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Welcome to “Fast And Free Friday’s”, where I want to share with you some free resources I have created for you over the last few days. I have been busy creating some blog and content creation training, that is sure to help new and more advanced bloggers to find their groove, and get on their way of monetizing their blogging venture. Because, after all, as much as we like to blog, being compensated for our passions if even more fun, isn’t it?

How To Start A Successful Lifestyle Blog – Ever wondered what a lifestyle blog actually is, and how to get it up and running? Then this free training is for you. Content Creation: Digging Deeper With Your Content – Writing a meaningful blog post, or article is not as hard as it

Content Creation: Digging Deeper With Your Content – Writing a meaningful blog post, or article is not as hard as it might seem if you keep a few tips in mind. This action-driven resource will point you in the right direction

Fast And Free Fridays: Blogging Resources

Are You A Craft/DIY Blogger? Craft Cruise Affiliate Program – Another opportunity for craft and DIY bloggers is outlined here. I love finding interesting and out of the ordinary ways to creatively add to passive income streams! Check it out!

Veganism – A Growing Niche Opportunity – Speaking of niche blogging, with this training, I am pointing out an interesting and potential niche, that is more creative and inspiring than you might think!

And here are couple of free blog-related training modules, some of my friends have created:

6 Ways To Make Money With Your WordPress Blog by Veronica – ever thought about monetizing your blog, but do not know where to start? Veronica has shared some of the opportunities out there for WordPress bloggers.

Blogging Resources

Back to School Marketing Strategies For Online Marketers – the tips outlined by Steph, are applicable for bloggers as well as marketers, and this easy to read training is very thorough. Don’t miss it.

I hope you enjoyed these resources. If there are any topics that I have not covered in this list, or via this blog, but you
would like for me to explore, let me know, by leaving me a comment below.

Thank you!

Fiercely Independent Blessings


  1. I’m always on the hunt for some great tips on blogging, thank you very much!

  2. All important points! I’ve been blogging for ages but no one really tells me how I should improve my blog to attract audience. Thanks for sahring this!

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