Let’s face it – whether you are working remotely, or working on your own business – doing it from home has its own HUGE challenges, even more so, when you have children in the house. Distractions are a given, and the to-do-list is long, and that is just managing your household. Getting actual work done can be challenging to say the least.


But there are a few tips that I can share with you that make this process a little easier, no matter what size of a family you have, or whoever grabbles for your attention on a regular basis. In this post, I will focus on getting more done on the business side of things


Plan Your Day – Tips:


Start planning your day the night before. Being prepared ahead of time will give you a peace of mind – trust me on this. It will set you up so that you don’t have to scramble to figure out your next business task, and everything will go smoother from there. Having one less thing to do in the mornings – which are usually very busy when you have children – is nice.

Create a brain-dump list. Write everything you could possibly think of that has to be done the next day on a piece of paper – not in your planner – separated by business and household tasks. Capturing is important to clear your head.

Schedule your appointments first. Those are the cornerstones of the day, things that you can not move, and are a must. Everything else has to be fit around it.

Identify and schedule your 3 priorities second. Your most important tasks need to have a special place in your planner. Make sure that it is realistic for you to be able to finish these tasks, otherwise break them down into smaller action steps and schedule those accordingly.

Give yourself some flexible time. When working from home, flexibility is important, within a framework of a schedule. That allows you to curb potential stress and allows you to add action steps that might all of a sudden turn into a priority – as a small business owner, these times happen more often than not, such as a client needing a rushed order filled. While this should not be a constant, being open to those times is important.

Figure out which of these business tasks you still have left can be delegated. Your VA, spouse or even your children can assist you in some tasks that need to be completed. Let go off some of what needs to be done, and while you are at letting go – also let go of perfect. Expecting perfection from those who help you – unless you are paying them, and they are your employees – will only lead you to do it all, instead. Give yourself and your family a break, by allowing some imperfections.

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Getting Stuff Done


Batch your work. If it is any way possible batch same, or similar tasks in order to create a more consistent workflow. I prefer not to jump from writing content to creating images, or other tasks that need to be done to complete a blog post, but I rather schedule a day on which I write content, another on which I create images, and take pictures, and a third for formatting and scheduling the posts at hand. It creates a more consistent workflow and allows you emerge yourself into a particular part of your business.

Create a repeatable system. Having a consistent system in place is crucial in getting more done. The less time you spent on having to choose or think of what needs to be done, the better. Instead, you can go over your workflow for that particular set of tasks and know exactly where you stand in the creation of content, or other repeatable action steps. I love the peace of mind of knowing that even if I get interrupted, I still know what I need to do next because I have the steps right in front of me. It makes it so much easier to get back into the flow.

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Tasks To Eliminate Or Reduce Your Workload


Reduce the time you spend responding to email. Constantly checking your email will only waste your time, and instead of working on your terms, you are working on the terms of others. Set a time where you check your email and stick with it.

Reduce the number of social media platforms you use for your business. Only work on building the social media platforms that actually make sense for your business. I love Instagram and use it for my book blog, but it makes a lot less sense when working on my lifestyle blog.

Outsource whatever possible. If you can not outsource business tasks, outsource your home tasks, such as shopping, by getting a shopping service, or getting your house cleaned and any other mundane tasks. These tasks are a lot cheaper to outsource then you may think, and if there are no services available, you can hire a local person, student or anyone else who could use some extra money, to assist you with these tasks.

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Dealing With Others – Making Business A Priority


Demand that your business is taken seriously. Spouses, children, and relatives can consider home-based businesses “hobbies”, but you should be clear that this is not just a hobby, and don’t allow others to see it like that either.

Create a schedule you can and will stick with. It is easier for others to take your adventure seriously when you have clear set schedules, to which you stick with. It shows commitment and gives your friends and family a chance to know when it is okay for them to interrupt you. Let this schedule be known, and don’t allow others to change it unless it is a priority.



Working from home can be fun, and exciting, as well as convenient, but also stressful, and draining. Using the above tips to get more done, will help you get more from the positive side of being your own boss.



What are your biggest obstacles when it comes to being productive. Is it distractions personal responsibilities or other things please leave a comment in the comment section below I would love to hear from you.


Fiercely Independent Blessings


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  1. I really enjoyed reading your post. You have me a lot of ideas on how I can become more productive while working from home.

    The two key factors that have helped me out a lot personally was scheduling my weekly / daily task ahead of time, and breaking up my actual work time into chunks so that I won’t get bunerd out.

    What would you say are the biggest factors you personally do to get more done at home?

    1. Author

      Glad that you enjoyed the post, Michael. For me, the most profound change was made, when I started chunking my work, instead of going back and forth between tasks. That, and making a point to assert myself with family and friends. Not the easiest thing to do!


  2. These are some great tips. I work from home a couple days a week and I have a 4 month old at home so if I’m not careful I won’t get anything done. I love your guidelines for planning out the day because, at least in my experience, when I have a plan I tend to stick to get a lot more done than if I don’t have a plan.
    What suggestions do you have for getting back on track if you get distracted or off schedule?

    1. Author

      first thing – do not beat yourself up, when it does happen. It happens to all of us, no matter what our situation. Then I would suggest that you would give yourself one day to ease into things – make a plan as I outlined, but one that is not as rigorous as it would be on a regular day. After that, proceed as you usually would. The key is to not play the guilt game – the more guilty you make yourself feel, the less productive you are going to be. 



  3. I am doing a 9 to 5 job which I hate every single moment of it. Never been motivated to leavemy house and go to work. Shouldn’t I really be thinking of starting my own work from home business if I need this freedom?

    I’ve been trying it out a few weeks now but it can really cause some serious health issues especially if you are doing online business and sitting around the Computer for long periods.

    Ensure that you take some break and try to be mobile as much as possible.

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