Content Factory Mastery - Is It A Spam? A Review

Content Factory Mastery - Is It A Spam? A Review


Creating content is essential for affiliate marketers, bloggers, and online business owners. Constantly turning out more content takes a lot, if not the majority of our time. Therefore, anything that could make this process faster and more streamlined, is of course, getting a lot of attention – rightfully so.

Who would not want to find a way to cut hours upon hours from their workload, simply by purchasing a program?

In a nutshell, that is what “Content Factory Mastery” is claiming it will provide for you.

While I am always wary about any product that promises massive result, I considered giving it a shot, simply because of its small price. Keep in mind, that not only are you getting this supposed awesome way of creating content, you also get the right to resell the program to others! Let’s see if it is worth reselling (my thoughts on that at the end of the review)

What Exactly Does The Content Factory Mastery Program Promise To Deliver Its Buyers?

  • build your own content factory
  • crush your competition
  • get you more exposure

Here is what I encountered after my purchase:

Before you even get to your program, after purchase, you will be bombarded with two upsells.  To be fair, that is often standard practice, but it does not make the experience any less annoying. I scrolled through the first one because I simply wanted to get to my product, but the second upsell made me stop and shake my head.

This is why:

In the introduction video (before purchasing the program), the teacher declares that it is not a good idea to use PLR content for the top of your personal sales funnel. However, the second upsell are completed sales funnels, that include PLR content! So, before I even got to the product, I was already stunned by the contradictional advice:

Don’t buy PLR’s but buy these sales funnels with our PLR’s included. Not the best first impression.

You can watch the entire intro video which is available on Youtube right now:

Continue Reading Below Video

The first upsell is 17 Dollars, while the second upsell is 47 Dollars.

======> If you are interested in a program that DOES NOT push any upsells, and contains everything you actually need to start an affiliate marketing business,        ======> including weekly webinars, and outstanding certification training modules – check out Wealthy Affiliate!


Once you made it through, you will be given a link, which contains the following parts:


  1. Another sales pitch to sell you an affiliate marketing program – oh yay, more upsells! If you get all of the programs so far, you would spend a small fortune before getting to the product you originally bought!
  2. The actual product – which comes in 2 zip files.


Within the zip files you will receive the following parts:


  1. a standard please read section, that explains your resell rights
  2. a document with an image to give to your customers – those to whom you are reselling the program to – that explains their limited copyright use – which is personal use only
  3. a PSD file for your photoshop program, that includes the covers, which makes it easy to edit
  4. the same images in png format, for those of us without photoshop or who don’t need editing done
  5. A sales video done for you – it is about one minute long, clear, and decently constructed, and well edited
  6. A thank you sales letter
  7. and the actual content of the program, which are three videos of various lengths.

Continue reading below image


That of course, is the main meat of the program, where you are supposed to be taught how to create more content in much less time. This is also the part of the program you should be able to resell.

The first video is 10 minutes long, and is the exact video that you receive for free when you first click on the product – it is the introduction video that I have already shown you. 

While it does feature some good points, they are mostly common sense, which I expected from the intro video. Let me repeat that – one-third of the program is the video that you have already been able to see for free if you made it to the sales page. 

The second video, which is slightly shorter (9:44), is edited strangely but does have some good content and advice – such as documenting your unique way of doing your business and creating content from those experiences. It also suggests keeping a business process journal, in order to keep track of how your unique experiences could turn into unique content. I found that idea a good one, and particular something that would be useful in the future. 

Everything else that follows in the module is common sense advice you can freely get from anywhere on the internet – nothing in depth, or special, and nothing that really speaks to creating a content “factory”, per se.

Video three  (about 12 minutes in length) focuses on the content delivery process, the feedback process, and monetization process. Again, it is not in-depth enough and does not dive deeper than something I can find on youtube for free – keeping in mind that the program promises me a process, instead it delivers a list of general tips on how to create content.

That is it. That is all you get from your purchase.


Overall, I came to the conclusion, that I would not give those videos away for free, let alone try to resell them for profit. With poor editing, as well as mediocre content, I highly suggest that you save your money, and buy a good book on content creation such as the One-Hour Content Plan – which is an excellent book on creating a massive content plan in a relatively short period of time (not one hour).

Better yet, get a real course, that focuses on the entire process of creating an online business, and does not only teaches you much more about content creation,  but also on how to optimize your website, build an email list, and shows you how to set up Facebook ads. Wealthy Affiliate includes all of that, including hosting for up to 25 WordPress sites, and an amazing customer and website support, that is available 24/7. 



Quick Review Summary:

  • content factory mastery comes with resell rights
  • contains three video lessons as well as images needed for resell
  • offers mostly generic advice that can be found for free
  • does not cover automation nor offers mastery as you may expect by the product name
  • offers some conflicting advice within the lessons


Price: Less than 10 dollars – depends on who is selling it to you – I have seen people resell it for up to 14 Dollars! 



Skip this one! While it is not outright a scam – after all, it does provide you with some information, it is not worth the money.


2 out of 5 stars

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  1. Hi there Claudia i just visited your post on Content Factory Mastery from your miss fiercely independent website and found it to be interesting and thoughtful on that by the sounds of it a sub-par program to join..Upselling programs are not my favorite either they sound good at the beginning at first then more and more upsells is just to much and really what is the goal in definitely know your business and thanks for the heads up on Content Factory Mastery..i was wondering though WA is my favorite program and home business as well but have you ever made money with an upselling program that actually works..thanks again..GOOD JOB ! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK !

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