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As I come to the conclusion of my “Making Money With Drop Shipping” – Series, I wanted to take the opportunity to create a resource and tool page for you. I hope you enjoyed the series, and feel more comfortable in making the decision if Drop Shipping is the right passive income model for you.

To recap, here are the links to the individual posts within the series:


Make Money Online: Drop Shipping – Does It Work? – Is drop shipping right for you? You can find out the basics in this article.

How To Make Money With  Drop Shipping: Amazon VS eBay – Amazon and eBay are great places to sell your drop ship goods. I am highlighting ways to find out the individual platforms differences when selling dropshipped goods.

Drop Shipping Whole Sale Suppliers: How To Find Them – Finding the right supplier for your drop ship business is a very important step. I talk about the process and highlight my favorite directory for finding the right wholesalers.

Make Money With Drop Shipping: Picking Your Products – Finding the right products to sell can make or break your drop shipping business. I showcase in this article how you can choose the right products for your niche.

How To Make Money With Drop Shipping: Avoiding Scams:  With all of the offers out there, it is easy to fall victim to a business scam, especially when you are new to drop shipping. This is why I wrote this article.

Building Your Site:

Building your eCommerce site for drop shipping is also important. You have a few valuable option that work very well.

Shopify – this platform is made for eCommerce. If you are looking for a great site, without all of the fluff, Shopify will provide it for you. With a 14-Day Trial, you can see if you like the interface as much as I did, or you can simply go with the second version.

SiteRubix: I host all of my WordPress sites with SiteRubix, because it offers so much more than just a simple webhosting platform. It’s monthly fee includes unlimited domain emails, hosting for up to 25 sites, 24 hour service, access to all the training modules of Wealthy Affiliate (from how to set up your websites, to weekly live webinars on how to monetize your sites), peer support and so much more. This is for me the best option.

HostGator: Another high-quality web-hosting service where you do not have to commit to the a learning community. I have only heard good things about this host, and most of my blogger friends use this web-hosting service for their blogs. This is especially a good economical choice, if you only have one or two blogs.

StudioPress Themes: If you are using the WordPress option, you can choose one of the many free themes ( or even more themes via SiteRubix), or you can purchase the wonderfully integrated themes via StudioPress. They are stunning, and I am currently in the process of choosing one of those themes, and changing one of my sites to them, because they are simply beautiful!

Wholesaler Directory:

SaleHoo: This is the best and most reliable directory for drop ship wholesalers, I have come across. Not only does it connect you with distributors, it also includes a market research tool, that allows you to research the profitability of your chosen niche. That tool alone is worth the membership.

I hope this little guide on Drop Shipping has helped you. I will update this page regularly with new information, resources and tools as they become available.

If you have any additional questions, or need any clarifications about the products and information I have mentioned, leave me a comment, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

And do not forget to share this resource with your family and friends!

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