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Lifestyle And Book Blogging – A Change In Direction


Hi everyone,

I have been AWOL for a little while, due to being pretty sick, as well as trying to overhaul Miss Fiercely Independent into a website, that serves you the best.

Because I primarily blog (if I am not on this site), about books (my book blog is Within The Pages Of A Book), and Lifestyle (, I have decided to write here on MFI about the experiences and lessons I have learned by running a lifestyle and book blog.

What You Can Expect From Miss Fiercely Independent Blog

  1. Topics related to running a lifestyle blog – such as organizing a blog, finding topics, working with genre-specific sponsors, monetizing a lifestyle blog
  2. Topics related to running a book blog – such as how to write a better review, getting in contact with book tours, where to get books from, monetizing a book blog – and more
  3. How to promote your blog
  4. How to make money off your blog, to create an independent (perhaps even full-time) income
  5. How to expand your brand – there is more to blogging than just writing on your blog, if you want to turn it into a business
  6. How to juggle running multiple blogs


And more!

Because I think it is related to just about any content-creating business, I will also write on occasion about eBook publishing.

So stay tuned for some exciting new content, and please be patient with me, as I am creating a new, more regular posting schedule for MFI.





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