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Why Every Creative Entrepreneur Should Take Creative Live Classes

Why Every Creative Entrepreneur Should Take Creative Live Classes

Finding inexpensive resources and classes that are actually worth your while, and do not leave you feeling like you have been ripped off, are hard to find. Some classes offered to newbie marketers, and entrepreneurs try to talk you into spending a lot of money upfront, enticing you that only through them can you learn the ins-and-outs of online business.

No matter if you are a creative person, with a crafting business, an artist, wanting to monetize your creations, or a small business owner, who is looking to increase their abilities on social media, Creative Live has an inexpensive, and comprehensive class for you.

Classes are available in the following categories: 

  1. Photo & Video
  2. Art & Design
  3. Music & Audio
  4. Craft & Maker
  5. Money & Life

There are plenty of classes available to choose from in each of these categories. Also, via special offers, bundles, and promotions, it is easy to save quite a bit on the individual courses, which is especially wonderful when you are on a tight budget, or are new to the platform, and want to learn more without a pricey commitment.

Each course is given in video format by a very qualified instructor in their field, ranging from Lawyers to established entrepreneurs, bloggers and creative professionals. Courses often include printable resources, but that is up to the individual instructor, as well as the subject matter. You have the option to download your purchased courses or stream them on your PC or mobile device.

What I also love about the courses is that you have the opportunity to upload your coursework, sharing with other students and the instructors what you have learned throughout the given course. I like to see what other students have shared, and often find that an inspiration for my own work, or progress.

Creative Live” also offers a daily live stream of classes. If you want to get a feel for the classes offered without spending any money, you can easily watch an entire class or a section of a class live throughout the day. The website makes it easy to see which courses are scheduled to be broadcasted when, and from which instructor.

My favorite courses so far – from the ones I have taken were on Social Media Graphics, as well as on Pinterest Marketing. I will be sharing with you a detailed review of these particular classes soon, so you can see if they are a great fit for you and your business needs.

Here are some examples of classes offered throughout this month:

  1. Sell More With Instagram by Sue B. Zimmerman
  2. How Billionaires, Icons, and World-Class Performers Master Productivity by Tim Ferriss 
  3. Effective Email And Newsletter Marketing by Jeff Goins
  4. How To Create Digital Products That Sell While You Sleep by April Bowles-Olin 
  5. Optimize Your Online Store by Andrea Ayers 


I am happy that I chose to purchase some of these courses, and will continue to get more courses as they come up. With this ever-growing content and the highly engaged instructors, I can only recommend Creative Live for the majority of your online business needs.

Bonus tip:

If you are completely new to the online business world but would love to learn more about how to get started, you can get my free one-on-one support. This personalized coaching is only available for a limited time, as I only want to make sure I am available for all of my clients, and only accessible for premium Wealthy Affiliate members signing up using this link!

Sign up for your free one-on-one coaching for Wealthy Affiliate members, today!



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What Is Fizzle – An Insider Review

What Is Fizzle - A Insider Review

Interested in learning more about creating a viable online business? Finding answers to the questions that arise when beginning in the development such business is not always easy, and requires research and time. can help you answer those questions, and build a solid foundation to build your idea from. But what is Fizzle exactly, and how can it help you on your journey? I have tried the platform out for you, and taken many of the offered lessons, to give you an insight.

What Is Fizzle?
Fizzle is a learning platform, accountability space, and active forum designed to help those who are in different phases of developing an online business, no matter which form this business takes.

If you are a visual learner but love following along with worksheets and checklists, Fizzle offers both. The entertaining videos, are very informative and up-to-date (unlike some of its competitors), and in-depth, building
upon each other. The often included PDF’s and worksheets are well designed and get straight to the point. There is not much fluff there, which is, in my opinion, a waste of time, anyway. I am someone who is action oriented, and Fizzle is as well, therefore it is perfect for someone who wants to take massive actions in their business creation.

The dashboard and interface of the site are easy to navigate. The forum is in contrast to the dashboard light, and welcomingly bright. I like that the founders of the program seem to be active on the platform as well, and are open to answering any question you might have.

What is Fizzle

Unlike Wealthy Affiliate, Fizzle is not limited in subject matter to just affiliate marketing. This platform is applicable for every form of internet-based business, from selling your own product, to drop shipping to affiliate marketing, blogging, or whatever else you can come up with. I love that.

What I also love is, that lessons from true entrepreneur giants, like Pat Flynn are included. Exclusive content on email marketing, building traffic, and network building are what keep me coming back, as well as the constant new lessons, that are added.  at 35 Dollars a month – after a 30 Day free trial – the platform is worth every penny.

What is Fizzle
Unlike Wealthy Affiliate, Fizzle does not include hosting, and it is a lot less social, because the forum is kept separated from the lessons, while in WA it is all integrated, and connection happens within the lessons, on the personal blog posts, and via questions asked. This can be both a negative and positive side, depending on what kind of learner you are. If you easily sidetracked, Fizzle is easier for you to stay focused upon.
Another thing, that is a small downfall of Fizzle, is that they only offer a down-scaled version of an affiliate program. You can not make any money referring people to Fizzle, but you do get a discount on your membership, for each referral, which is nice.
Wealthy Affiliate, on the other hand, allows you to make money from each new premium subscriber, for the time of their membership. This can add up quickly.


I really like Fizzle, because of the less distractive nature of the platform. I am there to learn, and only have to socialize when I want to. Yet, there is peer support, and accountability if you are looking for them, available anytime. That alone is nice to know, even if you are not taking advantage of that often.  If this platform would offer hosting like Wealthy Affiliate had, I would switch completely to that program. I am not new to internet business, so Fizzle offers me more flexibility while keeping me interested and challenged. That is something Wealthy Affiliate lacks at times.

So, if you already have reliable hosting, and are looking for great lessons on how to build your business, you should give Fizzle a try. You can start your free trial by following this link.


What is your favorite platform for learning about business? Please share your recommendations below.

Fiercely Independent Blessings!


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Get Organized! Tips For Small Businesses And Bloggers

Get Organized! Tips For Small Businesses And Bloggers


While reorganizing some aspects of  my business – which I need to do from time to time, as added responsibilities,
can become overwhelming if I don’t stay in control of them from the beginning – I found some interesting resources that I wanted to share with you. These fellow bloggers and content creators have some insightful thoughts on the many subjects, we as entrepreneurs have to deal with, from taxes (yuck!), to organizing our workspace.

Check them out, and give them some love! Oh, and let them know that I send you!

Money Beagle – Tax Basics For Your Small Business
Small Biz Trend – 10 Tips For Organizing Your Small Business This Year
Creative Boom – 10 Best Time Tracking Tools For Freelancers
Alejandra TV – Home Office And Paper Management Organizing Tips
Houzz – 7 Day Plan: Get a Spotless, Beautiful Organized Home Office 
Convince & Convert: 10 Reasons Your Editorial Calendar Sucks (and How To Make It The Best) 

Which one of these tips are your favorite? Do you have any tips on business organization you want to share?
Leave them in the comment section below!

Bonus Tip: Take advantage of the Back To School discounts for your office supplies! Stock up on notebooks, organizational material, binders, and anything else you need to run your business now!

Fiercely Independent Blessings



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6 Tips On How To Get Control Over Your Finances

6 Tips On How To Get Control Over Your Finances

Whether you are starting your own business, or running a household, answering the question on how to get control over finances are on the minds of all of us, no matter how high or low your current income is. This is especially important when you are trying to find a few extra dollars to invest in your new business, or see if you can afford to switch from working for someone to being self-employed. I have compiled 6 Tips for you to help you get in control off your finances.

1. Be clear about your income – that is especially important if you are working part time or full time online, make sure you note not only how much but keep track of which passive or active income stream makes you what money when. Not only are you obligated to keep track for your taxes (at least in the US), but it also allows you to budget more properly, which is especially difficult when you have a flex income, like from internet marketing.

2. Make two lists for your outgoing expenses – one for your reoccurring, and not changing expenses (like rent, or Hulu subscriptions), and another for those who vary (like electric, and food)

6 Tips On How To Get Control Over Your Finances3. Meal Plan – yes, many of you consider meal planning either something they rather not do, or associate it with being on a  diet, but there is a true benefit to your  budget when you begin planning your meals ahead. First of all, you can use the weekly sales as your guide for planning your meals, secondly, you are less likely to waste food, and third of all, you are saving time, by not having to go to a grocery store that often. That last point also saves you money, because it keeps you from being able to do more impulse shopping. We all do it, buy one or two items more than we have planned, especially when we go shopping with our kids. So, stay out of the grocery stores as much as possible

4. Pay in cash – for some people (of course their exceptions), handling cash is much easier to budget than having money in the account. It allows you to separate your finances into sections, even using envelopes for each expense category, if necessary.

5. Make sure everyone knows what comes out of what part of your allotted budget. Some people keep a separate amount of money for cleaning supplies, while others – like me – include that part of the budget into the food budget (simply because I am buying it mostly at the same place), but if you do not have clear set rules, and a spouse, you want to make sure you communicated and agreed on what is included into what section of your budget.

6. Which brings me to a very important point of this post – communicate with your partner. If you are not able to communicate clearly with your partner about finances, I am going as far as to tell you, that you either have to learn this skill in a hurry, or you are in huge trouble. Many family and relationship fights center around finances, and can even downright lead to abuse. Make sure you began communicating about finances, before starting to get serious in the relationship, and make this subject as much of a priority, as the discussion of future children, and any other important relationship aspects.

I hope these budget tips helped you a little bit. I will continue to talk about budgeting from time to time, as I see
that an important part of being a successful business woman.

Fiercely Independent Blessings


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Growing Your Small Home Business: 7 Time Management Tips

Growing Your Small Business - 7 Time Management Tips

Working from home, especially when you have children in the house requires planning, discipline and a strong will. Organizing your day, to make the most out of your already limited time is essential. I have compiled a list of 7 Time Management Tips for you to be in control of your day, and not the day be in control of you:

1. Set an priority for every day – some planners (if you choose to use one)  even come with a space for your daily top three  now. if you do not have a planner or are using a different planning technique than write or print out a piece of paper and hang it somewhere where you can see your top three  often. Post-it notes work very well for that, also.

2. Set a time limit for each task – figure out how long a task should take, and set a timer. That way you can stay on task and focused, and do not begin daydreaming or become overly perfectionistic about a certain task. It is easy to get lost in the mountain of unanswered emails, or spent hours reading up on other blogs in your niche, but that is not necessarily the best use of your time.

3. Schedule an “Get Organized” Time, daily – every day, may it be mornings or evenings (I prefer evenings) go through your calendar (take 10 minutes, see point two), and organize your next day. Put it on paper, mark your priorities – see tip one, and you will begin your next  work day much more productive and organized. This is also a good time to check the weather forecast and lay out your clothing (and that of your children, if you have young kids).

get organized4. Set goals, write them down and be concrete. With that I mean, goals with deadlines, write all of them down, take once a year to set your goals (or once a quarter, if you are a planner like me, but your plans tend to change due to opportunities, and family members responsiblities).

5. Set up a routine, with a check list. In order to go over those moments you are dragging your feet, create check lists and routines for each and every section of your day as much as possible. It is easier to keep on moving through your required actions (especially if you are new to working from home), and still get everything done, that needs to be done. When working at home or from home it is easy to allow yourself to get sidetracked, and controlled by outside circumstances. Checklists and routines make it a lot easier to stay on task. A great idea is to create a bullet journal type tracker, or use an electronic app, that allows you to mark off each tasks.

6. Delegate – this is a step that is hard for many people, especially for some stay at home moms, but I highly recommend, that you learn to delegate. There is only so much you can do throughout your day, and it is not a shame to ask for help. May it be by inlisting spouse, kids, family members, or hire someone to do routine business tasks. Start with those actions that others can do easily for you, and then move onto those tasks you hate do to the most – the latter tasks are the first ones you should consider hiring someone to do for you.

7. Get up early – starting your day early, especially when the house is quiet, and there is no one else awake, can give you a heads up on your daily to do list. May it be to take the time to do your self-care routine, such as meditation and gratitude journaling, or may it be to do some tasks you would otherwise not be able to complete, getting up earlier can help you achieve more.

Growing Your Business - 7 Time Management Tips

Whether you are choosing to make money via blogging, are working on your creative business, or are on your way to becoming an affiliate marketer, the beginning of a business adventure can always seem overwhelming. Getting organized from the start, will make this process easier for you.

Tools I recommend:

Evernote: This platform allows you not only to create to-do lists, and notebooks to keep all of your information in one place, you can also use this platform to collect  webpages via its browser extension. It is a tool, I use daily, even though I do most of my planning on paper.

Filofax Planners:* Filofax planners are the planners of my choice. They are sturdy, compact, and flexible, while allowing me to plan my day the way I see fit. And they look good.

Planner Inserts:* While you can create your own inserts for your planners, I prefer those made for me. KaelisAccessories makes beautiful and functional planner inserts for various planners, including Filofax. Her Etsy Shop is located here

Planning and Organizing Tools - Stabilo Pens




 Stabilo Pens:* While I am not one of those planners who love to use stickers and pretty pictures everywhere,
I do love color-coordinating my notes, in order for them to grab my attention. The best pens for that are in my opinion Stabilo Fine Tip pens. I love to write with these smooth pens, because they do not bleed, unlike some other ones out there, while offering more color choices then traditional ball point pens do.





*Contains Affiliate Link. See Disclosure page for details.

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Email Marketing – Do You Have The Skills?

Email Marketing - Do You Have The Skills?

When you begin studying marketing, online business and blogging, you will hear over and over again about the importance of email marketing. But what in the world is it, and how do you implement this practically into your business?

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing at its simplest form is collecting the email addresses of your readers (with their permission), and send these readers information about your own products, sponsored products, and/or affiliate products you are connected with.

Sounds simple, right?

Well, while the concept is simple, the execution is not always. There are many steps to consider, such as which service you should use for sending out your newsletter (the free Mailchimp, or the powerful GetResponse), and how to create a freebie that makes your readers WANT to subscribe in the first place. Not an easy task,when you are on your own and are trying to figure out which way to go.

Not even my favorite program for marketing Wealthy Affiliate has much to teach on that front.

So, where do you learn email marketing? 

Email Marketing


Faced with that same question, I decided to take a class by Jeff Goins called “Effective E-mail and Newsletter Marketing” , on the awesome platform CreativeLive, and I loved it.


Here are the 21 video lesson, Jeff presents in this course:


Why Email?
Understanding the Framework
How to Set Up Your Email List
Creating a Signup Form
Crafting Content
Calls to Action, Closing, and the P.S
Student Questions
Newsletter Types: Updates
Newsletter Types: Posts
Newsletter Types: Promotions
Students Discuss Yesterday’s Assignments
Simple Web Design Tips to Build Your List
Building Your List By Using Bait
Leverage Your Network
Measuring Engagements
Skype Guest Tim Grahl on Metrics
Practical Applications of Metrics
Keeping Your Readers Engaged
Blacklists, Ethics, Consistency and Feedback
Selling to Your List
Making the Ask

The course also includes workbooks and resource material, which alone are worth the course. I can hardly wait to implement all of the steps that Jeff Goin’s has taught me and highly recommend this course.

If you are new to email marketing, or online marketing, in General, try out this course, It will answer many questions
you might have about this type of marketing. It absolutely has for me.

You can purchase this course by following this link to Creative Live. 

Fiercely Independent Blessings


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Turning Setbacks Into Progress – Moving Toward Creating A Brighter Financial Future

Turning Setbacks Into Progress

Over the last few days, the powers that are – also known as our internet provider – have been working on our neighbourhood’s internet, which left me with spotty connection throughout the day, at best, at times with none at all. I could have spent  the day frustratingly pouting at the ever-growing list of actions that I needed to attend to. After all, I have three websites to run, kids to homeschool, my husbands business ventures to support, and content to research. I had every right to get mad, but after a few moments of letting off steam, I decided not to.  And instead focused on the tasks that I could do.

And instead focused on the tasks that I could do.

Often, when things do not go our way or are seemingly out of control, we have a choice to make – a choice to ponder why  things are not going our way, blaming everything and anything that we can think of, or we can make the choice to focus, finding  solutions, and working on the problems we can fix.

We can choose to take responsibility for our response to setbacks, failures and obstacles. It is up to us, to choose to
take the actions needed for growth, rather than hammering at those things we can not change.

Turn failure into progress


Looking to grow financially, while being either stuck at home with your children or in a dead-end job, might mean that you have to begin to look outside of the box. Instead of not taking action, allowing the frustration to keep you from moving forward, you can find a way to use your free time – however limited – to create passive income streams. Begin blogging, write an ebook about your experiences, or expertise, offer your creative art projects on sites like Zazzle and RedBubble can  allow you to get out of that place of feeling financially stuck.
If you feel like you are lacking skill set, then take some free classes, or read some of the many books available on
the subject of finding and creating an online income.

If you allow those moments of failure, and times where obstacles seem to be in every direction, keep you from moving forward then those obstacles won. If you choose to take action, even a seemingly small one, you have begun to forge yourself toward a new, and brighter future.

The choice is yours

Want to get started with a website right now? Check out this video on how to easily create a website, and use this link to get started for free right now

Get Started Right Now! 


Fiercely Independent Blessings


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What Is Domestic Financial Abuse? 5 Signs

What Is Domestic Financial Abuse-


Financial abuse is a form of emotional spousal abuse that feeds it power from dependency. Sadly, it is a form of abuse rarely mentioned, which is one of the reasons I created Miss Fiercely Independent. I have witness financial abuse, as well as experienced it myself, and it usually manifests itself in together with emotional abuse. If you are a spouse who is dependent on your spouse’s income, you open the door for a potential financial abuse, if you have not had an open conversation about the subject with him or her. While this does not happen only to women, it happens primarily to women.

Here are some signs of financial abuse:

1. He controls every penny of your spending. Even if only one spouse works outside of the home, it is important to note that it is not the working spouse’s right to control every penny of the household income. This is a controlling behavior, that ranges from making one feel like a child to having to justify everyday needs.

2. He controls what job you are allowed to have and how much you are allowed to work. If your spouse decides which career you should take, even if it is not one you would choose for yourself, it is a form of financial abuse.

3. He sabotages your higher education. This can manifest itself by not providing needed transportation to courses,
to not respecting study time. Making sure that you can not better yourself is a form of control.

4. He threatens to quit working or threatens to take on a lesser paying job, that will not cover your families basic

5. All bank accounts are in his name only. Not only does that leave you without an access to income without his consent, it also leaves you without the possibility to save for your own retirement.


Love is about giving freedom..
While I am not saying that every relationship of co-dependency will end up in a financial abusive situation, I believe that the lack of financial co-dependency will prevent any possibility of financial abuse.

If you do find yourself in a financially abusive relationship, it is time to find a way out. One way to find a way out
is by creating an income source for yourself. Passive income sources can create a financial stream for you, which you
can create from your home while taking care of the other responsibilities placed upon you (I raised and homeschooled two children during this time, while growing my own online income streams).

Be on the look out for threats that are directed toward you, toward your children, or toward any future potential
spouses. These can be indications, that the relationship can turn into a more physically violent one, and you should start to be prepared to leave.

A word of caution: I always want to advise you, if you feel like you are under any physical threat, that you always clear your computer’s browser history and cookies, after searching for any kind of information related to making money online,  or how to get away. Do not put yourself in unnecessary danger!

Fiercely Independent Blessings!


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Smart Goal Setting Strategies – 7 Tips

Smart Goal Setting Strategies - 7 Tips

Smart goal setting is essential – like in a journey, you need to know the name of your destination,  in order to arrive at the proper place. This can be an overwhelming task, yet with the help of some effective goal setting techniques, which are easy to follow, you will have a greater understanding of what it is, that you  truly desire, and how to get there.

Here are 10 goal setting strategies to point you toward the live of your dreams:

1.Write your goals down. Use a dedicated journal or a folder on your computer, but make sure that you do not just think about your dreams, and rather write them down, where you can visually revisit them often as a part of your routine.

2.Use brainstorming techniques.Brainstorming – allowing your ideas to flow upon a piece of paper, or computer screen can open up a flood of ideas, whether you are brainstorming within categories of your life, or just allowing whatever comes to your mind to flow. This is  a very useful technique, especially if you are stuck, and have conflicting ideas, or negative self-talk that keeps you from creating a goal list.

3.Ask yourself with whom and when you feel at your most comfortable. Examining those situations can give you clues on where your passion lies.

4.Imagine you were so rich, money would not be your obstacle, how would you spend your time? This mental exercise  might seem silly at first, and you might think that you would only look at the material, but if you truly spent some time with this question, you will see what you want to do.

5.Make sure your long term goals are challenging and large enough. While short term goals should start with something you would consider achievable, your long term goals should be large. If they are so large that they scare you, you are probably on to something.

6.For every goal you write out, create a list of why’s. The reasons behind your goals are the ones that will carry you through the times when work gets hard, and you need some extra motivation, so be very clear about why you want something. If you do not have a compelling reason to want something, get it off your goal list

7.Include goals that can benefit others. There is a deep feeling of fulfillment in achieving goals that can help others or make another’s dream come true. May it be, to buy your parents the house they never could afford, or your help your siblings through college, whatever it is, as long as it brings value to others, include them on your list
A word of caution – make sure that you do not make the goals you create to help others more important than those
who benefit you. Goal setting is not about other people, it is mainly about your own personal growth and achievement. Once you achieved success, it is a lot easier to help others, then when you are from a position of scarcity.

I have created another self-mastery post for you here, which includes journal exercises. Check out Self Mastery Secrets: Developing Your Inner Strength here

Fiercely Independent Blessings!


P.S. Whatever your goals are, many begin by creating your own website. Check out my blog post on how to set up your set up your website or blog today! 

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Wealth Mindset: Money For Women by Tami Yaari – A Book Review

Wealth Mindset: Money For Women - A Book ReviewTitle: Money For Women: A Practical & Mind-Opening Guide to Self-Fulfillment (Business & Success)
Author: Tami Yaari
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Genre: Finances, Self-Help, Business
Rating: 4/5 Stars
Making money is not just about the technical and practical action steps that we are required to perform in order to create a profitable business, but it begins with cultivating a wealth mindset that prepares you for abundance. Sadly, many women do not naturally possess this wealth mindset, for many reasons -societal, personal or spiritual – and is therefore often left behind in creating their own abundance.
That is a dangerous trait  because it leads to co-dependency and potential victim-hood.


Money For Women, attempts to break through the barrier that holds women back from creating their own financial success, it showcases that motherhood and financial success are not only possible, but the skills learned from it, allows a woman to apply skills and knowledge that make her a better entrepreneur.
This is the point of this book, where I was slightly disappointed. While the skill set statement is true and has
been true in my life, it leaves out those women who choose not to have children. It assumes that every woman wants motherhood, and that is simply an untrue assumption.
Disregarding this profoundly false assumption for a moment, this book otherwise delivers what it promises.


Did you know that 99 % of abusive spouses also commit domestic financial abuse, to assert control-


Money for Women includes:
True and inspiring women’s stories.
Practical exercises for implementation and integration of the new knowledge.
Reflection on specifically feminine tendencies, such as taking care of others at the expense of your needs,
avoiding bargaining and being too  passive in changing your reality.
The “financial crystals”- talents and techniques you can use to elevate your financial status right now.
A special chapter is dedicated on how to create a harmonious and balanced relationship between fulfilling
motherhood and a successful career.

Overall it is a unique and well-written book for the woman with “traditional” views, but wants it all, including financial independence from a spouse, and family.

Disclaimer: I have received this book for free in exchange for an honest review.

Money for Women is available on Amazon now!

If you want to learn more about how to achieve financial freedom – and that for free – check out my Insider Review on Wealthy Affiliate – the learning community, that can assist you in creating a profitable passive income today. 

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