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Building Your Online Audience: When and How Often to Email Your Subscriber List

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Email marketing can feel like a very tricky subject for someone new to the online marketing world. But, by considering a few factors and pre-scheduling your content, it is relatively easy to create an effective content marketing schedule.


When to Email: Days of the Week

For having your emails read, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays tend to work well for a professional audience.

On the weekends, most professionals either don’t check their emails, or check their emails but only skim non-essential emails. It’s their days off, after all.Fridays they’re looking forward to the weekend and Mondays they’re just getting back into the groove of work. Therefore, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays tend to work well.

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On the other hand, for a non-professional audience, the best open rates can often be the reverse. On weekends they’re less likely to check their emails because they’re out with friends, while on weekdays they have more time to read emails carefully. As for sales emails, marketers often find that Sundays work well for conversions. People tend to do more active activities on Saturday and spend Sundays in a more leisurely way, often browsing the internet and may be more susceptible to a great sales effort.

Another tip is to time your sales emails to be a day or two after payday, on the 1st and 15th of each month. At these times people have a bit of spare cash that they may feel more willing to part with. The 15th, 16th and 17th are especially good dates because your readers are getting paychecks, without having to also pay end-of-the-month bills that the paycheck on the 1st usually comes with.

Building Your Online Audience: When and How Often to Email Your Subscriber List

When to Send Your Email: Time of Day

In general, it is best to send your emails either early in the morning or after work.

If you send your emails early in the morning, time it so your readers receives your emails before 7 am Eastern Standard Time. That way, when they check their emails as they get to work in the morning, your email will be in their inbox.

Alternatively, you can wait for people to get home before delivering your email. In that case, aim for your emails to be delivered around 5 pm.

Having your emails delivered in the middle of a work day is generally a bad idea. People are busy and will either not read the email, or just briefly skim it before deleting it. Aim for times when people have a bit more attention to devote to reading your emails.

 How Often Should You Email Your List?


How often you send your emails depends on the length of your emails, the commitment of your list and your personal ability to consistently generate quality content. If your emails are relatively short, your list wants to hear what you have to say and you have the time to produce a ton of content, then you can email as often as five times a week.

On the other hand, if you tend to produce long emails (or videos), or your list is subscribed to many other lists and just reads yours in a cursory way and you personally don’t love generating content, then you might just want to email once a week. There are successful lists that don’t email very often at all, as well as successful lists that email very often. The best frequency depends more on you and your list than any specific rule of thumb.

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When and how often to email are two things you’ll want to think about before you even start your list. Once you start emailing, people will generally expect the same frequency and perhaps even delivery times. So make your choices early on and stick to them, so people can get used to receiving content from you at specific intervals.

The keys are to know your audience, be familiar with the standards of your niche, and be ready to consistent with your efforts.

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Top 5 Email Marketing Tips For Unbeatable Subject Lines

Top 5 Email Marketing Tips For Unbeatable Subject Lines

Email marketing is essential for running a successful online business, yet it seems like such a daunting task for some, that they do not know how to make the most of it. One thing you can be sure of is, that everyone who creates an Email Marketing campaign wants their newsletters and announcements to be opened, yet might not know how to grab the attention of the recipient.

This is why I have compiled the top 5 Email marketing Tips for Unbeatable Subject Lines, to increase your opening rate.

1. Put Your Most Important Info First
In order to allow your reader to make the decision if they want to open your newsletter, you must get to the point
quickly. Always put the most important information that you are trying to convey at the beginning of your subject line.

2. Avoid Being Looked At As Spam
Using all caption, overusing symbols and exclamation marks, or combining words with numbers will increase your chances to be flagged as spam, and therefore most likely not ever being seen. Avoid falling in the black hole by not using these in the first place

3. Avoid Specific Words
There are also a few words which will leave you in the same place where never-to-be-opened emails go, so you want to  avoid those as well. They are:

– offer
– cash
– free
– act now
– limited time
– credit

4. Ask an interesting question
Nothing strikes the interest better than a question that is compelling and allows the reader to identify with.
It is a great way to spark the curiosity, so take advantage of it, but do not make every newsletter subject line you
sent out in this way. If you overuse this technique, you will lose your reader’s interest very likely forever.

5. Add A Call To Action And A Sense of Urgency
Call to Action are not just limited to blog posts, and the content, but can be very effective in the subject line of your
campaign. Adding a sense of urgency, by giving it a time frame, or expiration date, emphasises that.

Check out the following books on the subject for more information:

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Email Marketing – Do You Have The Skills?

Email Marketing - Do You Have The Skills?

When you begin studying marketing, online business and blogging, you will hear over and over again about the importance of email marketing. But what in the world is it, and how do you implement this practically into your business?

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing at its simplest form is collecting the email addresses of your readers (with their permission), and send these readers information about your own products, sponsored products, and/or affiliate products you are connected with.

Sounds simple, right?

Well, while the concept is simple, the execution is not always. There are many steps to consider, such as which service you should use for sending out your newsletter (the free Mailchimp, or the powerful GetResponse), and how to create a freebie that makes your readers WANT to subscribe in the first place. Not an easy task,when you are on your own and are trying to figure out which way to go.

Not even my favorite program for marketing Wealthy Affiliate has much to teach on that front.

So, where do you learn email marketing? 

Email Marketing


Faced with that same question, I decided to take a class by Jeff Goins called “Effective E-mail and Newsletter Marketing” , on the awesome platform CreativeLive, and I loved it.


Here are the 21 video lesson, Jeff presents in this course:


Why Email?
Understanding the Framework
How to Set Up Your Email List
Creating a Signup Form
Crafting Content
Calls to Action, Closing, and the P.S
Student Questions
Newsletter Types: Updates
Newsletter Types: Posts
Newsletter Types: Promotions
Students Discuss Yesterday’s Assignments
Simple Web Design Tips to Build Your List
Building Your List By Using Bait
Leverage Your Network
Measuring Engagements
Skype Guest Tim Grahl on Metrics
Practical Applications of Metrics
Keeping Your Readers Engaged
Blacklists, Ethics, Consistency and Feedback
Selling to Your List
Making the Ask

The course also includes workbooks and resource material, which alone are worth the course. I can hardly wait to implement all of the steps that Jeff Goin’s has taught me and highly recommend this course.

If you are new to email marketing, or online marketing, in General, try out this course, It will answer many questions
you might have about this type of marketing. It absolutely has for me.

You can purchase this course by following this link to Creative Live. 

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