You know that tingling in your stomach, the nervous excitement that hits you before something special is about to happen? Not just anything special, but something that is about to change your entire life.

There might be some fear mixed into this excitement, after all, you are stepping out into the unknown, a place without a safety net, where it could go well, or it would not change a thing. And it is all up to you.

This is the moment of change, the moment where you actually make the decision to take those actions toward the independence you have always longed for.

It is your moment.

Independence can mean a lot of different things for many people, especially women. It can mean financial independence from spousal support, from living from paycheck to paycheck, or from getting away from accepting public assistance. It can mean that you can pay for your kid’s college tuition, or save up for retirement.

Whatever this independent means to you, you are not alone.


This space, this safe haven is for you – women who want to find their own brand of independence. There is no judgement about where you came from, what your current situation is, or how big or small your dreams are. This is simply the place to enable you to create that independence you grave.

I will offer you, information, resources, support, and motivation.  I will show you a better way to leverage that which you are good at and turn it into new possibilities.

Allow me to be your guide toward new opportunities.

Welcome home

Claudia aka Miss Fiercely Independent

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