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Blogging 102: Don’t Be Intimidated By Your Competition

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Yes, some of you are just starting out on this adventure that is monetizing your blog. At the same time, there are influencers, bloggers, marketing experts, and others who have a mass following, make waves on a regular basis, and seem to be able to do just about anything better than you and me, my friend.

Don’t Be Intimidated By Your Competition

You see, they all started where you are at the moment. At the beginning. No one starts at the top, even if you think they might have had a silver spoon handed to them – NO ONE STARTS AS A WINNER. No one.

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The difference between them and you is the following

1. they did not give up
2. they worked their you know what off
3. they worked some more
4. they did not allow others to stop them no matter what
5. they outworked the competition

It is not always talent that wins. So you are not the best writer in the world. Neither am I. It is often times those who have little talent but who outwork others with talent, who make it to the top.

Is it possible to outwork others? Sure it is. That is something you can control. You can control if you are going to take a chance, even if it might seem impossible to you right now.

Write the best copy you can think of.
Write better copy next time.
Apply for campaigns even if others who apply have more followers or more experience. Do it anyway.
And when you get accepted, give your best work.
Be willing to fail.

Now get back to work.

Fiercely Independent Blessings


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Developing A Growth Mindset: What Do You Value?

Growth Mindset Development


What do you spend your money on? Are you using it to build wealth, to increase your passive income,
or any other business venture you are going after? Or are you accumulating material items, or use it to have
fleeting experiences, and distractions, such as the newest tech items, and a bigger television.

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You are most likely here on this blog, because, like me, you are looking to grow, and become financially independent. But unlike me,
a lot of you out there are not focusing the income they have right now, on what they say they truly value.

In order to pursue your goals, you have to invest in them. That means time, your finances, and your attention. A part of creating a growth mindset means that you might have to take a course or hire a virtual assistant to be the most efficient. Courses and virtual assistants can be expensive, yet they are worth it, as are other tools that can manage your time, and increase your productivity.

And, if you are not in need of these tools, you should allow your money to work for you in other ways. Invest in successful businesses, acquire bonds, hire an investment consultant to increase your portfolio and become truly financially independent.

This week, I am asking you to take a look at all of your expenses, and see where most of them are going:

Are you spending to stay healthy and fit?
Are you investing in yourself by purchasing books, courses, and other tools that can teach you to become better?
Are you learning how to invest what you have, and are applying what you learned?
Are you willing to be frugal for a little while, in order to achieve your goals?


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Adjust your spending habits to fit your new values and goals. Have an open conversation with your partner and family about your conjoined goals, and how you can achieve them, by managing your wealth and time more wisely.

Fiercely Independent Blessings!


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Turning Setbacks Into Progress – Moving Toward Creating A Brighter Financial Future

Turning Setbacks Into Progress

Over the last few days, the powers that are – also known as our internet provider – have been working on our neighbourhood’s internet, which left me with spotty connection throughout the day, at best, at times with none at all. I could have spent  the day frustratingly pouting at the ever-growing list of actions that I needed to attend to. After all, I have three websites to run, kids to homeschool, my husbands business ventures to support, and content to research. I had every right to get mad, but after a few moments of letting off steam, I decided not to.  And instead focused on the tasks that I could do.

And instead focused on the tasks that I could do.

Often, when things do not go our way or are seemingly out of control, we have a choice to make – a choice to ponder why  things are not going our way, blaming everything and anything that we can think of, or we can make the choice to focus, finding  solutions, and working on the problems we can fix.

We can choose to take responsibility for our response to setbacks, failures and obstacles. It is up to us, to choose to
take the actions needed for growth, rather than hammering at those things we can not change.

Turn failure into progress


Looking to grow financially, while being either stuck at home with your children or in a dead-end job, might mean that you have to begin to look outside of the box. Instead of not taking action, allowing the frustration to keep you from moving forward, you can find a way to use your free time – however limited – to create passive income streams. Begin blogging, write an ebook about your experiences, or expertise, offer your creative art projects on sites like Zazzle and RedBubble can  allow you to get out of that place of feeling financially stuck.
If you feel like you are lacking skill set, then take some free classes, or read some of the many books available on
the subject of finding and creating an online income.

If you allow those moments of failure, and times where obstacles seem to be in every direction, keep you from moving forward then those obstacles won. If you choose to take action, even a seemingly small one, you have begun to forge yourself toward a new, and brighter future.

The choice is yours

Want to get started with a website right now? Check out this video on how to easily create a website, and use this link to get started for free right now

Get Started Right Now! 


Fiercely Independent Blessings


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Smart Goal Setting Strategies – 7 Tips

Smart Goal Setting Strategies - 7 Tips

Smart goal setting is essential – like in a journey, you need to know the name of your destination,  in order to arrive at the proper place. This can be an overwhelming task, yet with the help of some effective goal setting techniques, which are easy to follow, you will have a greater understanding of what it is, that you  truly desire, and how to get there.

Here are 10 goal setting strategies to point you toward the live of your dreams:

1.Write your goals down. Use a dedicated journal or a folder on your computer, but make sure that you do not just think about your dreams, and rather write them down, where you can visually revisit them often as a part of your routine.

2.Use brainstorming techniques.Brainstorming – allowing your ideas to flow upon a piece of paper, or computer screen can open up a flood of ideas, whether you are brainstorming within categories of your life, or just allowing whatever comes to your mind to flow. This is  a very useful technique, especially if you are stuck, and have conflicting ideas, or negative self-talk that keeps you from creating a goal list.

3.Ask yourself with whom and when you feel at your most comfortable. Examining those situations can give you clues on where your passion lies.

4.Imagine you were so rich, money would not be your obstacle, how would you spend your time? This mental exercise  might seem silly at first, and you might think that you would only look at the material, but if you truly spent some time with this question, you will see what you want to do.

5.Make sure your long term goals are challenging and large enough. While short term goals should start with something you would consider achievable, your long term goals should be large. If they are so large that they scare you, you are probably on to something.

6.For every goal you write out, create a list of why’s. The reasons behind your goals are the ones that will carry you through the times when work gets hard, and you need some extra motivation, so be very clear about why you want something. If you do not have a compelling reason to want something, get it off your goal list

7.Include goals that can benefit others. There is a deep feeling of fulfillment in achieving goals that can help others or make another’s dream come true. May it be, to buy your parents the house they never could afford, or your help your siblings through college, whatever it is, as long as it brings value to others, include them on your list
A word of caution – make sure that you do not make the goals you create to help others more important than those
who benefit you. Goal setting is not about other people, it is mainly about your own personal growth and achievement. Once you achieved success, it is a lot easier to help others, then when you are from a position of scarcity.

I have created another self-mastery post for you here, which includes journal exercises. Check out Self Mastery Secrets: Developing Your Inner Strength here

Fiercely Independent Blessings!


P.S. Whatever your goals are, many begin by creating your own website. Check out my blog post on how to set up your set up your website or blog today! 

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Wealth Mindset: Money For Women by Tami Yaari – A Book Review

Wealth Mindset: Money For Women - A Book ReviewTitle: Money For Women: A Practical & Mind-Opening Guide to Self-Fulfillment (Business & Success)
Author: Tami Yaari
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Genre: Finances, Self-Help, Business
Rating: 4/5 Stars
Making money is not just about the technical and practical action steps that we are required to perform in order to create a profitable business, but it begins with cultivating a wealth mindset that prepares you for abundance. Sadly, many women do not naturally possess this wealth mindset, for many reasons -societal, personal or spiritual – and is therefore often left behind in creating their own abundance.
That is a dangerous trait  because it leads to co-dependency and potential victim-hood.


Money For Women, attempts to break through the barrier that holds women back from creating their own financial success, it showcases that motherhood and financial success are not only possible, but the skills learned from it, allows a woman to apply skills and knowledge that make her a better entrepreneur.
This is the point of this book, where I was slightly disappointed. While the skill set statement is true and has
been true in my life, it leaves out those women who choose not to have children. It assumes that every woman wants motherhood, and that is simply an untrue assumption.
Disregarding this profoundly false assumption for a moment, this book otherwise delivers what it promises.


Did you know that 99 % of abusive spouses also commit domestic financial abuse, to assert control-


Money for Women includes:
True and inspiring women’s stories.
Practical exercises for implementation and integration of the new knowledge.
Reflection on specifically feminine tendencies, such as taking care of others at the expense of your needs,
avoiding bargaining and being too  passive in changing your reality.
The “financial crystals”- talents and techniques you can use to elevate your financial status right now.
A special chapter is dedicated on how to create a harmonious and balanced relationship between fulfilling
motherhood and a successful career.

Overall it is a unique and well-written book for the woman with “traditional” views, but wants it all, including financial independence from a spouse, and family.

Disclaimer: I have received this book for free in exchange for an honest review.

Money for Women is available on Amazon now!

If you want to learn more about how to achieve financial freedom – and that for free – check out my Insider Review on Wealthy Affiliate – the learning community, that can assist you in creating a profitable passive income today. 

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