Commenting on other blogs can have many benefits (enter the link here to the engagement blog post), but proper commenting etiquette is essential when engaging with other bloggers, and their audiences. Here are some tips that you may want to consider:


Keeping Your Brand Voice In Mind:

When commenting, stick with the persona you have built around your blog and brand. It is not only the blog owner/contributor you are engaging with, but also the entire audience of the blog, as many readers, also read the comment section – this does not only go for blogs but also pertains YouTube video comments, so keep that in mind going forward!


Be courteous and polite

While it is possible to present a critique or even a rebuttal in the comment section, it should be done with tact and by sticking to facts, rather than personal insults, or comments. I personally rarely post a negative blog comment and would suggest that you should limit these rebuttal or critique comments to a minimum.

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Bring value

Simply telling someone “Nice post”, or “Thanks for sharing” does not bring any value to you, or to the blogger you are connecting with. Instead, try to add to the conversation, be personal and relatable (without making the comment all about your self), and add any insights that you may have, that could add to the content. Only then, should you consider adding a link to related content to the comment.


Be concise

Try to make your information packed comment as short as possible, but not shorter than that. Do include all information you are trying to convey, but stay away from fluff, or anything that distracts from your core message.


Do not spam blogs

It may be okay to add a link to your blog, or a specific blog post to the comment section – if you added enough value into the comment – it should not be an affiliate link or a sales page. Any link added needs to be limited to relevant content, or be the direct link to your blog’s homepage. Anything else is spamming and should be avoided.

What Kind of Blogs You Should Comment On:


Unless you are leaving comments as a part of your personal research, as a part of a blogging networking group, or via another blog commenting system, you should look for the following types of blogs to comment on:


  • Blogs that are relevant to your niche
  • Blogs that have a good site rank
  • Blogs that are CommentLuv enabled
  • Blogs that are KeywordLuv enabled


When posting comments on authority blogs with good ranking, try to find a blog post on their site, that does not have any comment yet. You are most likely to get the attention of the blog owner in this way.

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  1. Thanks for your post on commenting etiquette, Claudia. Your points are right on. I usually leave a comment if i really enjoy the post or if I have a question about something within the post I’m commenting on. A good post will make me think, and thinking brings up ideas and questions, and I like to enter those thoughts in a comment. We should all do that, shouldn’t we?

    1. Author

      indeed – too many times, however, I see short comments that have not much point to them. And it is a shame, because it is a wasted opportunity, for sure.

      Thanks Grant,


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