore will increase the likelihood, of someone actually doing so
  2. Use your profile link. You are allowed to have one link in your profile. This may not be much, but you can use that space to promote a direct link to your main product, your Amazon Influencer listing, or a profile on a network that you are promoting.
  3. Better yet, use Linktree, or a similar service. Linktree allows you to place an unlimited amount of links on their platform, and you receive a link in return, that you can place upon your Instagram profile. This allows you to share the various amount of links on your Instagram platform that you can change at any point during your affiliate marketing campaigns. If you choose to purchase their pro plan you can even do more customization, and time your links to go live in conjunction with your scheduled Instagram posts – a very useful tool indeed.
  4. Once you have more than 10,000 followers, you can add affiliate links into your Instagram Stories (asking your followers to swipe up, for more info, for example)


Again, I will give you the warning to include the hashtag #ad or #afflink for disclosure purposes, in order to stay compliant with the rules


Affiliate Marketing via Email Marketing Techniques


Due to the fact that you need to capture subscribers to your email list before you can use this type of affiliate marketing, it is best done in conjunction with any of the before mentioned techniques.


One of the best ways to get people to sign up for your email list is to offer an incentive, which can be just about anything of value to your niche reader/followers/subscribers. Examples of those free offers (or freebies), could be a PDF, an ebook, worksheets, a short course, a webinar, an exclusive audio file (works great for offering meditations, if you have a related niche), and printables. While these freebies should be of high-quality, they do not have to be extensive, for example, you do not have to write a 20 page PDF, a simple 2 or 3 page detailed, and informative pages will suffice.  


After signing up these potential customers, you can then send them offers on a regular basis. It is always best practice to give something of value with each email you send out, even when sharing an affiliate marketing offer, and those offers should, of course, be relevant to your niche.


Email marketing is an opportunity to build a relationship with your customer, and therefore should never feel one-sided, meaning that you are the only one getting something out of this partnership. It is therefore very important to not spam your subscribers, only adding one or two affiliate links to each email – preferably one in the middle of the text, and one at the end.

If you want to learn more about Email Marketing, you should check out this comprehensive course offered by Skillshare. If you sign up using this link, you will get two free months of the Skillshare premium membership, which includes unlimited high-quality courses, to help you get started in your business, with no obligation for you to join after – however, I do get a month free membership of my own as a result. You can use that same technique I just used in this article, within your future affiliate marketing campaign! See what I did there? In any case, you should really check out Skillshare, especially when learning about new business concepts.



As you can see, it is possible to make money with affiliate marketing, even without having a website, however, the smartest and most profitable way to maximize the potential is to combine techniques, platforms, and tools.

The best way to learn how to build a profitable affiliate marketing business without experience is to take the free starter course at Wealthy Affiliate. It includes 10 detailed and extensive modules that teach you how to set up your own website, and how to find the perfect niche for you. You also receive a 7-Day free trial of their premium membership, which includes web hosting, and access to an ever-growing library of training materials and weekly webinars to build and manage your online business.


See you there!



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  1. Thank you for sharing this. I was advised that website is neccessary if you want to start an affiliate marketing career. Never knew there were other legit ways of making money through affiliate marketing.

    From reading your article I can tell that Instagram marketing is the most famous out of these three. I think it is mostly because of the popularity of the app itself and also because many celebrities use this app to promote their brands.

    Thank you. Very informative.


  2. Hello, you are right to point out that money can be made in affiliate marketing without a website or a blog. As you say it is not the easiest way.  I was particularly interested in what you told about working with youtube without a website.

    I agree with you when you say that the best way to make money is to combine different techniques on Pinterest, Instagram, and email.

    The free starter course at Wealthy Affiliate is indeed a very good course to start with

  3. I, personally, like the control of having my own website.  I think it’s just a better way to go.  I put a whole bunch of content on YouTube and Facebook and other platforms, but I always link back to my website, not to my affiliate links.  It’s just easier, and in my opinion, a better way to go.  I know people do affiliate marketing without a site, but I like writing content, helping people and providing great information.  It’s part of the joy of affiliate marketing for me.

    1. Author

      I am glad that you love writing – so many people have anxiety about that, especially in the beginning. These people might find it easier to start without a website, or maybe microblogging until they get a little more confidence.



  4. I hadn’t really considered what it would be like as an affiliate marketer without a website. Thinking about it, I think of that show called Naked and Afraid. I do agree that YouTube could be a successful channel to affiliate market, but I much rather prefer a website of my own. Passive income is something we all strive for as affiliate marketers and is one of the best types of income. That’s what makes the effort so worthwhile. Your link to Wealthy Affiliate is top-notch and everyone reading here should check it out!

    1. Author

      haha, you made me laugh, because I have only seen like a small clip of that show, and I thought it was the weirdest thing ever, lol. 

      I also prefer going the website route, albeit in combination with what I mentioned.

      Thanks for stopping by

  5. I am a little overwhelmed by this information! Wow.  You have so much to say and I have so little experience in affiliate marketing at this point. But, I am blogging now and I found the part regarding YouTube and Email marketing to be helpful.

    The thing I want to say here is this, I believe you have so much more knowledge than myself that I will be coming back to your website often to pick up more pointers. This has been great. I can hardly believe I found such a wealth of information in just one place. 

    Thanks for that. I will keep on learning and you can keep on teaching. Seems like a good match!

    1. Author

      You are so sweet – glad you found this article useful (even if overwhelming). 


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