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Quick Guide To Writing Non-Fiction Books For Amazon to Complement Your Blog

Writing a non-fiction book to complement your blog or website gives you the opportunity to utilize the power of Amazon and Kindle Publishing while working with your existing passive income streams. Writing a book, however, is a seemingly daunting task, that leaves many of us overwhelmed. The truth is, writing an eBook for Kindle is a possible, even if you are…

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Make Money With eBook Affiliate Marketing – Use Ad Blends

    Continuing with the series on eBook Publishing, I wanted to share with you today, this interesting video on using an Ad Blend technique, which includes  eBooks to make money online. Check it out:   Whether you end up using the CB Passive Income System to create your affiliate marketing income, or you make your own website and promote your…

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Make Money Writing Kindle Books – 5 Reasons You Should Start Now

  Kindle publishing is a valuable and profitable passive income stream that should not be dismissed easily. Consumers are always looking for new high-quality books to read fast. You can still make money writing kindle books, even if it seems there are already an exhausted amount of eBooks that have been written. Many of them are of less than  desirable…

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