Getting Started: Creating A Website and Blog

Getting Started- Creating A Website and Blog

Congratulations, for deciding to begin your journey to creating a passive income. No matter which path, or a combination of paths (which is what I highly suggest) of passive income streams you choose, you will need a blog and website to serve you as a starting point for your online endeavour. But, if you are new to this, the choices can be

There are blogging platform options that are completely free, which you could use to get started. While this works
for some, it is not the best for someone who is trying to build more than a simple personal blog, and here is why:
1. Does not allow monetization. does not allow the use of Goggle Adsense ads and frowns upon affiliate links placed upon their websites.

2. You can only use limited plugins. Email newsletter options, pop-ups and social media sharing plug-in are just a few options that are very limited on those free websites. All of these options can not only make your life easier but are essential in creating and collecting a subscriber base, from which you can market your products, services or books from.
I use SiteRubix to host my sites (yes, I have multiple websites) and am very happy with them. My only regret is, that I did not switch over to this host earlier, as I would have avoided some disasters along the way. Their customer support is superb, always available, fast and friendly.

You can get started right now, and try it out free – hosting for two sites is free and there is no credit card required.
The best thing is that it comes with the free membership of Wealthy Affiliate (you can check out my review here), which teaches you every step on how to set up your website – from picking a theme, to installing plug-ins.

4626a5837bce0c8288c46a2957d6e331_1424056601_croppedHow to get started:
Simply follow this link and follow the sign-up instructions. You will have access to video lessons that will talk you
through the setup, which takes only a few seconds.

If you have any additional questions about how to setup your website, or how about SiteRubix, leave a comment below, and I will be happy to answer any question you might have.


Fiercely Independent Blessings


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  1. SiteRubix is a great place to host affiliate websites that can be easily monetized. Especially considering the free training that goes along with that! I have two sites hosted there and I too wish I had done this years ago. It would have saved me much in hosting fees!

    1. Author

      Indeed – I had a horrible experience with Wix in the beginning of this year, something that could have been avoided and cost me a lot of time and money, so finding siterubix is a breath of fresh air. I am going to write a Wix review shortly to tell everyone what I had a problem with.
      Blessings, and thank you for stopping by, Debbie!

  2. Great article! I also to have a SiteRubix site and I have no problem with using them. From running any sort of affiliate link to social media buttons. I haven’t run into a problem yet. Great training too.

    1. Author

      hi fellow SiteRubix fan – it seems to me, that everyone who has tried SiteRubix is not looking back, regretting nothing about their decision. I sure don’t! Thanks Dan, have a wonderful evening!

  3. Anything that can help a new Blogger get up and running quickly and simply is “two-thumbs-up” in my book. Thanks for the tip.

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