A Powerful Stand-Alone Keyword Search Tool – A Jaaxy Review


A Powerful Stand-Alone Keyword Search Tool - A Jaaxy Review

Finding an efficient keyword search tool, that does not cost you a fortune (or better yet, has a free option), is a task I did not like to embark, especially considering at the time, I was looking for the tool, I had no  idea how to use a keyword search tool, and how to compare them. I am lucky, that I ran across one valuable option before spending my hard earned money on those tools that are not worth a penny.

Upon the recommendation of a friend, I tried out Jaaxy- a keyword search tool with a free option, to search up to 30 searches per month. That is what initially sparked my interest – the fact that I could get familiar with the tool before having to pay anything. No commitment, no prior knowledge needed, and no payments, until I knew I liked the tool. What did I have to loose? Nothing!

You can try it out right now, for free!


Before I continue, I must say that I mostly use the keyword search tool that comes with my Wealthy Affiliate membership (which happens to be created by the same people, who created Jaaxy – so the tool is very similar), but before I took the plunge and became a WA member, Jaaxy was the best stand-alone tool I could find for the beginner I was, while being thorough enough to keep me engaged now, with much more experience.

Here is what you get from Jaaxy:

30 Free Monthly searches.
How much traffic you’ll get if you reach the #1 spot.
QSR (if it’s under 100, you have a GREAT chance to see your site on page 1).
KQI (green means good), SEO Power (1-100 scale. 1 is worst, 100 is best).
Domain search (allows you find if .com, .net, .org’s are available).
To Do (adds the keyword to a To-do list).

(the free keyword search tool on Wealthy Affiliate, has these same features)

Additional Jaaxy-only features:
A Powerful Stand-Alone Keyword Search Tool - A Jaaxy Review
a site rank tool
A tool to analyze your competition called SERPS (search engine rankings)
the ability to search for affiliate programs associated with your keyword searches
A brainstorm section
Related keywords to your searches which will provide you with tons of new ideas to work with

and most importantly for me at the time:

A training section!

Without this training, I would have been lost at that time. Thankfully, by using the Jaaxy keyword search tool, I became a lot more familiar with the process of finding proper keywords, and the concept of SEO, something that eluded me prior to finding this program.

So, if you are new to SEO and keyword search tools, Jaaxy makes it easy for you to succeed, without the need to  commit to a larger program, such as Wealthy affiliate, and without the hassle of some of the free programs out there. To me, Jaaxy is a perfect stand-alone keyword search tool to grow your website or blog, no matter what your niche, or goal.


Jaaxy currently offers three training bonuses for free! You can access them in the training section, once you created your free account. They are:

Bonus #1: 1,000 High Traffic, Low Competition Keywords

Bonus #2: Niches, Keywords, Success

Bonus #3: Domain Industry Secrets

Get your free downloads, today! 

Question: What is your favorite keyword search tool?

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  1. Thank you for this resource. I have never heard of this tool. I appreciate learning about any type of resource that I can use.

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