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Marketing 101: Using Color To Influence Purchasing Decisions

Marketing 101: How Color Influences Purchasing Decisions

People are overwhelmingly visual. Taking advantage of that fact in marketing requires an understanding
of how color influences customers decisions if they will purchase a product, and when.

There have been countless studies on the fact that colors affect our emotions, and via this visual stimuli, also affect our consumer behavior. As marketers, we can use this knowledge to deliberately direct our reader’s attention toward a particular product and affiliate link we want to push.

But, this “science” of color influenced marketing, has many components that should be kept in mind. Cultural and religious background, as well as gender, guides the response to color, so you should be aware of those aspects  as well. Again it means that you need to be very clear about who your target audience is, to be most effective.

In addition to that, the combination of colors, and the contrast are not to be overlooked. A stark contrast of complementary colors make aspects easier to read, so keep that in mind.

Choose vibrant colors if you are interested in a high-energy reaction, and muted colors, such as different shades of browns, tans, and grays for a more subdued subject matter.


Meaning of Colors And Their Effects On Consumers:

Red: Brighter reds have a more energetic influence than reds that are mixed with browns. This is also a color of action, yet should be used in its brightest stage only in small amounts, as it also brings out strong emotions, including anger. A positive earthy warm red is also great to use during the winter holiday season and associated with both Christmas  and Yule. For your Asian customers, bright red is a color of good luck.  This color has a stimulating effect on the body, quickens the pulse, and draws in attention.

Green: The brighter range of this color signifies renewal and Spring time. It is associated with freshness, and should be used when you are trying to convey fresh ideas and new beginnings. The darker greens evoke environmental consciousness, as they are deeply associated with outdoors, growth, and any natural aspects of life. Greens have a grounding effect on people, it can be used to solidify a specific point. This peaceful color is also associated with the winter holidays This color has a calming effect on the body and allows the consumer to make clear, thoughtful decision, and become more decisive. Often used in stores to calm people.

Blue: If you are marketing primarily to men, this is the color that you should use, but not in its brighter, instead more mute states. Light blue is associated with children, water, relaxation, and trust. Blue is a color that curbs the  appetite, so do not use it around food related products, unless you are promoting a diet. It also increases productivity, which might draw a potential consumer to do more research on the product before purchasing it.


Purple: Combining the fact that this color is associated with wisdom, and beauty, it is the perfect color for lifestyle, beauty, wellness, and anti-aging niches. It is considered a regal color. Purple sparks creativity and inspiration. Purple with red infliction is a more sensual color, while purple with blue undertone is a more meditative shade.

Orange: A very high-energy color, that draws attention and provides stimulation without the side effects of red. Brighter  orange shades are summer colors and call forth warmth, while the orange-brown shades are those associated with reaping a harvest, being rewarded and Fall. Do not use bright orange or yellow around babies, as it has an anxiety-inducing effect on them, and on some adults. It is best used as an accent color, to draw attention toward a product or service.

Yellow: As I mentioned before, do not use this color, if you are marketing toward small children, or people with  attention deficit disorder, as it can cause anxiety in both of those groups. Yellow should be used sparingly because it is a blinding color, which can make advertisements hard to read. On the positive side, it stimulates logical thinking and intellectual exploration.

Marketing 101

Black: Studies have shown that images with overwhelmingly black or darker shades, will be shared less frequently on Pinterest, then brighter colors. While this is a color of authority, it should be used strategically, as it can be
easily overwhelming and depressing. You can use this color to make something look smaller, or to give it authority
by casting it within a black frame.

White: This color of purity and cleanliness, can showcase a new beginning when used in marketing. It also conveys a message of neutrality. Minimalistic in its absence of any distraction, it will make any product you are featuring stand out in contrast, and is, therefore great in highlighting smaller products.

Grey: It is a color of practicality, but also a color of old age. That said, these three colors combined are a part of
minimalism, and therefore can work with the right audience. A more general audience, however, will associate this shade as one that is boring, and depressing.

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Statistics On The Importance Of Color In Marketing

According to Kissmetrics over 84 % of people are stating that their decision to purchase depends on the visual at hand. Consumers make their purchasing decision often within the first 90 seconds of getting in contact with a product, 62 % of that buyer, their impulse is based on color. 52 % of customers state, that they did not return to a store (online as well as offline) due to lack of esthetics.

Keeping these statistics in mind, a marketer should be a least familiar with the power of colors when making purchasing decisions.



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Best Crafts Affiliate Programs For Bloggers And Marketers

Best Crafts Affiliate Programs

Do you love to promote arts and crafts? Then taking advantage of the highly versatile niche of crafts and craft supply, might be something you should consider. If you are looking to promote craft supplies, I highly suggest that you start with the most obvious choices for affiliate programs, like Amazon, Ebay and Etsy. All three of these big platforms contain a wide variety of supplies, that can be turned into beautiful projects, from doll faces to yarn. While eBay would be best for larger quantities, Amazon and Etsy offer a flexibility no affiliate marketer should miss out on.

You can sign up for an Amazon affiliate account here and for an Etsy affiliate account here.


A beautiful crafting educational platform, that offers their affiliate program via ShareASale, CreativeBug is another option for the affiliate marketer in this niche. Besides offering workshops on just about anything from knitting to cake decorating CreativeBug has some free classes, via which you can easily introduce your audience to the platform, and which gives you plenty of context to review, and rave about, without having to purchases full classes yourself.

Here is what you can expect from their affiliate program:

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Pay-per-sale commissions of 75% on initial paid subscriptions, 75% on 14-day free trial going into a monthly subscription, and 30% on gift subscriptions
Special offers for top referrers
Referral rewards for referring new affiliates
30-day cookie

You can sign up for their affiliate program via this link

Annie’s Craft Store

Associated with Commission Junction, Annie’s Craft Store offers classes, as well as a very large variety of craft’s supplies. From beading, to knitting, and over to jewelry making, you can find plenty of products to promote, that are of high-quality, any crafter would love.  Annie’s Craft Store offers a 20 % commission on their products, and a 30 % commission on their online classes. You can get started by following this link:

Candle Making 4 You

CandleMaking4You specialises in teaching candle making and is an affiliate program offered through Clickbank. Like most Clickbank products, this is a digital downloadable guide with backend upsells that you can take advantage of. Whether you write a review about the program, or highlight what you made from following along with the program, there are plenty of opportunities to utilise this as an affiliate income. Follow this link for more information, and to sign up. Must have a Clickbank account to join.

Fairs And

Want to help those who do crafts promote their products as vendors in fairs and festivals? Then you should consider promoting this site which give you a comprehensive access to anything you need to know about selling crafts offline. Their database is vast, and an high-quality resource, that your readers would love to have access to. Promoted via Clickbank, you can check out their website here:

Question: Do you know of any craft affiliate program my readers could benefit from? Please share them in the comment section.

Want to learn more about how to get started in affiliate marketing? Join the free WA Affiliate Marketing Bootcamp training today! 

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5 Quick Amazon FBA Selling Tips

5 Quick Amazon FBA Selling Tips

If you are interested in selling on Amazon via their Fulfillment by Amazon program (Amazon FBA) , there are a few tips to remember, that will make your selling experience a lot smoother, easier and more profitable. Some of these tips might sound obvious but are rather easy to overlook especially when you are first starting out.

1.Make sure you label your boxes correctly
When creating shipments directed toward the Amazon Warehouse, you will have two labels for each box to print out. Make sure your product matches both labels, before sending it off, in order to reduce bad reviews or returns.

2. Read and follow the rules
Amazon is picky with its sellers, so follow this link and read up on all of the rules. Also keep up with the seller account updates, which highlight the changes that are frequently made to the Amazon FBA program.

3. Respond To Customer Notifications and Questions quickly
Amazon frowns upon sellers who do not answer any customer concerns in a fast manner. You have 24 hours to respond to any inquiries before you get in trouble with the platform, so be very diligent about responding to any notification

4. Avoid negative feedback by going above what is expected
Make sure that your products are of highest quality, and that you have used the best possible packaging so that your products will arrive in great condition. Negative ratings have a huge impact on your sales on Amazon, and your product ranking, so prevent them if possible.

5. Try your best to fix any negative feedback
I already mentioned the negative side effect of a negative feedback, but if you happen to still get a not so good rating, get in contact with your customer and see how you can fix it. Be courteous, and timely in your request, and be willing to admit fault even if the fault was not yours. But do not simply beg for the removal of a negative rating, as a seller had previously done to me, with the statement how it will negatively impact their business. Fix the problem THEN ask for a removal of the rating in question.

If you are not ready to plunge into Amazon FBA but are still want to sell products without as much risk, check out my Dropshipping Tools and Resources page, for  information on a less risky passive income opportunity.

Check out this book on Amazon FBA:


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Fast And Free Fridays: Blogging Resources

Blogging Resources

Welcome to “Fast And Free Friday’s”, where I want to share with you some free resources I have created for you over the last few days. I have been busy creating some blog and content creation training, that is sure to help new and more advanced bloggers to find their groove, and get on their way of monetizing their blogging venture. Because, after all, as much as we like to blog, being compensated for our passions if even more fun, isn’t it?

How To Start A Successful Lifestyle Blog – Ever wondered what a lifestyle blog actually is, and how to get it up and running? Then this free training is for you. Content Creation: Digging Deeper With Your Content – Writing a meaningful blog post, or article is not as hard as it

Content Creation: Digging Deeper With Your Content – Writing a meaningful blog post, or article is not as hard as it might seem if you keep a few tips in mind. This action-driven resource will point you in the right direction

Fast And Free Fridays: Blogging Resources

Are You A Craft/DIY Blogger? Craft Cruise Affiliate Program – Another opportunity for craft and DIY bloggers is outlined here. I love finding interesting and out of the ordinary ways to creatively add to passive income streams! Check it out!

Veganism – A Growing Niche Opportunity – Speaking of niche blogging, with this training, I am pointing out an interesting and potential niche, that is more creative and inspiring than you might think!

And here are couple of free blog-related training modules, some of my friends have created:

6 Ways To Make Money With Your WordPress Blog by Veronica – ever thought about monetizing your blog, but do not know where to start? Veronica has shared some of the opportunities out there for WordPress bloggers.

Blogging Resources

Back to School Marketing Strategies For Online Marketers – the tips outlined by Steph, are applicable for bloggers as well as marketers, and this easy to read training is very thorough. Don’t miss it.

I hope you enjoyed these resources. If there are any topics that I have not covered in this list, or via this blog, but you
would like for me to explore, let me know, by leaving me a comment below.

Thank you!

Fiercely Independent Blessings

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Best Paleo Affiliate Programs – Opportunities For Bloggers And Marketers

Best Paleo Affiliate Program - Opportunities For Bloggers And Marketers

Health, Fitness, and Weightloss are those evergreen niches for affiliates that are always profitable for bloggers and marketers  and tend to draw a large amount of readership looking for constant up to date info and products. Paleo affiliate programs fall perfectly into this niche. I have compiled some of the best paleo affiliate programs for you, to assist you in monetizing your niche  blog and website: (This post may contain affiliate links) 

Primal Palate
Primal Palate offers a 30 Day Guide to Paleo Program, which is an interesting resource for those who are new to the diet. Affiliates can take advantage of their program by joining Clickbank, and then following this link. Primal Palate  Affiliate website has plenty of banners and images to choose from, that will make promoting the program easy. If you want  to try out the program yourself (which is what I highly recommend), sign up here. Your commission is 50%, per sale.

Best Paleo Affiliate Program - Opportunities For Bloggers And Marketers

Paleo Plan
Paleo Plan is a more extensive paleo program with monthly memberships ranging from a comprehensive meal planning program with recipes, to a Paleo Workout plan. They offer a 14-day-free trial to all members, no matter which plan you choose. The downside for affiliates is that the commission is paid only for the free trial sign up – 5 dollars per new member, but  no reoccurring affiliate commission as it is common with many subscription plans (Wealthy Affiliate, for example, pays a  reoccurring commission of over 22 Dollars month, every month)

. To sign up for their affiliate program, click this link,  then you will be redirected to ShareASale. This program does not auto approve their members, but will let you know within 2 to 3 business days, if you have been approved or not. But, like I mentioned above, take advantage of the free trial, to try out the program before promoting it, to see if it fits your audience.

Paleo Magazine
This company offers a 10 % commission to anyone directing sales toward their store, which includes issues to their magazine, eBooks, and Paleo gear (which is basically T-Shirts and other accessories, with their logo on it). What I do not like about this program is that they payout threshold is high – you have to reach 100 Dollars, in order to get paid. Unless you have a large readership, and/or large email list, I would recommend to try your hands on the other two mentioned above, due to that fact alone. They do payout via PayPal, which is very convenient, and the application is short. There is no auto approval, so you have to wait till they get back to you.

Best Paleo Affiliate Program - Opportunities For Bloggers And Marketers
Paleo Treats
Now, here is something for those of us who like to snack. Paleo Treats offers, as its name suggests, treats and snacks for those who adhere to the Paleo diet. Affiliates can make 7 % per sale, with a payout minimum of 50 Dollars, which is a lot easier to achieve with consumables, such as snacks. I like the variety and quality of their products, so I highly recommend them as a potential affiliate marketing partner.

You can sign up for their program here. Again, no auto approval but they get back to you quickly. Paleo Treats has their own affiliate program, so you do not have to sign up for ShareASale or Clickbank to join.



Best Paleo Affiliate Program - Opportunities For Bloggers And Marketers


I hope you enjoyed this list of paleo diet affiliate marketers. The list is current as of August 2016, and I will update
it if there are any changes with the individual programs. If you are new to Affiliate Marketing and are not sure where to start, I have the perfect solution for you.

Free basic affiliate marketing training is available to you, via Wealthy Affiliate. Not only will you receive support, and two free websites with your free membership, but I am in the  community daily, and always available for questions, concerns or if you just want to say hi!







See you there!

Fiercely Independent Blessings


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A Powerful Stand-Alone Keyword Search Tool – A Jaaxy Review


A Powerful Stand-Alone Keyword Search Tool - A Jaaxy Review

Finding an efficient keyword search tool, that does not cost you a fortune (or better yet, has a free option), is a task I did not like to embark, especially considering at the time, I was looking for the tool, I had no  idea how to use a keyword search tool, and how to compare them. I am lucky, that I ran across one valuable option before spending my hard earned money on those tools that are not worth a penny.

Upon the recommendation of a friend, I tried out Jaaxy- a keyword search tool with a free option, to search up to 30 searches per month. That is what initially sparked my interest – the fact that I could get familiar with the tool before having to pay anything. No commitment, no prior knowledge needed, and no payments, until I knew I liked the tool. What did I have to loose? Nothing!

You can try it out right now, for free!


Before I continue, I must say that I mostly use the keyword search tool that comes with my Wealthy Affiliate membership (which happens to be created by the same people, who created Jaaxy – so the tool is very similar), but before I took the plunge and became a WA member, Jaaxy was the best stand-alone tool I could find for the beginner I was, while being thorough enough to keep me engaged now, with much more experience.

Here is what you get from Jaaxy:

30 Free Monthly searches.
How much traffic you’ll get if you reach the #1 spot.
QSR (if it’s under 100, you have a GREAT chance to see your site on page 1).
KQI (green means good), SEO Power (1-100 scale. 1 is worst, 100 is best).
Domain search (allows you find if .com, .net, .org’s are available).
To Do (adds the keyword to a To-do list).

(the free keyword search tool on Wealthy Affiliate, has these same features)

Additional Jaaxy-only features:
A Powerful Stand-Alone Keyword Search Tool - A Jaaxy Review
a site rank tool
A tool to analyze your competition called SERPS (search engine rankings)
the ability to search for affiliate programs associated with your keyword searches
A brainstorm section
Related keywords to your searches which will provide you with tons of new ideas to work with

and most importantly for me at the time:

A training section!

Without this training, I would have been lost at that time. Thankfully, by using the Jaaxy keyword search tool, I became a lot more familiar with the process of finding proper keywords, and the concept of SEO, something that eluded me prior to finding this program.

So, if you are new to SEO and keyword search tools, Jaaxy makes it easy for you to succeed, without the need to  commit to a larger program, such as Wealthy affiliate, and without the hassle of some of the free programs out there. To me, Jaaxy is a perfect stand-alone keyword search tool to grow your website or blog, no matter what your niche, or goal.


Jaaxy currently offers three training bonuses for free! You can access them in the training section, once you created your free account. They are:

Bonus #1: 1,000 High Traffic, Low Competition Keywords

Bonus #2: Niches, Keywords, Success

Bonus #3: Domain Industry Secrets

Get your free downloads, today! 

Question: What is your favorite keyword search tool?

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6 Tips On How To Get Control Over Your Finances

6 Tips On How To Get Control Over Your Finances

Whether you are starting your own business, or running a household, answering the question on how to get control over finances are on the minds of all of us, no matter how high or low your current income is. This is especially important when you are trying to find a few extra dollars to invest in your new business, or see if you can afford to switch from working for someone to being self-employed. I have compiled 6 Tips for you to help you get in control off your finances.

1. Be clear about your income – that is especially important if you are working part time or full time online, make sure you note not only how much but keep track of which passive or active income stream makes you what money when. Not only are you obligated to keep track for your taxes (at least in the US), but it also allows you to budget more properly, which is especially difficult when you have a flex income, like from internet marketing.

2. Make two lists for your outgoing expenses – one for your reoccurring, and not changing expenses (like rent, or Hulu subscriptions), and another for those who vary (like electric, and food)

6 Tips On How To Get Control Over Your Finances3. Meal Plan – yes, many of you consider meal planning either something they rather not do, or associate it with being on a  diet, but there is a true benefit to your  budget when you begin planning your meals ahead. First of all, you can use the weekly sales as your guide for planning your meals, secondly, you are less likely to waste food, and third of all, you are saving time, by not having to go to a grocery store that often. That last point also saves you money, because it keeps you from being able to do more impulse shopping. We all do it, buy one or two items more than we have planned, especially when we go shopping with our kids. So, stay out of the grocery stores as much as possible

4. Pay in cash – for some people (of course their exceptions), handling cash is much easier to budget than having money in the account. It allows you to separate your finances into sections, even using envelopes for each expense category, if necessary.

5. Make sure everyone knows what comes out of what part of your allotted budget. Some people keep a separate amount of money for cleaning supplies, while others – like me – include that part of the budget into the food budget (simply because I am buying it mostly at the same place), but if you do not have clear set rules, and a spouse, you want to make sure you communicated and agreed on what is included into what section of your budget.

6. Which brings me to a very important point of this post – communicate with your partner. If you are not able to communicate clearly with your partner about finances, I am going as far as to tell you, that you either have to learn this skill in a hurry, or you are in huge trouble. Many family and relationship fights center around finances, and can even downright lead to abuse. Make sure you began communicating about finances, before starting to get serious in the relationship, and make this subject as much of a priority, as the discussion of future children, and any other important relationship aspects.

I hope these budget tips helped you a little bit. I will continue to talk about budgeting from time to time, as I see
that an important part of being a successful business woman.

Fiercely Independent Blessings


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Make Money With eBook Affiliate Marketing – Use Ad Blends


Make Money With eBook Affiliate Marketing - Use Ad Blends


Continuing with the series on eBook Publishing, I wanted to share with you today, this interesting video on
using an Ad Blend technique, which includes  eBooks to make money online. Check it out:


Whether you end up using the CB Passive Income System to create your affiliate marketing income, or you make your own website and promote your eBooks on Amazon, and your own web page is absolutely up to you. Using Affiliate links within the text of the book, or as a part of the resource section of the book is absolutely a valuable way of increasing your affiliate marketing income. I have written about it more extensively in this blog post here.
Make Money With eBook Affiliate Marketing - Use Ad Blends
Also check out my article about” Acquiring Reviews, which will help your Amazon Kindle ranking!
Fiercely Independent Blessings
P.S. If you are looking for a great WordPress hosting site, check out SiteRubix! It is where I host all of my sites at the moment – and you can host up to 25 WordPress sites for one hosting fee –  email and 24-hour support included! Try it for free today!
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Growing Your Small Home Business: 7 Time Management Tips

Growing Your Small Business - 7 Time Management Tips

Working from home, especially when you have children in the house requires planning, discipline and a strong will. Organizing your day, to make the most out of your already limited time is essential. I have compiled a list of 7 Time Management Tips for you to be in control of your day, and not the day be in control of you:

1. Set an priority for every day – some planners (if you choose to use one)  even come with a space for your daily top three  now. if you do not have a planner or are using a different planning technique than write or print out a piece of paper and hang it somewhere where you can see your top three  often. Post-it notes work very well for that, also.

2. Set a time limit for each task – figure out how long a task should take, and set a timer. That way you can stay on task and focused, and do not begin daydreaming or become overly perfectionistic about a certain task. It is easy to get lost in the mountain of unanswered emails, or spent hours reading up on other blogs in your niche, but that is not necessarily the best use of your time.

3. Schedule an “Get Organized” Time, daily – every day, may it be mornings or evenings (I prefer evenings) go through your calendar (take 10 minutes, see point two), and organize your next day. Put it on paper, mark your priorities – see tip one, and you will begin your next  work day much more productive and organized. This is also a good time to check the weather forecast and lay out your clothing (and that of your children, if you have young kids).

get organized4. Set goals, write them down and be concrete. With that I mean, goals with deadlines, write all of them down, take once a year to set your goals (or once a quarter, if you are a planner like me, but your plans tend to change due to opportunities, and family members responsiblities).

5. Set up a routine, with a check list. In order to go over those moments you are dragging your feet, create check lists and routines for each and every section of your day as much as possible. It is easier to keep on moving through your required actions (especially if you are new to working from home), and still get everything done, that needs to be done. When working at home or from home it is easy to allow yourself to get sidetracked, and controlled by outside circumstances. Checklists and routines make it a lot easier to stay on task. A great idea is to create a bullet journal type tracker, or use an electronic app, that allows you to mark off each tasks.

6. Delegate – this is a step that is hard for many people, especially for some stay at home moms, but I highly recommend, that you learn to delegate. There is only so much you can do throughout your day, and it is not a shame to ask for help. May it be by inlisting spouse, kids, family members, or hire someone to do routine business tasks. Start with those actions that others can do easily for you, and then move onto those tasks you hate do to the most – the latter tasks are the first ones you should consider hiring someone to do for you.

7. Get up early – starting your day early, especially when the house is quiet, and there is no one else awake, can give you a heads up on your daily to do list. May it be to take the time to do your self-care routine, such as meditation and gratitude journaling, or may it be to do some tasks you would otherwise not be able to complete, getting up earlier can help you achieve more.

Growing Your Business - 7 Time Management Tips

Whether you are choosing to make money via blogging, are working on your creative business, or are on your way to becoming an affiliate marketer, the beginning of a business adventure can always seem overwhelming. Getting organized from the start, will make this process easier for you.

Tools I recommend:

Evernote: This platform allows you not only to create to-do lists, and notebooks to keep all of your information in one place, you can also use this platform to collect  webpages via its browser extension. It is a tool, I use daily, even though I do most of my planning on paper.

Filofax Planners:* Filofax planners are the planners of my choice. They are sturdy, compact, and flexible, while allowing me to plan my day the way I see fit. And they look good.

Planner Inserts:* While you can create your own inserts for your planners, I prefer those made for me. KaelisAccessories makes beautiful and functional planner inserts for various planners, including Filofax. Her Etsy Shop is located here

Planning and Organizing Tools - Stabilo Pens




 Stabilo Pens:* While I am not one of those planners who love to use stickers and pretty pictures everywhere,
I do love color-coordinating my notes, in order for them to grab my attention. The best pens for that are in my opinion Stabilo Fine Tip pens. I love to write with these smooth pens, because they do not bleed, unlike some other ones out there, while offering more color choices then traditional ball point pens do.





*Contains Affiliate Link. See Disclosure page for details.

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Internet Marketing – Scam Alert: Affiliate Marketing Mastery

Internet Scam Alert!

Every once in a while, I am sorry to inform you that I run across a program for marketers and online entrepreneurs,
that is a scam. Whenever I find a program like that, I think, that it is my duty to inform you, because I truly
do not want you to waste your hard earned cash on something you will regret purchasing later.

Today, the program I am talking about is Stefan James’, program” Affiliate Marketing Mastery”.

While, I am convinced, from what I have seen, that the lessons themselves are informative and thorough, they are not  by far – or even close to – worth the amount of money that he is asking for.

Let me break the price down for you:

For the 50 lessons, you are supposed to be paying 1997 Dollars, which, like he announced a few days ago, will only last for this price for a short period of time, after which he will charge 2997 Dollars. That is at full price 60 Dollars a course, some of which are very basic. 

This, by the way, is a cheap marketing trick, that does not serve anyone but the marketer’s pocket book. Creating a sense of scarcity is an old trick, that some marketers use on unexpected customers – I think it is even worse when it is used on fellow marketers, as it undermines their intelligence.

That is a lot of money for a course that contains nothing more than a program I am currently using for less than 50 Dollars a month, which also includes the hosting of my four websites (more coming, all free and included), unlimited email,  24 hour support, free keyword search tools, and so much more. – I have written about Wealthy Affiliate already, you can make up your own mind about the quality of the program, after reading my review here.

Sure, Stefan offers a multitude of free videos on his youtube channel on a regular basis, but they are all basics,
if you want more, you have to pay – a lot apparently. And the other day, he posted a rant on Youtube, complaining that people complained about his price.

Internet Marketing Scam Alert!

I would like to show you the video, but as of today, while I am looking through his videos, it seems to be removed – pretty convenient, don’t you think?

As I wrote him in response, not everyone has that much money laying around.  Almost two thousand dollars is a big chunk of money to waste on something anyone can have much cheaper.

While I have supported Stefan’s Kindle program in the past – Kindle Money Mastery – you can read my blog post about that program via the highlighted link above, which is another course of his, and which I have taken, liked and am an affiliate of, I will not support this new program in any way.





Don’t waste your money on an overpriced product.

Fiercely Independent Blessings


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