How To Get People To Share Your Content - Resource List

Want to get more people to share your content? Me too! I am pretty sure, I can speak for most bloggers here, that
when we are putting our posts out there, we are looking for exposure. What if I tell you, that I have found a series
of articles, that teach you exactly that? Cool, right?

Check out the following articles and resources below, which will assist you in sharing your hard work and getting the
attention it deserves!


Free Exposure via Triberr
What is Klout All About?
Klout Part 2: Influencer Marketing
Exposure, Traffic, Branding And More!
Get Your Content Viral!
Get Other People To Promote You!
Co-Promote: More Free Exposure!

All these training modules are available for free with your free Wealthy Affiliate membership.
Simply click on any of the articles, and sign up, or use this direct link to sign up right now!

See you there!




  1. I am going to have a look at the Klout article, I would love to increase my traffic for sure!

  2. That sounds awesome and I’m sure it’s going to help a lot of bloggers especially when it comes to traffic and gaining more readers. These articles aren’t just for newbies in the blogging industry but for everyone else as well.

    1. Author

      indeed, they are surely useful for all of us, even if only to remember some of the things we have not practiced in a while. Blessings!

  3. These are great resources. I’m especially curious about Triberr. I hear about it but never got around to figuring it out.

    1. Author

      I love Triberr, I am actually working on the details of starting my own Tribe, which will be open to new members. Stay tuned for some details on this blog! Blessings!

  4. It is always nice when people offer a free course to help others. Getting your content shared is never easy!

    1. Author

      It is an uphill battle at times, but one worth working on, hope these tips will help you! Blessings!

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