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You read about drop shipping, you have done your homework on eBay and Amazon, and you are ready to get started. But one large question remains – Where are the drop shipping wholesale suppliers? How do you find the right ones?

Screenshot_18As I wrote about in my article “How To Make Money With Drop Shipping – Avoiding Scams”, there are plenty of non-reputable companies out there, which misrepresent themselves – may it be, by charging you extra fees, or not even carrying products, and just simply run away with your money, it is a wise decision to be careful when selecting wholesale suppliers.

There are two viable options for you to consider:

You can conduct a search on your own. Trade Magazine, conversations with other drop shippers, and google (which leads often to some trial and error), as well as reading reviews, is a good way to get started.


You can use a service, like SaleHoo to find wholesale suppliers for you. The reason I use SaleHoo, is because they offer a little extra bonus other companies in that category do not offer – a Market Research tool, which allows me to see what niche is the most profitable at the moment. It makes it much easier for me to recommend a certain niche to my clients when using the SaleHoo market research tool, which is free with the membership.


Also, SaleHoo works with a series of name brand suppliers, which my clients and I would usually not have access to – such as Disney, and over 8000 more drop shipping wholesale suppliers on their list, it is easy to save time, risk and money with this company.  At 67 US Dollars per year, the constantly up-to-date program is a bargain.




 It is the company I wish I would have had access to, when I first started my online business journey. That is why I am pointing it out to you now. You can avoid the costly mistakes I have made.

Still interested? You have nothing to loose. Click this link to sign up right now!

Stay tuned, as I continue my series on drop shipping and write about other profitable ways of creating a passive income for yourself and those you love.


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  1. Thank you, Claudia, for the valuable information on Salehoo! Over the years, I have tried to do dropshipping a time or two with little or bad results. Usually, people could get what I was offering cheaper than I could sell it. Salehoo sounds like it solves that problem so next time I jump back in, I will have to revisit here. It must be nice to have software to automate the market research component so that you can focus on sales and profitability. Good stuff!

    1. Author

      thank you – without some type of market research tool, I find this business model to be too risky and time consuming. While Salehoo is the best, considering that it integrates both services of finding suppliers and market research, I think everyone – regardless of how they get suppliers – should find a market research platform before diving into drop shipping. Like you, I learned from my original mistakes. So I just try to pass on those lessons – blessings!

  2. Claudia,
    What all do you get from the $67 dollars a year at Salehoo. They have sent me several emails, the price tag is a lot higher for the information they offer.

    1. Author

      Hi John,

      Salehoo changed their options, products and pricing recently.
      As far as I understand it, 67 Dollars (what used to be a one time fee), is now a yearly fee.
      But, 67 Dollars is all inclusive expect stores (which is their version of a set up website for you)
      They also sell SaleHoo Stores – which range from 27 Dollars a month to 97 Dollars a month – but
      keep in mind, that you can use different webhosting like SiteRubix or Shopify. But keep in mind that Shopify cost 29 Dollars for basic service,
      79 Dollars for premium, and 179 Dollars for their extended version. SiteRubix costs 47 Dollars a month for hosting, and access to Wealthy Affiliate University, plus keyword search tools, and community support. Those prices are per month.

      Salehoo includes access to the wholesale directory, their outstanding market-research tool, their forum, which answers a lot of questions,
      and email support.

      That is all there is to Salehoo. There are no up-sales, no gimmicks, just a constantly updated resource for drop shipping, which I highly recommend.

      I hope this answered your questions. SaleHoo is the way to go for drop shipping.

  3. Hello Claudia
    Bing thanks for sharing this.
    I was really in need of a supplier. I have never heard of sale hoo, is it a platform to find supplier and get in touch with them ?

    Because that will help, is there any security to protect the transaction between clients and supplier?


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