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Create Awesome, Free Videos For Your Blog And Social Media with Lumen 5 – A Review

September 25, 2017

Finding a cheap or free software that makes decent short videos is not an easy task, as some apps lack practicality, while others lack features. But I have been lucky to find some decent applications that are easy to use. One of those is Lumen 5

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What is Lumen 5?

This software allows you to create short videos from your blog content, by entering your blog post URL and utilizing their special AI to create a script for your video. After uploading your script via the link (you can also copy and paste any text, that is not linked to a post), you will then have an opportunity to match their many free images with each slide. Once you have chosen from a list of background musical pieces, you can then download your finished video onto your computer, or have the program uploaded directly to any of your facebook page or profile.

Here is a short video that walks you through the process of creating a video with Lumen 5:


Here is an example video, about Wealthy Affiliate I created via Lumen 5:



Lumen 5 is the best free program I have found so far. It does not add a watermark to every single page that you create, which I find distracting, (unlike other software companies, such as Powtoon). They do however add a little slide at the end of each video with their information on it – as you can see at the very end,  in the sample video.

The dashboard is easy to navigate, making the entire video creation process simple and intuitive. I like that there are plenty of still images and short video clips available that make the finished video project interesting and appealing.

Lumen 5 review


The music track choices are rather limited, and it is not possible to add your own audio track or even music files to the video. I am also not too happy with the AI’s inability to turn a longer text into a video. Instead, you are asked to use a segment, which in turn limits the length of the videos created with Lumen to under 2 minutes. I also wish Lumen 5 had an affiliate program, for its premium membership – but it does not, which is also probably the reason why I have not heard about this program until recently.


Lumen 5 is a great little tool to make quick videos to add to your blog posts or use as a post promotion on a variety of social media platforms. It is easy to use, and the free version is sufficient enough to satisfy a beginning blogger or marketer.

Lumen 5 has become one of my favorite tools to make short videos for my Facebook pages.

Question: What video creation tools do you use or have used in the past? Which one is your absolute favorite?

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