I hate those times – when I feel like nothing works out, I have no motivation and I can not come up with any content if my life would depend on it. While complaining about distractions, they are almost welcomed, because it means, I don’t have to face the “business block”, I am going through. And I know, from talking to other business owners, I am not alone in this.


Writing content and creating new products to sell takes a lot of energy and resolve, and if you are anything like me, sometimes the energy that takes if just simply not there.


Still, if you want to stay competitive and achieve your goals, actions have to be taken no matter what is going on in our heads.


But how do you get your mojo back?


  1. Let go of the guilt. Continuing to feel guilty of not being as productive as you should, is not going to do anything to get you out of the slump, actually, it will intensify it. Acknowledge that you have a right to not feel your best and creative all of the time, and know that everyone else has those moments too. Even if they don’t admit it. If you need a silly visual to help you let go, write “I Let Go Of Guilt” on a flushable tissue paper, and flush it down the toilet.
  2. Find out what is keeping you from being productive. Are you depressed, do you have a particularly large workload that is overwhelming you? Or are you feeling like you are not making any progress? Identifying the culprit will give you a chance to create a strategy to overcome it. Be honest to yourself, and take your time with this process.
  3. Create action steps to overcome the obstacle. Now that you know your reason(s) for your blockage, you can create strategic action steps to overcome them. If you feel like you are not making any progress, take a seminar – you can use CreativeLive courses (either those who stream for free – or available for purchase), or join Wealthy Affiliate and watch one of the many training seminars and webinars available there to grow your skillset. If you are depressed, find out if it is clinical depression, and see your mental health specialist. If it is a temporary sadness or feeling of doom, try to identify the underlying issue and make progress on that. Sometimes, it is enough to make a commitment to find a solution to break through the slump.
  4. Revisit your why. In order for you to stay motivated and continually take action toward your goals, a why is essential. Your reasons for wanting to create a business has to be solid, and measurable, but also be based on a personal achievement that you want to acquire. May it be, that you are looking to finance your children’s college, or that you are trying to make money to eventually be able to afford your own home. Develop and revisit these reasons regularly.
  5. Partake in a physical activity. Getting your body moving for a short period of time, and on a regular basis, can open your creative blockage. Sitting in front of the computer, facing an empty screen is depressing when you can not come up with anything creative to base your content on. A change of scenery and the boost from physical movement can break through that blockage.
  6. Find inspiration online. Now you don’t have to limit yourself to the same type of content or product you are creating in order to be inspired. If you create a lot of written content, listen to some podcasts. If you are someone with primarily podcast content, watch a youtube video. Think outside the box, and allow the creative abilities of others to inspire you to do more.


A creative blockage is not only experienced by writers. Be aware that you are not alone in feeling this way, but also know that there are creative ways to overcome this loss of mojo.


Question: What do you do to get your creative juices flowing? What are the favorite resources you use to overcome any creative blockage? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


Fiercely Independent Blessings




  1. This is great advice for anyone – including dads! I have definitely found myself drained, unfocused, and really doubting myself in my work-from-home pursuit.

    Your six points are spot on and I particularly like #4 – Revisit your why! I constantly question why I am doing this or that, and I have come to the point where my question is, will this ultimately benefit my family?

    If the answer is yes, it refocuses and energizes me to move forward so it’ll be good for my wife and kids. If the answer is no, I move on and try to find the next thing that will help them and me.

    Thanks for the post and for synthesizing the information for me!

    1. Author

      my pleasure, Josh – I recently had a spell like that – marked by constantly taking my children to the doctors, which took me completely out of my zone. It is during that time, that I decided I need to do something, and that quickly, to get my groove back. What I shared today, was my own list of how to get my behind back into the action. 

      Glad you found it useful – and yes, this applies for everyone, of course, lol. 



  2. In all honesty today was a crap day in terms of motivation and working on my business. As much as I should or when I take a day off I usually feel very guilty. Thank you for all these tips tomorrow’s going to be a day I get up with Mojo

    1. Author

      Oh, I know that guilt all too well – no matter how we know that it is counterproductive, we all fall victim to it. Blessings!

  3. Great blog post. I usually go on a mini-vacation by myself, go for bungee-jumping, or I do something else that makes me step outside of my comfort zone.

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