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Domestic Financial Abuse is often ,as I mentioned in my previous article, accompanied by emotional and/or physical abuse. If you are in danger of physical violence, you should call the US National Domestic Violence Hotline right now at this number  1-800-799-7233 or call 911 , to arrange for you to get help right away.
Many victims do not leave because they simply do not have the means, due to this type of abuse. This is why I emphasize the importance of a stay at home mom, and homemaker to create an income stream for themselves. Having an income, over which you are fully in control of, prevents in many cases the possibility of Domestic Financial Abuse, and keeps the home dynamic at an equal. Please do not allow yourself to be placed into a position where you depend on someone else financially. 
For those of us, who are either not in danger of physical harm, or trying to research about an exit strategy that would be the safest for yourself and your children, there are a few internet safety rules you should follow.

If you are on a computer to which the abuser has access to consider the following:

Do you have a feeling that your abuser is monitoring your computer activity? You are most likely correct. Controlling people rarely allow any privacy and are in need of complete control, which extends itself to the use of any electronic devices.
Do not think that deleting your browser history will eliminate the threat, unless that has always been a part of your routine. Any change in your routine, including the deletion of your history, can be seen as a suspicious activity, which can lead to many different but always negative reactions.
Instead, try using a public computer, such as the library, or the computer at a trusted friend’s home.
Do not use text messages or social media to speak about your abuse! Text messages can be hacked into, and so can your social media accounts – both relatively easy, and with just a cheap program. Again, this can put you in danger. The same goes for email.  You are better off using a cell phone to call – if possible purchase a cheap prepaid phone without the abusers knowledge
Like I mentioned in the beginning of this article, please call the US National Domestic Violence Hotline if you are in any danger.  The number again is: 1-800-799-7233 or call 911
Stay Safe!
Claudia aka Miss Fiercely Independent

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