4 Mistakes Many People Make When Deciding Upon A Niche And How To Avoid Them

4 Mistakes Many People Make When Deciding Upon A Niche And How To Avoid Them

4 Mistakes Many People Make When Deciding Upon A Niche And How To Avoid Them

Niche marketing can feel like an overwhelming and daunting business to start with. Even if you have plenty of ideas on what niche or subject you want to tackle, there are a lot of potential mistakes you can make, that can hinder your progress, and reduce your ability to make money within that chosen niche.

Here are some mistakes colleagues and I have made, and how to avoid them:

Make the subject too broad.

While there are many lifestyle bloggers out there, it is difficult to create and scale such a broad topic. Surely there are upsides to this type of blogging, but if you want to make money as an affiliate marketer, your best bet is to create a narrow niche website, maybe even consider a sub-niche with an easy to define an audience. For example, hunting is a niche that can be profitable, but deer hunting would be an easier to scale sub-niche, because of its very targeted audience, and market.

Choose a market that is outdated/over-saturated.

This is applicable whether you are interested in niche marketing as an affiliate marketer or to promote your own Amazon FBA products. While there might be a large audience for your chosen product – for example, cell phone covers – there might be too many offerings out there already to make it possible for you to scale your niche quickly and efficiently. You will most likely be lost in the noise unless you bring something absolutely unique to the market. For a beginner, I suggest that you stay away from these types of niches, and focus on something that has a lot less noise and competition. Also, consider staying up to date with the products that are available in your niche, and if you can still profit from it. Home phones, for example, have become a tech dinosaur, in the day when almost no one owns a landline anymore.

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Choose a market that people are not willing to spend money on.

That is a big point, I can not overemphasize enough. I made that mistake early on in my career as an online marketer. I chose to follow one of my passions – my religious path, and sell altar accessories to Pagans. Sadly, this crafty and small target audience rarely spent a lot of money on these items, and therefore, I had to abandon the idea, no matter how much I believed in the products I was trying to share. So chose your niche based on a target audience that is willing to spend money.

Choose a niche that they know nothing about (very important for beginning affiliates), but needs a lot of knowledge and expertise.

 Some niches, such as specific film categories (Marvel for example), or electronics and video games require insider knowledge to connect with the potential target audience, and more than just a casual knowledge, that is very superficial. In order to provide accurate information, as well as truthful product reviews, and the use of other selling techniques, you should be familiar with the subject matter, especially when it comes to those niches that have a die-hard fan base. These people take their niche very seriously, and so should you. So, if you can not keep up with your target audience in these types of categories than chose something else.

They know nothing about their key target audience.

Age-specific target audiences, or gender-specific niches, are hard to sell when you cannot relate in some way to the key target demographic. Instead take advantage of your unique perspective as it relates to your age, gender, religion or other personal experience, and chose niches that you can either tailor to a specific audience you are a part of – or with whom you have a very intimate relationship with. Don’t fake this, because it is very easy to lose the trust of your potential market, but it is almost impossible to regain it. Take this How To Find The Right Audience course for more information. 


Bonus Tip: Beginning niche marketers should not make the mistake of tackling more than one niche site at a time. While some hosts, like SiteRubix, make it easy to manage multiple niche websites, I suggest to first get familiar with the process by creating one solid niche site, before moving on to more.



What was your main deciding factor when choosing your niche? Leave a comment in the comment section below. I would love to hear from you!




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