Don't Fall For Get Rich Quick Scams!

The ever growing potential of influencer marketing, affiliate marketing, online businesses, and blogging have drawn more and more people to be interested in trying to create their financial wealth online. As with many businesses, this
created also an influx of businesses that promise these new entrepreneurs ways to get rich quick. Truth is, none of these companies that promise you that you will make money simply by buying their products are actually giving you what you  paid for.

Don’t get me wrong, there are many companies out there, that serve those of us, who are new to the online business world, and provide valuable information. Ranging from all-inclusive packages, like Wealthy Affiliate, online courses like Creative Live and Fizzle, or email marketing services like GetResponds, these companies bring true value. At the same time, there are those waiting to take advantage of those who see the dollar signs of the successful online people, such as some YouTubers, bloggers, and affiliate marketers, and want to reach that level – now.

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What they do not understand, that an online business, like any other business, takes time to develop, build and make profit from. Even those, who, seemingly managed “overnight success”, rarely showcase the true work they have put into the business BEFORE they arrived at the stage they are now, in a more public space.

Some companies build their entire enterprise on those customers, serving only their bottom line while promising results that just never happen.

How To Spot Get Rich Quick Scams:

Don't Fall For Get Rich Quick Scams!



1. They do not offer free trials or some kind of free part of their program
2. They promise results quick
3. They appear sudden
4. They have bad reviews (more on reviews in a second)
5. Their testimonials are made up entirely of people with initials as their last name (like Tony R., or Stefanie M. – those are never real people)

A word of caution about reviews:

Most people, me included, get an affiliate commission for providing reviews for a program. This means that some – not all – bloggers and reviewers will purposely enhance their rating, to make a company look better than they truly are. In order to find a reviewer/blogger you can trust, I recommend to see, if they include con’s in their review, and also talk about programs that DO NOT work. If the reviews listed on a website is only made of glowing recommendations, you can pretty much be assured that they are not the most truthful.

I only recommend positively programs I personally use, or have used in the past – sometimes we outgrow particular programs, or found something that fits even better. Not all sites, and companies that I review fit everyone, and I try my best to point this out. Take Wealthy Affiliate for example – I do not recommend this program if you have already base knowledge in marketing, or do not want to build an affiliate marketing business, and rather a different business. Also, it is not the best program for up-to-date social media knowledge. If you are a complete newbie to affiliate marketing, on the other hand, this program is for you.

I hope I have cautioned you to be careful in spending your hard-earned money on programs that can not help you, and promise you quick results, much quicker than you should reasonably be able to expect.


Which program have you tried out, that did not life up to their promise? Share your experiences in the comment section, below.




  1. Such great reminders to keep all of us aware of what we are doing and being offered!

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