How To Make Money On Zazzle In 2019

Is it possible to still make money on Zazzle?

The short answer to that is yes: there are two ways you can make money on Zazzle in 2019, and I will give you an overview of both of them in this article.

  1. As a designer/artist
  2. as an affiliate marketer

Of course, you can combine the two (and I think you should) to maximize your profit, as I have done, but let me explain each of these options in details, so you can see what works best for you, or if you choose to maximize your money-making potential on Zazzle in 2019.

How to Make Money on Zazzle as A Creator

While the most important aspect of selling art and designs on Zazzle is of course that you provide a quality design or piece of art of your choice, there are a lot more parts to selling your designs than just the creative process, and uploading it onto the platform

Is Your Design The Right Fit For Zazzle? 

First, you should decide if Zazzle is the right fit for your design. Some designs, especially if they do not lend themselves very well to being integrated into everyday products – think coffee mugs, wrapping paper, and other household items – you may want to see if your art does have the same vibe and feel that fits better with Redbubble, or on a T-shirt for Teespring.

However, there is nothing wrong with you deciding on placing your designs on multiple print on demand sites and get a sense of what sells better in what location. This is especially important if your art varies in genre, and therefore varies in what would be its potential audience.

Choose Your Niche Well

At this point, you should also decide on what niche you want to specialize in with your Zazzle store, so that you can target an audience with a lot more precision in mind, and maximize your profit.

Now that you decided that your creation is perfect for Zazzle and what niche you will be working on, you will have to make sure that your title and product descriptions, as well as your tags,  are perfect for your product so that it will be easier to be found via the search option. It is not going to do you any good, if your title is extremely creative or vague, because you simply won’t be found. There are thousands of sellers on Zazzle, so good SEO practices are important on this site as well.

Zazzle thankfully gives you some tips when it comes to creating a title and description for your designs, which are

For Graphics-based designs:

[trait] [color] [style] [content] [design type]

example: “Vintage Blue and Pink Watercolor Floral”

For Text-based designs:

[full/partial phrase] [trait] [content] [color] [design type]

example: “Motivational Quote with Pink Text”


Your tags should also be relevant and descriptive, however never vague. So instead of using the tag floral, use the tag roses,  

After uploading your designs, you will have a chance to set your commission rate. While you can choose just about any mark-up, it is important that you stay competitive. Check out similar products already available on Zazzle, to get an idea on what the going rate is for each product category.


Congratulations – you have now finished creating a product that is ready for customers to appreciate. But your work is far from over.


Promoting Your Products

As your next step, you should consider setting up a website and a few visually focused social media platforms to promote your products on

When setting up and running your basic website or blog, should not only simply feature your products but also related content, such as the creation process and the techniques you use,  similar products, or even interviews with other creators on the platform (that is a great collab opportunity, that you can also use visually meaning in video format, and promote on Youtube). Engage your readers, bring value, and within that showcase what you have created.

Again do not forget to use proper keywords and SEO practices in your content as well,  so that you can get traffic from Google, and don’t just have to rely on the traffic coming in from Zazzle.

At this stage, it is a good time to set up social media accounts that are very visual in nature as I mentioned above. I would highly suggest Instagram as well as Pinterest. If you are so inclined, and don’t have a problem being on camera, or showing off your skill set in a video, you should also try to promote yourself Youtube. You can use these social media outlets to directly promote your work or promote your website, which in turn can land you prospected clients.

Youtube is its own search engine and works very well if you want to show how you create your designs. You can promote your Zazzle products or store links in the description of your videos – just make sure that you disclose if you are using Zazzle affiliate links (or any other affiliate links).

Here is an example of someone using a  watercolor technique to promote their products


Extra Tip:

Do not spam on social media, you will be banned! If you use your social media accounts only to promote your products then you can get in quite a bit of trouble, to the point of getting your account removed!


How To Make Money on Zazzle as An Affiliate Marketer

If you are not a creatively talented person, or you want to increase your income by adding an additional potential revenue stream (which is, in my opinion, the best way to make money online – combine various potential income streams to maximize your income potential), then Zazzle affiliate marketing may be the way to go for you.

After signing up for a Zazzle account, just as if you would, if you wanted to purchase an item from Zazzle, go to your account settings, from where you can see the affiliate section 


After clicking,  you are brought to your affiliate id – and the instructions on how to use it

make money with zazzle


Just like I mentioned above in the section for Zazzle for designers you need to choose a niche, either that you will build your content around, or choose a niche within Zazzle that already fits your content if you already have a website or blog. If you do not know how to set up a website, specifically designed for affiliate marketing, take this free course

Get familiar with Zazzle in order to see what sells the most in each category – you can also check out the daily top picks section for items that the Zazzle team chose to promote that particular day, and promote these as well. Of course, which products you choose to highlight will now greatly depend on the niche you are working with.

Here are some more tips on how to make the most out of Zazzle affiliate marketing

  • set up a Pinterest business account – Zazzle is very visual, and therefore Pinterest works well for these products. In addition, the business account allows you to see which pins work the best – here is one example of a Zazzle product that I have on my boards and the impression it has received over the last 30 days
  • create supporting content related to the niche you picked, using good SEO practices (watch this free webinar on SEO tips?)
  • showcase the Zazzle products you picked on your website and on your social media accounts – make sure that you follow the guidelines of the individual social media platforms regarding direct advertisements. These guidelines vary greatly, therefore you should make yourself very familiar with them – and they do change on occasion, so be willing to change your approach whenever needed.
  • become part of other, niche relevant affiliate programs to increase your income
  • be consistent. If you are posting and promoting sporadically, your chances of growing a steady income are a lot smaller than with a consistent, steady approach. Affiliate marketing is not a quick money making scheme, it is a business model that takes some time and persistence to build, just like any business that is worth your while. Keep that in mind, when considering this or any other legitimate way of making money online.


Bonus Tip for Designers And Affiliate Marketers:

Zazzle offers frequent sales and coupons, utilize them! You can add these coupon codes in your social media posts, your website content, and include them in your newsletters to your email list! For example, there is a current Buy one product get 50% off your second product sale on the platform, with the coupon code ZBOGODAYFOUR 


Have you tried to sell any of your designs on print on demand platforms before? If so, which one? What was your biggest struggle?




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  1. Great info! I always love finding new affiliate programs that can generate income from being passionate about the products! Art has always been an interest of mine, and to now know that you can monetize from creating pieces that I enjoy is definitely a game changer! Thank you so much for this informative post. I will definitely be following through the links.

    1. Author

      You are very welcome, Eric! Yes, it is so awesome when the passion for a subject and the opportunity to make money can be combined into one! Many blessings to you! 

  2. This is a really useful post for Zazzle users, thank you. You’ve provided some solid advice here, especially when it comes to using the affiliate links. Tags are definitely important, but adding another layer as an affiliate is wise advice. I appreciate you taking the time to take us through the steps for retrieving the affiliate id, and for added tips such as being consistent and looking out for coupons/promo codes. Well done with this post!

    1. Author

      Thank you so much! I hope you are going to be able to use that info to maximize your profits! Blessings! 

  3. Thank you for your post. From what you have written, it sounds like Zazzle is a place where creator and marketer can go to make money. Your post intrigued me as I have a son who is very creative and loves to draw/take pictures, so I may lead him to the site as an artist. Me? I am not so creative, but I have an account that can promote products. I will definitely check it out. Thanks so much!

    1. Author

      Hi Kelly – thanks for your comment.

      Sounds like Zazzle might be exactly something to take your son’s creative adventures to a new level. Best of luck to both of you!



  4. Why have I never heard of this before??

    Thank you for the informative article! I just recently came across Zazzle and was doing a little research before jumping in when I came across this article. It touched base with each little question I had and plus some. I’m new to the affiliate market band wagon and am still learning a lot. Who knew you could promote what you like AND get paid for it?! HA!

    1. Author

      Hi Jessica, thank you for your sweet comment. I am glad that I was able to point out another way of making money online for you. Yes, Zazzle can be very lucrative as a partner for affiliates and designers, if one is smart about it. Best of luck on your journey!



  5. Hi!
    I really liked this article, I had no idea about Zazzle before and now I am signing up to their affiliate program. This seems a very good option for making money online and I think it suits my website’s niche too. Besides that, I had also told my friend, who is a graphic designer about it, so she can also make money on Zazzle too! We both end up winning, but in different ways, I really like that about Zazzle. 

    I hope more people learn about Zazzle through your post the way I did. Do you know more about other platform similar to Zazzle that you would recommend?

  6. Greetings
    Claudia, I was fascinated by your site and Zazzle and the idea of creating a
    product! I am an artistic, affiliate marketer, so I readily see the value in
    Zazzle’s artistic creations! Further, I am well aware of how to market them.
    Your Post is extremely well detailed in the specifics needed to sign up, then
    Tips to help new affiliates is priceless! Pinterest is a favorite of mine! I
    was not an affiliate years ago, but when I was into crafts seriously, I wish I
    had your Site! Janice 2019  😊🌷

    1. Author

      thank you, Janice – many blessings! 

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