5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Zazzle’s Affiliate Marketing Program

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Zazzle's Affiliate Marketing Program


Zazzle, a unique and popular site for Product on demand designs, not only offers a platform for designers to find
consumers for their art and creative expressions, but also an opportunity for bloggers and marketers. Zazzle’s Affiliate  Marketing program offers a unique opportunity within the passive income choices, that can be quite profitable with the right mindset and strategies.

Why you should consider Zazzle as one of your affiliate marketing programs:

1. Popular in specific categories
Zazzle is a very popular platform for those consumers looking for customizable paper products, specifically for
business cards, Wedding invitations (and related products), Birthday invitations (especially those with significance, like the 50th) party invitations and custom cards. Because Zazzle gives the consumer the unique opportunity to order the exact amount of items needed, it makes an affordable and economical choice, while still providing unique products. You can use these niches and their sub-niches to your advantage.

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2. High commission rate
At a 15% commission rate, Zazzle is in the higher paying spectrum of affiliate marketing. With the average commission in the 10 percent range, Zazzle offers easy multiple sale opportunities for you, with potential high earnings.

3. It is easy to sign up.
An account with Zazzle allows you to be both designers, affiliates, and consumer, with no extra hoops to go through, or extra cost to you.

getimage (2)4. Double commission
If you decide to design your own products, you can simultaneously earn an affiliate commission as well! When sharing your designs, simply make sure your affiliate link is included in your postings, and you can earn double commission!

5. It caters to a wide audience
With an extensive amount of products available and an even more extensive amount of designs upon each of these products, it is easy to pinpoint a niche within this vast site, no matter what your target audience is. You can touch stamp collectors, to those who like to decorate their home, from people preparing for a Wedding to those who need supplies for a children’s birthday party – it is all there in one place.


An additional tip:

I have mentioned niche many times throughout this post because I highly suggest that as an Affiliate marketer working  with Zazzle, that you choose a very specific niche to promote. The same goes for any potential designers, who have the opportunity to create niche stores within Zazzle, and truly should take advantage of the fact that this website allows you to create multiple stores.

There is no reason to ignore Zazzle as a potential income source when choosing passive income streams.

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