Easy Ways to Make Extra Money That You Can Start Right Now!

Whether you are trying to make money to pay for something on your wishlist, or need a few extra dollars for bills, finding easy ways to make extra money may seem like a daunting task at first. There are a lot of scams out there, but also some truly legit ways, that I have personally used during some more trying times. Let me share with you what I have found


How to avoid scams

Like I mentioned above, scams are out there, and if you fall for them they can become quite costly, both in the time and money area. Follow these steps to avoid scams:

  • read other user reviews and blog posts. Reading several reviews on the same item before committing will reduce your risk to fall for false promises.
  • if you have to pay for participating, run. Unless you are trying to start a business, such as affiliate marketing, there should be no upfront cost to you. Like with any job, who would pay for getting hired? Simply don’t!
  • read the fine print – don’t just check off the box that you read the terms and service – actually read them! Yes, that can be annoying and tedious, but please make sure you know what you are signing! The terms of service should include how and when you get paid. Very important to review this before committing to anything!
  • if it sounds too good to be true i.e. someone tells you, you can make a lot of money! – don’t fall for it! Reality is you should not expect to make a lot of money online, without actually putting in a lot of effort. I am not saying that it is not possible, but you should then consider starting an affiliate marketing business (which I highly recommend for a beginner). Free lessons are available if you are interested.

What to expect

  • You are not going to make a fortune. With a good survey site, you can make a 200 Dollars in a month (see my recommendations for details), and the most I have ever made in a week from testing websites was 70 Dollars – which is not too bad, but not enough to be considered a part-time job
  • Work availability fluctuates, and it makes sense to get used to getting used to individual platform’s posting and offering times. You will have to find out some of these tricks only by spending some time on the individual site, as availability changes from your location, and you’re demographic
  • Be proactive. Do not wait until you get an invitation from the individual test sites or survey sites – go to the Dashboard and look if there is work available! Most of the time, you will find that if you wait for invitations, the tests and surveys will already be filled by the time you get there. I made the most money when I left a tab open for the one site I used most frequently, and I would get alerted as soon as a test showed up on the dashboard. I showed up, and the work was there.
  • Produce quality work. No matter if you are simply answering a few questions for a study, or testing a gaming website – be ready to follow the instructions precisely, and do not rush through anything. Many sites rate the individual work done, and the better your rating/approval rate the higher chances you have to get invited to do more work.

Legit Website Testing Sites:


This site has some very specific tests for very specific demographics, available both on mobile phones and for your computer.  Check the dashboard often for opportunities. Every test pays 10 Dollars, and they payout once a week, for the previous week’s test, so if you did a test on Wednesday, you will get paid the following week via Paypal. Very reliable website! You do need to take a sample test before being accepted, but they are easy, as long as you speak clearly and consistently during that sample test, you should get approved.

                                 An example of a requirement page for a test in TryMyUI



Just like the one above, you need to be accepted – meaning take an acceptance test after filling out your application – in order to receive tests. Most tests pay out 10 Dollars and take about 10 minutes to complete, but there are also longer tests available, that will pay more. This site is computer and mobile friendly, with new tests for either type posted daily. You will also have the opportunity to participate in moderated studies which have been known to pay up to 70 Dollars! This site pays exactly 7 days after completing the test – to the second – into your PayPal account, so expect random payments. Very reliable! This is the site I made the most money from!

                                                                                              This is how a listing looks like in UserTesting


 Unlike the two I mentioned before, this platform does not require you to perform sample test before being accepted. Pay varies greatly, and the tests are shown on their website as well as sent to you via email. However, just like in the other examples, if you wait until they send you an email, the test is most likely no longer available once you get the notification. Be proactive! This site accepts anyone with a PayPal account.


Another site that asks you to pass an acceptance test to become a part of their panel. After you passed you can expect to get surveys that pay 5 Dollars, or for more complex studies that require you to go on webcam, the testers get paid 10 Dollars, after approval. How many surveys you get depends on your demographic, which you fill out before taking your practice test.



Legit Survey Sites


 This site is associated with Universities, and while it is located in the UK, it is also open to US participants. Users will receive payments via Paypal, once they add up to 20 Pounds, and the individual surveys pay various small amounts, from 5 cents to more than a Dollar. These tests do not take a long time to finish, usually less than 2 minutes or less.

Prolific prompts you to keep answering qualifying questions to better match you with surveys and studies – fill them out!


the only negative thing I have to say about this site is, that you really should not let your credits expire. Try to get to the minimum payment within 6 months, which is not that hard, if you check on that side daily, but if you don’t cash out before the six months is over, you will lose all of your money earned.  

List your talents on Fiverr

If you type fast, speak more than one language fluently, have tech skills or know how to transcribe a video – among many other skills, you can list your services on Fiverr. Your listings are called Gigs, and you can charge in 5 Dollar increments, for your work, depending on what you are offering. Listing your services costs nothing, but Fiverr does take one dollar per 5 dollars of completed work – so keep that in mind. It is great for some quick cash, but not a long-term solution when it comes to making money online. Fiverr pays out via Paypal, but it takes a little while for your money to clear. Fiverr gives the buyer a chance to report any issues, and only if they do not report any during a pre-arranged time, will your money be cleared to hit your PayPal account. I love the idea of not having to wait until you hit an earning threshold to ask for your money (you have to submit a withdraw request), so no matter if you made 4 Dollars or 400 Dollars, it is available to you for transfer.


None of the above is a long-term solution or designed to replace a full-time income. But if you are short on cash, you can add a few dollars to your PayPal account, if you are willing to stay focused, and visit the above-mentioned sites often.

For longer term solutions, such as creating an online business, I recommend learning how to do affiliate marketing. For a free introductory course on affiliate marketing, click here


  1. I really need to make some extra cash on the side right now, so I’m glad I managed to find your post on this. I’ve come across quite a few things that read like get rich quick schemes, which I assume are probably scams.

    I like the idea of testing websites. That might be a good option for me. I’ve done surveys. they’re okay, but don’t pay much and can take a while to actually pay out.

    I like your list though. There are a few ideas here to look into further.

    1. Author

      when I first heard of website testing, I thought scam for sure, but then I was so pleased to see that I could actually make some cash. Just to be sure this still applies, I tried them out again,  before writing this article, and I made 50 Dollars for maybe an hour of work all together. It is by far my favorite method for gaining quick cash, as long as you are willing to do high quality work – that is essential.


  2. Hi Claudia,
    Great article regarding easy ways to make extra money that you can start right now. You opened up my eyes to a lot of new ideas I’ve never run across before. I am familiar with Fiverr and it certainly has it’s place and for the most part (in my opinion) is a good place. The user testing in particular looks very interesting and you noted that you’ve made the most money from that so far. If you don’t mind my asking, how many of the tests do you typically take in a normal week/ I guess I’m wondering how much you can rely on, like if you wanted to could you do 5 tests per day? Would love to hear your thoughts, thanks in advance.
    Mat A.

    1. Author

      If you are registered with multiple sites, you might be able to pull of 3 tests a day when it comes to website testing. On a great day, I received three tests I qualified for, but that does not happen too often. Weekends tend to be slower, so 5 to 7 tests a week is a realistic goal – again, if you register with more than one site, and if you fall into a pretty general demographic. Now, it can be that you have some special skills, or live in a particular area in the country, that will open other opportunities, but because a tester only gets to see (on some sites), tests they are pre-qualified for, this is the best answer I can give you. 

      Hope that helped a little


  3. UserTesting is a great suggestion! We use them at my company all the time. Thanks for being honest that these aren’t ways to make a fortune, but they’re a great way to make some extra income.

    1. Author

      my pleasure, Amanda!
      we can all use some extra cash from time to time, and Usertesting is truly cool.
      But for those who want to start a true online business, I highly suggest Affiliate Marketing, which is not a scam. I wrote an article about that, you might want to check out – The Cons of Affiliate Marketing


  4. Great article, Miss Fiercely Independent! We all can used a side hustle to can help us earn some extra spare change. I was doing a survey that paid with gift cards and that was awesome but i never got the initial points that was referenced. Your article will help me know what to look out for this time.

  5. I have heard a lot of positive feedback about user testing. A lot of these others I haven’t heard of. Thanks for letting me know about them!

    1. Author

      Indeed, Usertesting is very popular – and I can only confirm everyone’s enthusiasm. Hope you will find some use in the other program links as well.


  6. It is easy to check if the offers online are legit or not, by checking some reviews and do your own due diligence. It effort and patience, you will spot-on the legits and help you gain more income.

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