5 Quick Amazon FBA Selling Tips

5 Quick Amazon FBA Selling Tips

If you are interested in selling on Amazon via their Fulfillment by Amazon program (Amazon FBA) , there are a few tips to remember, that will make your selling experience a lot smoother, easier and more profitable. Some of these tips might sound obvious but are rather easy to overlook especially when you are first starting out.

1.Make sure you label your boxes correctly
When creating shipments directed toward the Amazon Warehouse, you will have two labels for each box to print out. Make sure your product matches both labels, before sending it off, in order to reduce bad reviews or returns.

2. Read and follow the rules
Amazon is picky with its sellers, so follow this link and read up on all of the rules. Also keep up with the seller account updates, which highlight the changes that are frequently made to the Amazon FBA program.

3. Respond To Customer Notifications and Questions quickly
Amazon frowns upon sellers who do not answer any customer concerns in a fast manner. You have 24 hours to respond to any inquiries before you get in trouble with the platform, so be very diligent about responding to any notification

4. Avoid negative feedback by going above what is expected
Make sure that your products are of highest quality, and that you have used the best possible packaging so that your products will arrive in great condition. Negative ratings have a huge impact on your sales on Amazon, and your product ranking, so prevent them if possible.

5. Try your best to fix any negative feedback
I already mentioned the negative side effect of a negative feedback, but if you happen to still get a not so good rating, get in contact with your customer and see how you can fix it. Be courteous, and timely in your request, and be willing to admit fault even if the fault was not yours. But do not simply beg for the removal of a negative rating, as a seller had previously done to me, with the statement how it will negatively impact their business. Fix the problem THEN ask for a removal of the rating in question.

If you are not ready to plunge into Amazon FBA but are still want to sell products without as much risk, check out my Dropshipping Tools and Resources page, for  information on a less risky passive income opportunity.

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21 thoughts on “5 Quick Amazon FBA Selling Tips

  1. I’ve never tried their FBA feature before, I think it’s a great way to earn a little extra online. Thanks for the tips, they are definitely helpful!

    1. actually it is a great way to make quite a bit of money online, it is a wonderful potentially full-time business. I personally think though, that it is a better idea to start with dropshipping, if you are new to selling on Amazon, because the risk is smaller, almost no investment needed for that type of business model.


  2. I’m a heavy Amazon shopper and I’ve always wondered what fulfilled by Amazon means. I just know that if it’s Amazon doing it, I can rest easy. It’s a great side income potential!

  3. i have never used their FBA feature before…. but yeah… I will have to sometime soon!!! will have to keep in mind few of these tips then!

  4. Good points! I have tried to sell some books via Amazon but not yet succeeded. Already in the beginning something went wrong and I guess I thicked a wrong box. Have to give it a new try!

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