I ran across another money making opportunity, that I wanted to share with you today – GigWalk! Is it possible to make money with Gigwalk? I am answering this question with a cautious yes.


Let me explain


What Is The Concept Of The GigWalk App



Gigwalk is an app that is available for both Android and iPhones, which connects companies with users that are local. Most jobs depend on location because some of them are in person others are online – such as website testing, or uploading information about past purchases. For these individual jobs or gigs you will get paid anything from 4 to 15 Dollars – that is at least the most I

have seen any of them pay, so far.


The Pro’s of Gigwalk


Gigwalk offers a variety of jobs, ranging from taking pictures in stores, to asking questions to employees, or navigating a website, and answering questions based on that. All of the jobs are easy to work with and come with detailed instructions that are easy to follow.

The app is intuitive, there is not much to it, but it is easy to navigate

Some of the jobs are quite interesting, so that is always a plus in my book. The variety of these gigs adds to that fact and can be a lot more fun than being stuck in front of the computer, like with many available side hustles.

The company is super fast and reliable when paying the gigwalkers (at least in the US, so I don’t have first-hand knowledge of how pay works outside of the US, or if there are Gigs available where you live)


The Con’s of Gigwalk


Some of the assignments can be awkward – standing in the middle of a store taking pictures, or talking to a store employee about things you actually would never ask, is not always comfortable. These jobs may not be for someone who is introverted.

Gigs depend on location. There are not very many jobs offered in some locations, while in some areas that are highly populated. So your amount of offered work relies greatly on your where you live.




Gigwalk is a legit, and dependable app, that allows you to make a few dollars during your spare time while giving you access to a variety of interesting experiences. Because it is location dependent, your success and ability to make money depends on where you are in the world.


Question: Have you tried Gigwalk? What has been your most awkward job so far? Leave a comment below, and share your story!





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