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How To Find Niche Products To Sell Online

How To Find Niche Products To Sell Online

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One of the biggest hurdles for eCommerce entrepreneurs starting an online business is the very first step of figuring out what  products to actually sell online, and how find these niche products in the first place. This seemingly mountainous choice typically ends up being the reason most people never actually start their online business.

In an effort to help aspiring eCommerce entrepreneurs, Shopify analyzed and reverse engineered hundreds of online businesses, their products, and niches to put together the most comprehensive guide to help you zero-in on a product and niche, so you can get started building your eCommerce business.

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Shopify’s free guide, How to Find a Product to Sell Online, gives you an easy-to-follow framework for finding, evaluating, and validating product ideas that you can build a profitable online business around. From scoping out the competition to locating a supplier, this guide helps to break down the process step by step to help you find the perfect product.

Learn more about finding a product to sell online in Shopify’s guide, How to Find a Product to Sell Online.

Did you know Shopify offers a free14-day trial? Sign up right now! 

Fiercely Independent Blessings!


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Kindle Publishing Making Money

Make Money Writing Kindle Books – 5 Reasons You Should Start Now

Make Money Writing Kindle Books - 5 Reasons You Should Start Now


Kindle publishing is a valuable and profitable passive income stream that should not be dismissed easily. Consumers are always looking for new high-quality books to read fast. You can still make money writing kindle books, even if it seems there are already an exhausted amount of eBooks that have been written. Many of them are of less than  desirable quality. So if have a great idea, and you have thought about writing an eBook, now is a great time to dive into this passive income strategy.

Here are five reasons why you should start writing today:

1. You can use your kindle book to promote your blog/website.
Include additional information about yourself, as well as links to additional resources about the subject matter in your book, and you will be able to drive people to your website or blog.

Make Money Writing Kindle Books - 5 Reasons You Should Start Now


2. You can use your kindle book to grow your email list.
Your subscriber and email list is a very valuable aspect of your business , so growing it should be one of your priorities. By offering freebies for those who sign up after reading your book, you can give your readers an incentive to become a part of your list. Now you can  sell them future books, affiliate information, and other products and services you might offer.

3. Amazon makes it easy.
Amazon Kindle Publishing platform is easy to use, making it possible for anyone to upload their book and placing it on their website within minutes. I will be writing more about the uploading process in an upcoming article this week so stay tuned for that

Make Money Writing Kindle Books - 5 Reasons You Should Start Now4. Kindle Publishing is a process you can easily outsource
Even if you are writing your own eBooks, and not all eBook authors do that, you can hire a Virtual Assistant to upload your books, and set up all of the details for you. This is time, you can spend writing your next book, or marketing the ones you have already written. If you are looking for a reliable Virtual Assistant, check out Virtual Staff Finder, it is the company I use and trust for all of my virtual assistant needs.

5. Shorter books do well
You do not have to write the next 500-page saga in order to make money via Kindle Publishing. Actually, shorter books and series do much better on this platform, as the attention span of people has declined over the last few years. A shorter eBook also takes less time to write. You can actually write your book in as little as one week or less. Check out my article on how to write an eBook in 24 hours for more information. 

There is no better time, then right now to start writing your eBook. A short, information filled book priced correctly,
(I recommend 2.99 USD), can become a profitable source of passive income for you. There is no reason to delay.



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Is Zazzle Legit? An Insider Review

Is Zazzle Legit-

Over the last few months, talking and writing about my experiences on and with Zazzle, people often asked me “Is Zazzle truly a legit company?” The short answer is yes, but there are so many aspects to this site, that I have decided to answer this question in a bit more detail.

Zazzle is a legitimate, trustworthy site in three ways:

1. Zazzle is a legitimate company to purchase high-quality products designed by individual artists and designers.
2. Zazzle is a legitimate place to make a  passive income as a designer, artist, and photographer.
3. Zazzle is a legitimate source of affiliate income for creative marketers, who like to think outside the box

Allow me to dive deeper into each point:

Zazzle is a legitimate company to get high-quality products designed by individual artists and designers.

 Zazzle offers a wide variety of high-quality products, such as T-Shirts, mugs, birthday cards, wedding invitations, cell phone cases and many more. These items are designed by individual artists who upload their creative projects to fit specifically the items you purchase. Zazzle – in return – sends these designs to manufacturers who then produce these items to order for you.

Here is a video from Zazzle showcasing how one of their products is created for you after you place an order.

I personally purchase my journals, binders, and some unique gifts there, and have never been disappointed with the
quality or customer service the Zazzle team provides.

Zazzle Wedding Invitations

                     Zazzle Wedding Invitations and more!

Zazzle is a legitimate place to make a passive income as a designer, artist, and photographer.

If you are a designer, artist or photographer, Zazzle gives you the opportunity to upload your creative projects onto their site, and fitting it onto the individual items they have for sale or for your personal purchase. The process is completely free for the creator. Zazzle makes their money by collecting a base price, and you are allowed to choose
how much (in percentige), you want to have as a commission.

A example would be the following: A mug might be 9.99 US Dollars – you choose to have a commission of 15 % per sale – which is 1.49 US Dollars – and the consumer would have to pay 11.48 US Dollars per mug. Zazzle will then send hold your 1.49 US Dollars for you, until the purchase cleared, and until you reached the commission payment threshold of 50 Dollars. Commission Payments are received via Paypal.

You can set this procentige as high as you please, of course the quality of your creation and the prices of your competitors will determine if and how much you will sell (among factors such as marketing, of course).

Zazzle Custom Design Travel Cups

                      Zazzle Custom Design Travel Cups

I have been selling my digital designs, and creative pieces with Zazzle for over three years now. It is an easy to use
and profitable interface, allowing you to set up your own niche stores, categories, and descriptions. I will be writing
more on how to maximise your profit as designers, and how to choose the best categories in subsequental articles. Over the last 7 months, I have been helping multiple designers in setting up their own profitable stores.
Is it an easy way to make money? No. Like every income stream on the internet, it takes work and dedication, but if you are willing to put in the time, and are willing to learn, you can make decent and regular money.

Zazzle is a legitimate source of affiliate income for creative marketers, who like to think outside the box. 

Another way to profit from Zazzle is via affiliate marketing. With the same sign up process as if you would become a designer for the platform, this marketing possibility is completely free. Once you signed up, you will receive a unique affiliate link, which in return can then be used to promote each individual item located on the store, including your own designs!

Zazzle Custom Outdoor Pillows

                                                                                                               Zazzle Custom Outdoor Pillows

This is the coolest part about Zazzle affiliate program – you can earn affiliate commission and your own design commission for a sale! practically that would mean, instead of making 1.49 off your mug, if it has been purchased through your affiliate or referral link you would be getting an additional 15 %, so 2.98 in total per sale!. That might not sound like much, but if you are a great marketer, you can take advantage of consumable paper products, or seasonal sales, and increase your income quite drastically with some smart strategies.
I have referred both my own designs, as well as other peoples designs, and made money, simply by promoting these products on various social media platforms, and my own websites.

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As you can see, Zazzle is completely legit, both as a platform of purchasing items for yourself and loved ones, as well
as using it as a money making opportunity. If you like creative expression, unique designs and are looking for something a little different, Zazzle should not be overlooked.

Fiercely Independent Blessings!


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Drop Shipping Making Money

Making Money With Drop Shipping – Picking Your Products

Drop Shipping 101 - Making Money Drop Shipping

You chose your niche, you know where you are going to sell your products,  you have created the framework for a  website, and you are eager to get started with creating your new income stream.But making money with drop shipping requires you to choose which high-quality products you are going to sell.  With many products and suppliers available to you, choosing the correct products can be overwhelming. To make the selection a little easier, I have  compiled four tips to consider:

1. Know your target audience. Whether you are selling to supplies to hobbyists, products to businesses, or  consumables to repeat customers, be sure you know your target audience well before choosing what products you are trying to sell to them. Each of these individual groups has different needs, and if they feel like you add true value to their lives, you will be able to build a relationship that will last.

2. Choose products with accessories. Products that have many accessories available, are a great way to create more sales out of one transaction and have your customer come back for additional accessories. Make sure that you offer a wide variety of extras for products in this category, and update them regularly.

3. Choose timeless products. If you are choosing products for sale that has continued new models and updates, you will have a lot of extra work in promoting and creating website content for each of these updates. Classics – like watches, for  example, will need less content updating and product changes than technology products do. If you are choosing products that are do fall under the category of constant model changes, beware that you need to be willing to put in the extra effort to stay relevant.

Making Money Drop Shipping4. Choose smaller products. In order to be able to offer free shipping and other incentives, choosing a smaller product, with less shipping cost will save you a lot of money. Do not underestimate the power of offering free shipping to your customers, though, so keep this extra cost in mind when choosing what products to drop ship.

If you are not sure if drop shipping is the right passive income strategy for you, check out my article 9 Legit Passive Income Ideas You Can Work From Home for more creative ways to increase your finances.

Fiercely Independent Blessings!


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7 Creative Ways To Make Money From Home

7 Creative Ways To Make Money From Home

Creating an independent income while working at home as a stay at home parent, requires some out of the box thinking, but I have compiled a list of 7 creative ways to make money from home, to give you some ideas on how to get started right now.
1. Translate websites via Fiverr. If you are bilingual like I am, you can work on Fiverr as a translator for companies who often need their websites translated from your native language to English. You can charge by page or word count, and the great thing is, that you will not need a website, or have any upfront cost in getting started! This can get pretty interesting, as I have translated anything from a book about yoga, to online gambling websites!

2. Write an eBook and publish it on Amazon. Writing an eBook is a lot less complicated than you might think. Amazon allows you to upload your creation for free, all you have to do is put in the work. I have recently written a post about how you can write an eBook in a very short period of time. Check it out here.

3. Sell products online using drop shipping. No worry, you will not have to hold inventory at home, or use your kitchen counter to create items in bulk with this option. Drop shipping allows you to sell products via wholesalers without holding any inventory in your hands. Essentially you just collect the customers information and forward it to your wholesaler, who then distributes the product for you. You can check out more information about this type of business model in the following articles I have written.

Make Money Online: Drop Shipping – Does it Work? 

Drop Shipping Wholesale Suppliers: How To Find Them

4. Become a dog walker. Not only is it great for your pocket book, but you also get some exercise out of the deal. If you love dogs, this is a great option for you!.

Paradise Floral Print


5. Design and sell business cards on Zazzle. Business cards are a hot item to sell on Zazzle, as are other consumable paper products like Wedding invitations. With no upfront cost and some marketing skills, you can make a nice addition to your families income. You can read more about how to get started on Zazzle here.

6. Sell your art and photography on RedBubble. If you are a talented photographer or a visual artist, you can upload your images onto RedBubble, which in return will place your design on posters, postcards, cell phone cases, home decor and more. There are no upfront costs. For more info, read this.

7. Become a freelance writer. is always looking for talented writers, who they would love to connect with their clients! Again, it costs nothing to start, and you can work as much or as little as you want. Check out this article for more information on getting started today!

7 Creative Ways

Stay tuned for more online business opportunity ideas, and articles on how to make money online!



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Drop Shipping Wholesale Suppliers – How To Find Them

Drop Shipping Wholesale Suppliers


You read about drop shipping, you have done your homework on eBay and Amazon, and you are ready to get started. But one large question remains – Where are the drop shipping wholesale suppliers? How do you find the right ones?

Screenshot_18As I wrote about in my article “How To Make Money With Drop Shipping – Avoiding Scams”, there are plenty of non-reputable companies out there, which misrepresent themselves – may it be, by charging you extra fees, or not even carrying products, and just simply run away with your money, it is a wise decision to be careful when selecting wholesale suppliers.

There are two viable options for you to consider:

You can conduct a search on your own. Trade Magazine, conversations with other drop shippers, and google (which leads often to some trial and error), as well as reading reviews, is a good way to get started.


You can use a service, like SaleHoo to find wholesale suppliers for you. The reason I use SaleHoo, is because they offer a little extra bonus other companies in that category do not offer – a Market Research tool, which allows me to see what niche is the most profitable at the moment. It makes it much easier for me to recommend a certain niche to my clients when using the SaleHoo market research tool, which is free with the membership.


Also, SaleHoo works with a series of name brand suppliers, which my clients and I would usually not have access to – such as Disney, and over 8000 more drop shipping wholesale suppliers on their list, it is easy to save time, risk and money with this company.  At 67 US Dollars per year, the constantly up-to-date program is a bargain.




 It is the company I wish I would have had access to, when I first started my online business journey. That is why I am pointing it out to you now. You can avoid the costly mistakes I have made.

Still interested? You have nothing to loose. Click this link to sign up right now!

Stay tuned, as I continue my series on drop shipping and write about other profitable ways of creating a passive income for yourself and those you love.


Fiercely Independent



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Drop Shipping Making Money

Make Money Online: Drop Shipping – Does It Work?

drop shipping - does it work-

Drop shipping items via big retailers such as Amazon, eBay, and via Shopify can be a profitable business that can range from a  simple side business to an expansive profitable endeavor. Yet, there are a few things to consider when starting a drop ship business. As I was asked a few days ago, by a colleague with some reservations: “Drop Shipping: Does it work?

What is drop shipping?

Drop shipping is a business model, where you do not hold inventory. After signing up with a whole-seller, you decide
where you want to sell the product and for what price. You then collect the customer information, and money,
forward some of the money (whatever the base price of the product was), and the information
to the whole seller you work with, and they will send the product directly to the customer.

Sounds like a great way to make money right?

make money dropshipping

Well, as with any business model, there are things to consider:

1. Your main work is still marketing. So if you are not willing to market products, by creating websites, setting
up content, and just assume people will find you, then this is not the business model for you. You have to be willing
to put in the time to reach out via social media, and other traditional marketing strategies to increase your money
making potential.
2. Finding a reputable drop shipping supplier. In order to be successful, you need easy to work with supplier, who has high-quality products at a low price, in order to keep your ability to make money high. Do your research before settling on a whole-seller and read all of the reviews, before committing to anything.
3. You are disadvantaged over bulk-buyers and resellers. Those who purchase in bulk and hold their inventory
tend to get better prices per items, allowing them to sell the same product for less, which is especially important
on sites like eBay.

Read my article: Passive Income Streams: 7 Quick Tips For eBay Selling Success

So what are the benefits?

download (1)
1. As I already mentioned, you do not hold any inventory. So if you are looking for starting a business from the comfort of your home, especially as a stay at home mom, you will not have to deal with inventory and the storage of those items.
2. Shipping and packaging are taken care of for you. Again, this takes space and time, which is something most
people starting a business are lacking.
3. No minimum orders – you have very little out of pocket costs, especially when it comes to holding inventory. It costs money to buy items for resale, with drop shipping you do not pay the supplier until you collected the money from the  customer.
4. There is a large lack of risk, which is especially important when first starting out.

Drop shipping is the first online business model my husband and I worked on together. It led me to believe that making money online is possible, and it began my journey to assist others in setting up their own profitable eBay stores, and  retail websites.

Sounds like a great way to make money to you? Then stay tuned, as I will continue to write about this type of business model over the next few weeks. I am looking forward to sharing my experiences in drop shipping with you!


drop shipping - does it work- (1)



What you will find out in the rest of the series on drop shipping:

How To Make Money With Drop Shipping – Avoiding Scams

How to find a reputable drop-ship supplier

How to set up an eBay account and store

How to find a great, profitable niche for your drop shipping business

Fiercely Independent Blessings!


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Make Money Online: Freelance – Work From Home

Make Money Online- Writing For Money

If you love to write, are a web designer, or a great at marketing and have an eye for detail, there are plenty of opportunities to do some freelance work from home. But just as there are many legit opportunities, there are also plenty of scams. Today, I want to focus on one freelance work from home platform I have had the most positive experiences with –

Freelancer is an Australian based company, that has been in business since 2004, and serves as a marketplace both for entrepreneurs looking for content writers, as well as for freelancers looking for work. It is a highly regarded large
outsourcing marketplace that serves nearly 8 million registered and verified users. Work offered range from data entry, marketing, writing, as well as web and software development.

What I like about the program:
1. It is an established platform with a large amount of investors, and has a legitimate management and leadership team I can trust.
2. It has a wide variety of freelance opportunities, not being limited to article writing, I can utilize all of my skills on one platform
3. It is an easy to use platform that is user-friendly, both for the freelancer and for hiring freelancers (I have used both sides now, and have never had any problems with either getting work or hiring someone to work for me – unlike Fiverr)
4. There are multiple payment options available (paying and receiving), so you are not stuck using paypal.


What I do not like about the program
1. In order to get more offers, Freelancer does require you to upgrade. While you can make money with the free account, it is easier with a premium account. Still, the prices of each account level are not substantial, considering the potential of money you can make, so upgrading was worth it for me.

My conclusion:

Freelancer is a user-friendly place that gives new freelancers the opportunity to build their platform and opportunity until they established enough customers to no longer be relying on marketing platforms like this one. That to me is the ultimate goal here – to make enough money and to create enough of a customer base to become a self-sufficient freelancer. Use Freelancer to build your brand, reputation and experience, while earning money, and you are on your way to independent success.


Claudia aka Miss Fiercely Independent


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Kindle Publishing Making Money Marketing

How To Publish An Ebook in 24 Hours – A Review

How To Publish An Ebook in 24 Hours - A Review

Is it really possible to write and publish a Kindle ebook in 24 hours?
A long-time mentor of mine, Stefan Pylarinos, is trying to convince us, that it is possible. Because he has offered so many free training modules via his youtube channel and his blog, both of which I have been following for over two years now, I decided to try it out and see what happens.

The results were astounding.

I did it! – I published my book Mixing Spices: A Flavorful Guide To Creating Awesome Herb And Spice Mixes, after going through this program, and  while I did not take exactly 24 hours in one setting – I have two kids, three animals and a husband at home, so sitting down at the computer for  an extended period of time is almost impossible, but I wrote the book in less then a week, publishing it a week later!
Most importantly to me, I actually finished writing a book, which was something I struggled with for a long time.

You see, I have been wanting to write a book for a long time, but I came up with every excuse I could think of, from the above mentioned children, to helping my husband with his business, to family health-problems. I did not make the commitment, because I was scared. Scared that I might fail, that I am not good enough for publication.

Writing An Ebook In 24 hoursThis is where Stefan’s program helped me to realize that there is not such a thing as a perfect book. It was refreshing to see someone say, that I did not have to be perfect at creating this book, just to give it my best, and put it out there.

Even then I still procrastinated, but finally went through his program, and I have not regretted it.

Actually I am working on my second book, using the same exact program, and steps I have used before, with Stefan’s program and I am very happy with my progress, knowing that I will have it finished by the end of next week. For someone who used to be scared to publish, this is a major ackomplishment, I could not have achieved without his help.

So, if you always wanted to write a book, or are looking to expand your passive income streams, you can not afford to get not Stefan’s program right now.

For Instant Access to Stefan’s Kindle Publishing Course, click here right now! 



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Why Designing Zazzle Paper-products Is A Good Idea

Why Designing Zazzle Paperproducts Is A Good Idea

Are you looking for a creative outlet, yet want to make money online, and have only limited time doing so?
Why not begin by designing consumable paper products for Zazzle.

What do I mean by consumable paper products?
By that, I mean designs that fall into the following categories
1. Business cards
2. Wedding Invitations
3. Birthday Invitations
4. Custom Party Decor
5. Labels
6. Stamps
7. Postcards
8. Custom Birthday cards.

These product categories are the bestsellers on Zazzle, and for good reasons. For a great price, customers can
purchase individually designed custom paper products, which they can personalize for the occasion or their
profession. They do not have to order a massive quantity, often are able to purchase the exact amount needed – such
as with the Wedding Invitations, and Birthday Invitations, and there is a design for just about anyone.


Zazzle allows you to open multiple “stores” where you can specialize in a specific design type or a specific product
type, it is absolutely left up to you.

Also, Zazzle has a very profitable feature, which allows designers and creators to receive double commission – once as
a creator, and an additional commission as a Zazzle Affiliate, which you are automatically as a designer – no need for any extra sign ups or special applications to go through.

How Do I Get Started?

I recommend the following steps if you are considering designing paper products for Zazzle.
1. Familiarize yourself with the category you are interested in creating
2. Create a store within Zazzle – begin with one!
3. Create a corresponding Website or blog – see my post on how to set up a website or blog, for more information.
4. Fill up your store with designs
5. Promote them on social media, and your blog.
6. Join Zazzle support groups on Facebook.

If you have any additional questions, leave them in the comments below! I am happy to answer them for you!

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