Business Software Review: Business Plan Pro Premier Edition

Business Software Review: Business Plan Pro Premier Edition

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Title: Business Plan Pro Premier Edition
Publisher: Palo Alto Software Inc.
Genre: Business/Start-Up/Small Business Tools
Rating: 3 out of 5 Stars

When I first heard about Business Plan Pro Premier Edition, I was immediately worried about purchasing it, even though, I was looking for a comprehensive software program that would help me and my clients to create the best business plan possible, due to its description of compatible with Windows 7. Software programs are out-of-date so quickly, that it is not wise to spend any money on a program that does not update their software on a constant basis. So, I immediately asked the seller on Amazon if it was compatible, with Windows 10, and it is.

What is included in the business plan pro premier edition?

Prebuilt spreadsheets
more than 500 sample business plan
two ebooks related to the subject
business validation analysis
Build-in market research data for 9000 industry profiles
ability to track your plan against actual results

What I did not like about this program:

Because it is a comprehensive program, it contains a lot of information. That is understandable and actually positive, yet it is not an excuse to make it complicated and hard to use for a novice. While I was not struggling too much with the program I can see how someone who is not used to dealing with more complex software, might have some problems. So this is not for the computer newbie.

Also, I have heard from multiple sources that the customer service is not the best. With a program that tends to crash
on occasion, this is not a good thing. Again, this brings me to the point, that this is not a program for a computer newbie.

It is expensive, double than some of the other programs out there, so it is quite a financial commitment.

What I did like about the program

It is thorough. If you are taking the time to learn it, you have a wealth of information in front of you. You will not
need any other resource to get you started on a solid business plan.


If you have the extra money, and the time to spent on learning this program, as well as some patience, Business Plan Premier pro can be a great addition to your business resources. But you can find cheaper programs that are more up-to-date, and come with better support.

As an alternative try the following books and programs:


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