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Make A Few Extra Dollars With Fusion Cash – A Review

Make A Few Extra Dollars With Fusion Cash - A Review

Survey Sites have been around a while, claiming to make you money, simply by you filling out a few surveys. One of the better sites, in this field, is Fusion Cash. Now with better sites, I mean you can actually make a few dollars (emphasizing on a few), but even if you are taking advantage of all of the details, you will not get rich.

Ways to Make Money With Fusion Cash:


Free Money at FusionCash!You can fill out the surveys listed, and if you are approved you get paid – from a few pennies, up to a few dollars. Those who make you the most money, want you to give them your credit card information – something I do not recommend, for anyone to do, ever! Some of the legitimate surveys, allow you to repeat them every day, which is cool, others are only  offered once. I have had a few surveys get stuck in the middle, or even at the end, and did not get a credit for them. After investing about 10 minutes of my time, that was a frustrating conclusion.

Daily Email 

There is a daily email, you can sign up for, which will pay you 2 cents, if you open it, and follow the instructions. Usually the task is to look at a short video, and put in a phrase into the appropriate box. It does not take much time, so I do it every day, when I am already checking my mail anyway.

Paid To Click

Another way to earn a few pennies toward your cashout limit is to go to the paid-to-click section of the FusionCash site.  There you will be asked to click on a few pages (usually four), and then to click on one of the sponsored ads.  You will then receive your 5 to 20 cents, which you can repeat daily. Again this does not take long, and you can do that while you are doing something else. If you are concerned about clicking on adds, Fushion Cash (and that goes only for Fusion Cash), carefully vets their advertisments, so you can trust them. Of course, always use caution, and never enter any personal information into those advertisements. You do not need to, to get your bonus anyway.

Watch Videos, Play Games, Take Quizzes

There are additional opportunities, such as watching videos, answering quizzes, and sharing slide shows via social media. I have personally not tried out these options because I simply do not like quizzes, but I know a few people who do and have tried it, with some positive results. Again, if you have the time, and like doing quizzes, or watching videos, this might be an option for you


The last way to make money on Fusion Cash is to refer others to the site. You will receive money when a referral verifies their email, and whenever they cash out. As long as you don’t over-promise the results and make the site look like it is something that it is not – a great way to make a lot off extra money, instead of the reality, that you can make a few dollars to feed your Starbucks habit – I don’t see any problems with making money this way. I try to make sure that every site I refer someone to, I am not simply doing it because it makes me money, but because it actually will benefit you in some way, and consider that ethical. But if and how you choose to take advantage of that, is up to you.

Free Money at FusionCash!Conclusion:
Fusion Cash is a legitimate and safe site to make a few extra dollars. It is free to join, and you will not asked to pay anything to Fushion Cash at any time.  Do not expect to make a fortune. My balance for this week is 9.86 US Dollars for activities, and surveys. This total does not include referrals.  That is about what you can expect for a few minutes of your time every day unless you have way too much time on your hands.

Fiercely Independent Blessings!


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Passive Income Opportunities: Are Zazzle Stamps Legal?

Passive Income Opportunities: Are Zazzle Stamps Legal?

This post may contain affiliate links – see disclosure page for details

As I have stated before in a previous post, Zazzle is a great place for additional passive income opportunities, through their variety of merchandise available to affiliate marketers, as well as designers who want to share their art with the  world. But are the unique, personalized Zazzle stamps legal to use, or are they worthless as actual postage stamps?

Don't Go Bacon My Heart - Funny postage stamp

Zazzle postage stamps are indeed legal.

In order to design postage stamps for Zazzle, the designs go through an additional verifying and approval step via the US Postal service, who has the right to disallow any designs that they do not find  appropriate for their collection. Once approved, which usually happens within 2 to 3 business days, the stamp designs are perfectly legal to sell and use just as regular standard postage stamps



Customized and personalized Zazzle postage stamps are wonderful for many occasions, and therefore are a great addition to any of the following affiliate marketing niches:

– Weddings
– Baby showers, Birth announcements
– Party and celebration niche
– Mother’s Day, Father’s Day
– Fourth of July
– Christmas
– Halloween
– Thanksgiving
– Valentine’s Day

Monogram Wedding Postage Stamps|Custom

Personalized Zazzle Stamps – Monogram Wedding Announcement with Date

You can also find surprisingly unique stamps in other categories, such as

– Yoga
– positive thinking
– birds
– pets
– flowers
– vintage designs

and much more.


Be Thankful Whimsical Script | Thanksgiving Stamp

Be Thankful Whimsical Script | Thanksgiving Stamp

Utilize the power of the upcoming holiday season, throughout which most “snail mail” is sent, and market these unique, personalized and unique postage stamps, or get some for yourself!

Fiercely Independent Blessings!


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Saving Money 101: What Is ibotta?

save money grocery shopping, what is ibotta

Start by saving time and money!

In order to be successful in business, it is important not only to be concerned with your income but also your outgo.
It is that reason why I decided to share with you some of the ways I save time and money, which in turn gives me a chance to  invest more into my business.

Grocery shopping is probably one of my families largest unavoidable expense (when disregarding the basics like rent), but also the one that is the most flexible. It is there where I can save the most money, by adjusting what and where I purchase or buy using rebates and coupons.  This is where ibotta comes in handy.

What is ibotta?

earn money grocery shopping, what is ibotta


Ibotta is a shopping program and app, that allows you to get rebates deposited into your PayPal account for things you already buy. For example, I purchase tomatoes on a regular basis, and the ibotta app has a rebate of 25 cents for them. All I had to do, is purchase the item at my selected grocery store, scan in the receipt for proof of purchase, and
also the little barcode on the sticker of the tomatoes, and that’s it! ibotta credited the 25 cents into the account I have
with them, within a few minutes.

earn money grocery shopping, what is ibotta


Now 25 cents does not seem like much, but I saved a whopping 12.75 yesterday, just by going grocery shopping! There are rebates for milk, bread, coffee, dish soap and more, some pay back as much as 3 Dollars, others are 50 cents for my favorite yogurth or 1 Dollar for my daughters favorite vegan mayonnaise.

ibotta allows you to receive the rebates via your PayPal account each and every time you reach their 20 Dollar threshold.  There is no wait for a specific day of the month to get your money, but they do say that it may take up to 48 hours to be deposited into your PayPal account. Truth is, it has never taken much longer than 10 minutes for me so far, so that is  pretty awesome too.



You can shop for all types of groceries, as well as other goods from clothing stores to items you would find in a drug

save money shopping, what is ibotta

The ibotta app is relatively easy to use and works for all Android and iPhones. Signing up is free, and if you use
my code linspgx you get a special 10 Dollar bonus just for signing up and downloading the app! Speaking of bonuses, ibotta also offers bonuses for those who add a lot of receipts. The bonus amounts vary, but
I am one receipt away from receiving an extra two dollars just for shopping! Pretty cool isn’t it?

Where can you shop and earn?

Almost everywhere!

Walmart, Target, Publix, Albertsons, Walgreens, CVS, Whole’s Food, Smiths and Macy’s are just a few of the stores you can use these rebates for. No need to change your routine, shop, where you always shopped before!


I use ibotta every single day, because it is super convenient, and for a large family with multiple pets,where groceries are a major expense, the savings add up very quickly. My average rebate a month is around a 100 Dollars,  from shopping alone.

Extra bonus for affiliate marketers:

Earn money for ibotta referrals

Yes, ibotta has a referral program. For each person you sign up through the app, you receive 5 Dollars. Again, this adds up quickly, considering how this program pretty much sells itself. I am proud to share this app with my friends and family, and everyone who is willing to listen, and I am sure you will too!

Sign up today! (remember code: linspgx)

Happy Savings!


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How To Get The Most Out Of The Wealthy Affiliate Network

Wealthy Affiliate Affiliate Marketing Make Money From Home

This post contains affiliate links, see disclosure page for details

If you are considering joining Wealthy Affiliate, to learn more about affiliate marketing, you should consider a few
points to get the most out of the program.

1. If you are looking for a simple hosting service, that works with WordPress, but you have already experience in Affiliate marketing or have other passive income experience, you should consider skipping the program and host with another service such as BlueHost. While there are many positive parts to Wealthy Affiliate, for hosting services alone it would be too expensive for one site.

2. Now if you are planning on hosting more than one site, Wealthy Affiliate is a deal. With the membership, you can host up to 25 websites, without paying any extra. Each of them includes support, emails for your domain, and continuous updates, as well as great security. There are no hidden costs, expect that you have to pay for a domain, just like you would with any other hosting service.

3. Take the offered courses, in the assigned order! This is especially important if you are new to Affiliate marketing. The skills taught in Wealthy Affiliate build upon each other, so if you skip one, you might miss out on some important points.

4. Read the peer-offered training modules. Many more experienced members of Wealthy Affiliate – myself included  –  offer our own expertise by creating training for all of the members of Wealthy Affiliate. Those lessons range from how to create  Youtube videos for your marketing efforts, to how to create Facebook ads.

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5. Ask questions. Wealthy Affiliate gives you the opportunity to post questions in the classrooms. Those questions will then be answered by members, as well as Ambassadors of the community. There is hardly any reason to ever get stuck on a subject related to marketing. All you have to do is, ask, and someone will get back to you – most often it will be quite a bit of people who will get back to you.

6. Collaborate. Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to network, find guest posting opportunities, and exchange ideas. As a member, I highly recommend, that you reach out to other members and jump right into conversations, in order to get the  most out of the program.

If you want to take your Affiliate Marketing and Passive Income Business to the next level, but are a stuck on how to
go about, then Wealthy Affiliate is the place for you.

Here is a quick overview of the membership benefits and options (Starter and Premium):

See you at Wealthy Affiliate!

Fiercely Independent Blessings!


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Developing A Growth Mindset: What Do You Value?

Growth Mindset Development


What do you spend your money on? Are you using it to build wealth, to increase your passive income,
or any other business venture you are going after? Or are you accumulating material items, or use it to have
fleeting experiences, and distractions, such as the newest tech items, and a bigger television.

quote about success, money and business

You are most likely here on this blog, because, like me, you are looking to grow, and become financially independent. But unlike me,
a lot of you out there are not focusing the income they have right now, on what they say they truly value.

In order to pursue your goals, you have to invest in them. That means time, your finances, and your attention. A part of creating a growth mindset means that you might have to take a course or hire a virtual assistant to be the most efficient. Courses and virtual assistants can be expensive, yet they are worth it, as are other tools that can manage your time, and increase your productivity.

And, if you are not in need of these tools, you should allow your money to work for you in other ways. Invest in successful businesses, acquire bonds, hire an investment consultant to increase your portfolio and become truly financially independent.

This week, I am asking you to take a look at all of your expenses, and see where most of them are going:

Are you spending to stay healthy and fit?
Are you investing in yourself by purchasing books, courses, and other tools that can teach you to become better?
Are you learning how to invest what you have, and are applying what you learned?
Are you willing to be frugal for a little while, in order to achieve your goals?


success, growth mindset, passive income

Share this post with your followers! Thank you!



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Adjust your spending habits to fit your new values and goals. Have an open conversation with your partner and family about your conjoined goals, and how you can achieve them, by managing your wealth and time more wisely.

Fiercely Independent Blessings!


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Marketing 101: Using Color To Influence Purchasing Decisions

Marketing 101: How Color Influences Purchasing Decisions

People are overwhelmingly visual. Taking advantage of that fact in marketing requires an understanding
of how color influences customers decisions if they will purchase a product, and when.

There have been countless studies on the fact that colors affect our emotions, and via this visual stimuli, also affect our consumer behavior. As marketers, we can use this knowledge to deliberately direct our reader’s attention toward a particular product and affiliate link we want to push.

But, this “science” of color influenced marketing, has many components that should be kept in mind. Cultural and religious background, as well as gender, guides the response to color, so you should be aware of those aspects  as well. Again it means that you need to be very clear about who your target audience is, to be most effective.

In addition to that, the combination of colors, and the contrast are not to be overlooked. A stark contrast of complementary colors make aspects easier to read, so keep that in mind.

Choose vibrant colors if you are interested in a high-energy reaction, and muted colors, such as different shades of browns, tans, and grays for a more subdued subject matter.


Meaning of Colors And Their Effects On Consumers:

Red: Brighter reds have a more energetic influence than reds that are mixed with browns. This is also a color of action, yet should be used in its brightest stage only in small amounts, as it also brings out strong emotions, including anger. A positive earthy warm red is also great to use during the winter holiday season and associated with both Christmas  and Yule. For your Asian customers, bright red is a color of good luck.  This color has a stimulating effect on the body, quickens the pulse, and draws in attention.

Green: The brighter range of this color signifies renewal and Spring time. It is associated with freshness, and should be used when you are trying to convey fresh ideas and new beginnings. The darker greens evoke environmental consciousness, as they are deeply associated with outdoors, growth, and any natural aspects of life. Greens have a grounding effect on people, it can be used to solidify a specific point. This peaceful color is also associated with the winter holidays This color has a calming effect on the body and allows the consumer to make clear, thoughtful decision, and become more decisive. Often used in stores to calm people.

Blue: If you are marketing primarily to men, this is the color that you should use, but not in its brighter, instead more mute states. Light blue is associated with children, water, relaxation, and trust. Blue is a color that curbs the  appetite, so do not use it around food related products, unless you are promoting a diet. It also increases productivity, which might draw a potential consumer to do more research on the product before purchasing it.


Purple: Combining the fact that this color is associated with wisdom, and beauty, it is the perfect color for lifestyle, beauty, wellness, and anti-aging niches. It is considered a regal color. Purple sparks creativity and inspiration. Purple with red infliction is a more sensual color, while purple with blue undertone is a more meditative shade.

Orange: A very high-energy color, that draws attention and provides stimulation without the side effects of red. Brighter  orange shades are summer colors and call forth warmth, while the orange-brown shades are those associated with reaping a harvest, being rewarded and Fall. Do not use bright orange or yellow around babies, as it has an anxiety-inducing effect on them, and on some adults. It is best used as an accent color, to draw attention toward a product or service.

Yellow: As I mentioned before, do not use this color, if you are marketing toward small children, or people with  attention deficit disorder, as it can cause anxiety in both of those groups. Yellow should be used sparingly because it is a blinding color, which can make advertisements hard to read. On the positive side, it stimulates logical thinking and intellectual exploration.

Marketing 101

Black: Studies have shown that images with overwhelmingly black or darker shades, will be shared less frequently on Pinterest, then brighter colors. While this is a color of authority, it should be used strategically, as it can be
easily overwhelming and depressing. You can use this color to make something look smaller, or to give it authority
by casting it within a black frame.

White: This color of purity and cleanliness, can showcase a new beginning when used in marketing. It also conveys a message of neutrality. Minimalistic in its absence of any distraction, it will make any product you are featuring stand out in contrast, and is, therefore great in highlighting smaller products.

Grey: It is a color of practicality, but also a color of old age. That said, these three colors combined are a part of
minimalism, and therefore can work with the right audience. A more general audience, however, will associate this shade as one that is boring, and depressing.

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Statistics On The Importance Of Color In Marketing

According to Kissmetrics over 84 % of people are stating that their decision to purchase depends on the visual at hand. Consumers make their purchasing decision often within the first 90 seconds of getting in contact with a product, 62 % of that buyer, their impulse is based on color. 52 % of customers state, that they did not return to a store (online as well as offline) due to lack of esthetics.

Keeping these statistics in mind, a marketer should be a least familiar with the power of colors when making purchasing decisions.



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Best Crafts Affiliate Programs For Bloggers And Marketers

Best Crafts Affiliate Programs

Do you love to promote arts and crafts? Then taking advantage of the highly versatile niche of crafts and craft supply, might be something you should consider. If you are looking to promote craft supplies, I highly suggest that you start with the most obvious choices for affiliate programs, like Amazon, Ebay and Etsy. All three of these big platforms contain a wide variety of supplies, that can be turned into beautiful projects, from doll faces to yarn. While eBay would be best for larger quantities, Amazon and Etsy offer a flexibility no affiliate marketer should miss out on.

You can sign up for an Amazon affiliate account here and for an Etsy affiliate account here.


A beautiful crafting educational platform, that offers their affiliate program via ShareASale, CreativeBug is another option for the affiliate marketer in this niche. Besides offering workshops on just about anything from knitting to cake decorating CreativeBug has some free classes, via which you can easily introduce your audience to the platform, and which gives you plenty of context to review, and rave about, without having to purchases full classes yourself.

Here is what you can expect from their affiliate program:

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Pay-per-sale commissions of 75% on initial paid subscriptions, 75% on 14-day free trial going into a monthly subscription, and 30% on gift subscriptions
Special offers for top referrers
Referral rewards for referring new affiliates
30-day cookie

You can sign up for their affiliate program via this link

Annie’s Craft Store

Associated with Commission Junction, Annie’s Craft Store offers classes, as well as a very large variety of craft’s supplies. From beading, to knitting, and over to jewelry making, you can find plenty of products to promote, that are of high-quality, any crafter would love.  Annie’s Craft Store offers a 20 % commission on their products, and a 30 % commission on their online classes. You can get started by following this link:

Candle Making 4 You

CandleMaking4You specialises in teaching candle making and is an affiliate program offered through Clickbank. Like most Clickbank products, this is a digital downloadable guide with backend upsells that you can take advantage of. Whether you write a review about the program, or highlight what you made from following along with the program, there are plenty of opportunities to utilise this as an affiliate income. Follow this link for more information, and to sign up. Must have a Clickbank account to join.

Fairs And

Want to help those who do crafts promote their products as vendors in fairs and festivals? Then you should consider promoting this site which give you a comprehensive access to anything you need to know about selling crafts offline. Their database is vast, and an high-quality resource, that your readers would love to have access to. Promoted via Clickbank, you can check out their website here:

Question: Do you know of any craft affiliate program my readers could benefit from? Please share them in the comment section.

Want to learn more about how to get started in affiliate marketing? Join the free WA Affiliate Marketing Bootcamp training today! 

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Top 5 Email Marketing Tips For Unbeatable Subject Lines

Top 5 Email Marketing Tips For Unbeatable Subject Lines

Email marketing is essential for running a successful online business, yet it seems like such a daunting task for some, that they do not know how to make the most of it. One thing you can be sure of is, that everyone who creates an Email Marketing campaign wants their newsletters and announcements to be opened, yet might not know how to grab the attention of the recipient.

This is why I have compiled the top 5 Email marketing Tips for Unbeatable Subject Lines, to increase your opening rate.

1. Put Your Most Important Info First
In order to allow your reader to make the decision if they want to open your newsletter, you must get to the point
quickly. Always put the most important information that you are trying to convey at the beginning of your subject line.

2. Avoid Being Looked At As Spam
Using all caption, overusing symbols and exclamation marks, or combining words with numbers will increase your chances to be flagged as spam, and therefore most likely not ever being seen. Avoid falling in the black hole by not using these in the first place

3. Avoid Specific Words
There are also a few words which will leave you in the same place where never-to-be-opened emails go, so you want to  avoid those as well. They are:

– offer
– cash
– free
– act now
– limited time
– credit

4. Ask an interesting question
Nothing strikes the interest better than a question that is compelling and allows the reader to identify with.
It is a great way to spark the curiosity, so take advantage of it, but do not make every newsletter subject line you
sent out in this way. If you overuse this technique, you will lose your reader’s interest very likely forever.

5. Add A Call To Action And A Sense of Urgency
Call to Action are not just limited to blog posts, and the content, but can be very effective in the subject line of your
campaign. Adding a sense of urgency, by giving it a time frame, or expiration date, emphasises that.

Check out the following books on the subject for more information:

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5 Quick Amazon FBA Selling Tips

5 Quick Amazon FBA Selling Tips

If you are interested in selling on Amazon via their Fulfillment by Amazon program (Amazon FBA) , there are a few tips to remember, that will make your selling experience a lot smoother, easier and more profitable. Some of these tips might sound obvious but are rather easy to overlook especially when you are first starting out.

1.Make sure you label your boxes correctly
When creating shipments directed toward the Amazon Warehouse, you will have two labels for each box to print out. Make sure your product matches both labels, before sending it off, in order to reduce bad reviews or returns.

2. Read and follow the rules
Amazon is picky with its sellers, so follow this link and read up on all of the rules. Also keep up with the seller account updates, which highlight the changes that are frequently made to the Amazon FBA program.

3. Respond To Customer Notifications and Questions quickly
Amazon frowns upon sellers who do not answer any customer concerns in a fast manner. You have 24 hours to respond to any inquiries before you get in trouble with the platform, so be very diligent about responding to any notification

4. Avoid negative feedback by going above what is expected
Make sure that your products are of highest quality, and that you have used the best possible packaging so that your products will arrive in great condition. Negative ratings have a huge impact on your sales on Amazon, and your product ranking, so prevent them if possible.

5. Try your best to fix any negative feedback
I already mentioned the negative side effect of a negative feedback, but if you happen to still get a not so good rating, get in contact with your customer and see how you can fix it. Be courteous, and timely in your request, and be willing to admit fault even if the fault was not yours. But do not simply beg for the removal of a negative rating, as a seller had previously done to me, with the statement how it will negatively impact their business. Fix the problem THEN ask for a removal of the rating in question.

If you are not ready to plunge into Amazon FBA but are still want to sell products without as much risk, check out my Dropshipping Tools and Resources page, for  information on a less risky passive income opportunity.

Check out this book on Amazon FBA:


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Fast And Free Fridays: Blogging Resources

Blogging Resources

Welcome to “Fast And Free Friday’s”, where I want to share with you some free resources I have created for you over the last few days. I have been busy creating some blog and content creation training, that is sure to help new and more advanced bloggers to find their groove, and get on their way of monetizing their blogging venture. Because, after all, as much as we like to blog, being compensated for our passions if even more fun, isn’t it?

How To Start A Successful Lifestyle Blog – Ever wondered what a lifestyle blog actually is, and how to get it up and running? Then this free training is for you. Content Creation: Digging Deeper With Your Content – Writing a meaningful blog post, or article is not as hard as it

Content Creation: Digging Deeper With Your Content – Writing a meaningful blog post, or article is not as hard as it might seem if you keep a few tips in mind. This action-driven resource will point you in the right direction

Fast And Free Fridays: Blogging Resources

Are You A Craft/DIY Blogger? Craft Cruise Affiliate Program – Another opportunity for craft and DIY bloggers is outlined here. I love finding interesting and out of the ordinary ways to creatively add to passive income streams! Check it out!

Veganism – A Growing Niche Opportunity – Speaking of niche blogging, with this training, I am pointing out an interesting and potential niche, that is more creative and inspiring than you might think!

And here are couple of free blog-related training modules, some of my friends have created:

6 Ways To Make Money With Your WordPress Blog by Veronica – ever thought about monetizing your blog, but do not know where to start? Veronica has shared some of the opportunities out there for WordPress bloggers.

Blogging Resources

Back to School Marketing Strategies For Online Marketers – the tips outlined by Steph, are applicable for bloggers as well as marketers, and this easy to read training is very thorough. Don’t miss it.

I hope you enjoyed these resources. If there are any topics that I have not covered in this list, or via this blog, but you
would like for me to explore, let me know, by leaving me a comment below.

Thank you!

Fiercely Independent Blessings

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