5 Reasons Why I Use A Bullet Journal For Business Planning

Starting a small business is filled with daunting questions and tasks, that can be overwhelming. Planning the actions that are needed to create a home business is important not only to give you direction but also to give you a chance to check of those actions you are already done. I don’t know about you, but I find it satisfying to check off lists, and see the process I made right in front of me.
Of course, you can use premade planners for this, such as (enter name), but I personally prefer using a bullet journal, and here are five reasons why:
  1. It’s flexible. I don’t have to worry about if the system fits me because in Bullet journaling you create the system. If you are a list person, then you can make daily to-do lists, if you are visual, then use stickers and doodles throughout your pages. You don’t have to include pages that you don’t need, but on the other hand, you can create pages that are not available in standard planners – such as a workflow page, or a social media tracker 
  2. It is cheap (if you want it to be). Of course, you can go all out and buy a ton of stickers, washi tape, and the notebooks that are specially designed with bullet journaling in mind, but let’s be real – you don’t have to. I started bullet journaling with simple one subject grid paged notebooks from Amazon, which never ended up being more than 3 dollars a pop, and they worked just fine for me. I still use Bic Soft Feel Pens for most of my writing, which I get in a large package, and that is also cheap (I use them because they feel great in my hands, when writing, and are pretty smooth on standard paper).
  3. It is portable. Again you don’t have to buy a large Leuchturm notebook, to get started, and carrying a small notebook with you – some people use field note size books for their bullet journaling, which can fit in the smallest purse. Take a pen, and maybe a small plastic ruler, and you are all set – oh, and you don’t have to worry about it being charged, or if you have Wifi connection wherever you are going to.
  4. It can incorporate business and personal life. Why carry or create two systems for your home and for your business, when you can just put everything in one planner that can handle it all? I don’t separate my personal and business life, because, well, when working from home, I can not separate the two. No matter what niche or business style you are choosing at the end, you can use one planner for both. No more trying to remember where you put what information – it is all in one place for your convenience and always available to you. 
  5. It can be your creative outlet. Most of the time, my bullet journaling style is minimalist. I don’t have the time to decorate and draw every single evening when I plan out my next day. But if I want to add color, draw something pretty, or just feel like doodling, instead of writing a plain note about next weeks food plan, then I can do that as well. I often add color or doodles after the fact, making the pages look nicer, once I am done with creating the basics, and I have a moment to breathe. But there have been times, where my pages just stayed plain – and all I used was the above-mentioned pen, and a ruler. It is nice to have the option to also add stickers, or write motivational quotes, or affirmations into the blank page, from time to time. Again, that is not a regular practice for me, but I like having the chance when inspiration strikes.


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While I prefer analog organizational systems, as I mentioned above, I wanted to make sure that I include an equally flexible organizational tool, that I use in addition to bullet journaling, Trello. I use Trello for creating my content calendar, training potential VA’s, and many other aspects of my business and life. You can see how I use Trello to organize my Wealthy Affiliate study material by following THIS LINK

Question: How do you plan your day? Do you use a preset planner such as a Hobinichi, or a system like the Filofax? Have you ever tried bullet journaling?
I would love to hear from you

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  1. Hi Claudia!

    I don’t usually plan my day but I’d like to since I think that will give me a better perspective on the things I need to get done.

    Sometimes I write notes on my phone or send myself e-mails with important tasks I should do, but it’s not enough since I feel I’m not making progress.

    Do you plan your whole day, with all the tasks, of you also leave some room for improvisation? Do you find better a to do list without times or a specific timetable with the tasks on it?

    Thanks for the advice! 🙂

    1. Author


      I have a general to do list for my business, that I work on every day, usually it ends up being longer than what I can actually get done, but I mark those who are my priority in some way, in order to make them stand out. 

      I don’t set specific times for specific tasks throughout the day – with the exceptions of a few home tasks, that always get done at the same time – for example walking the dogs – and then of course various appointments. The rest of my workload is not scheduled. I do however keep a log of what I did when – to keep track of how many hours I actually stayed on task. In that way, my bullet journal becomes my accountability partner. That does require honesty with oneself though.  I hope that answered your question.


  2. Great reasons for using a bullet journal. I personally use google notes and make list of things I need to do certain days and throughout the week.

    I’ve found this helps me stay organized and be more productive.

    Although I think writing something down on a sheet of paper might make it more fun or personal like when you were back in school.

  3. Hi Claudia,
    Thanks a lot for that nice post. I do not know what you’d advise me to do. You see, I’ve always wanted to have an analogue system to do my to-do- lists, personal journals, etc- and I like that system you’ve adopted plus it’s 5 pluses. My challenge is I’ve never quite got around sticking to any notebook, journal, or to-do list. They actually never last a week or two. I have recently enrolled in a writing course and one of the requirements we’ve been given is to keep a notebook and daily write something on it. You can now imagine how hard this has been for me! I welcome your suggestions/ideas on what to do.
    Thanks, Boniface.

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