5 Things I Wish I Had Known When I Started Blogging

I have been blogging for a while now, it has been on a regular basis for more than 6 years, and while I have not always pursued it as a business venture, there are a few things I wish I had known from the start, which could have saved me a ton of time, headache, and some money.

Maybe what I have learned can help you along the way.

1. Using a hosted WordPress.org blog instead of creating a blog on the free platforms such as blogger, or WordPress.com from the beginning. My blogging adventure started on Blogger, then I moved to WordPress.com, not knowing that I would have a very limited ability to monetize my website. Now, at that time monetization was not my goal, but I knew that I wanted to keep that option open. I just did not know that there was such a large difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org. I now use Siterubix as a host for all of my WordPress blogs, which is awesome.

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2. Create a niche blog instead of a broad lifestyle blog. I had, and still, have a large lifestyle blog, that was quite broad (and still is too broad to be effective as a business), but I simply wrote about the many awesome things I was into, within the healthy and positive living sphere. Throw in some opinions on books, the occasional rant about pet care, and a few poems, and you have a hodgepodge that serves no one but only as my own creative outlet. For as many hours I put into this blog, I could have created individual niche sites (like I am doing now, such as my book blog), and reached larger audiences, which I could have served a lot better. My experiences of running both a large and a few smaller niche blogs are why I have decided to focus this blog on how to create profitable niche blogs. Trust me on this – I have been there, and while it has been fun, it also has been a waste of time. I am not getting any younger, and neither are you, so wasting time is not an option.


3. Establishing peer support, rather than doing it all on my own. I never thought that I would need a community of supporters and peers around me to make blogging a more interesting, profitable, and rewarding journey, but I was wrong. If I could do it all over again, I would have joined Wealthy Affiliate 6 years ago, and listened to every bit of advice that this experienced community has to offer. While I do always say “Better late than never”, learning this lesson early on, is a lot better for your nerves, your pocket book, and it is nice to simply have someone to talk to, who knows exactly what you are going through because they are on the same journey you are on.

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4. Create a blogging and writing schedule and stick with it, instead of blogging when I felt like it. I am the kind of person who writes from the heart. While that is awesome, in some ways, because it allows me to share with you my authentic thoughts on a subject, it is also not always great when creating a blogging schedule. There are times, where the muse had left me, and I did not write and post for days and weeks, and then posted daily for a few weeks at a time, not allowing any room in between, until I went back to a burnout, and started the whole thing all over again.

While I still allow myself to go into a (more controlled) writing spree, if I feel especially inspired, I schedule the created posts and stick with that posting schedule. This allows my readers to know when to expect a new post, so they can be on the look out, and it makes it easier to run multiple blogs. Should ever anything unexpected come up – and with two homeschooled kids, 5 pets, there is always something that comes up – I already have content ready, and can post it, even if I don’t have time to write that day. I will write more about the organizational progress on how to run multiple niche blogs over the next few days and weeks. Some of the resources I use to stay organized and create this blogging schedule are:

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5. I would have made my blogging business (and it is a business) a priority over the priorities of others who don’t understand how important it is for a SAHM to have their own mission and income. As the victim of financial domestic abuse, and emotional abuse, I must take ownership here. If I would have made any of my business ventures a priority over the needs of my husband and his family, as I have done with my own family (there is a long story right there, I will share with you another time, in another place) I would have been in a financially secure position much earlier. That security would have given me the chance to leave if I needed to, an out, an independence that gives power – which abusers to desperately try to destroy. I gave up so much of myself over the years, that by the time I realized what was done to me was not right, there was not much left of me, and I had to rebuild myself – emotionally and financially to the point of independence. Blogging is a business, it is a serious business, that can provide a SAHM with a realistic income. Some think of bloggers, as people with just a fun hobby, but for others (and we can also be called Internet Marketers – I still prefer to be called a blogger) depend on their writing as their sole income, or at least as an additional income to the family.

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I hope I can assist you in being your guide to creating your own profitable niche blog. It would be an honor if I could join you in this journey.



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